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Sadqay Tumharay Episodes 7-14


download (46)Sadqay Tumharay is classic Friday night viewing; star crossed lovers caught in web of circumstances spinning out of their control. Written by Khalil Ur Rehman Qammar, fresh of the success of the recent hit serial Payaay Afzal., this is an autobiographical story about Khelu (Adnan Malik) and Shanno (Mahirah Khan) , whose path  is strewn with hurdles from the past .

The Plot:

Engaged as children, Shanno and Khelu are  now in love, but Shanno’s parents (especially her mother) are now dead set against the match. The sins of the past still cast long shadows over the young lovers. Rasheeda (Sammiya Mumtaz) cannot forgive Khelu’s biological father Sadiq Khalu for using her at a young age nor can she forgive Khalu Abdul Rehman Khalil’s step father for breaking off their engagement and marrying her sister (Khelu’s Mother). No stranger to deceit and manipulation she tries one strategy after another to prevent the union, finally she seems to have gained a foothold by convincing her husband that Abdul Rehman still wants to marry her.

Whether Amin, her husband has the childlike simplicity to accept her reasoning remains to be seen.


This serial is beautifully shot, catching the essence of the period it is set in. The camerawork and straightforward direction by Ehtashamuddin make it a visual treat. High production values are a hallmark of Hum TV and Momina Duraid productions and we are not disappointed from sets to cast styling and lighting .Complimenting this show of colour and light is some great music and three simple but haunting songs two of which are beautifully picturised on Mahira Khan .The Ost by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan is also used to great effect in each episode.

The star of the show is Mahirah Khan as the beautiful Shanno. Shanno is more than the average bholi larki, she has courage and intelligence in abundance. However helpless she is, however restricted the circle of her life becomes she remains resilient and effervescent with hope. Shanno is going to be another one of this highly selective actress’s memorable roles .She is the magnate, the captivating element which brings the audience back again and again each week. Mahira has that rare gift of believing in her roles and jumps into them with a blind faith that leaves more technical performances far behind.

Adnan Malik has given a strong performance for the most part but falls short of making the strong impact he might. This is one of his first projects and a difficult role, full of a certain swagger and bravado even an experienced star might find difficult to create on screen .This serial is full of great performances from Shamil Khan as Dr Maqsood, Khelu’s cousin and confidant, Rehan Sheikh as bumbling easily led Amin and Farhan Ali Agha as Abdul Rehman who never fails to make a strong impression.


After fourteen episodes the story has not moved much. The tangled web of deceit and broken relationships between Shanno’s mother Rasheeda and Khelu’s parents has been confirmed in ugly detail and despite the innocent young lovers best efforts not a single thread of this tangled yarn can be pulled free. Sadqay Tumharay is fairly light on content, anyone looking for depth or the nuances of human psychology that the best Pakistani dramas have become famous for will be disappointed.

This drama follows the Indian pattern, where incident after incident occurs, in episode after episode but the story remains essentially static. Khalil Ur Rehman Qammar is no doubt a skilled writer and he has kept the serial interesting. His dialogues are beguiling but the length of the serial can wear even their potency out. For the average person who may watch a few episodes and then miss one that maybe an advantage but for regular viewers it may be reaching a saturation point.

There are several inconsistencies in the portrayal of family behavior itself which seems culturally inauthentic. Khalil is seen barging into Shanno’s House against the wishes of her parents at will. He even spends time alone in her room helping her resolve some math questions while her family waits in helpless anger downstairs. None of which seem to be likely in the conservative Punjabi culture of the time and class.  In the most recent episode Khalu Amin sends his wife to sit alone with her ex fiancé Abdul Rehman, someone she has already admitted to have spent an inappropriate evening at a hotel with before their marriage .Again a lax atmosphere not commonly seen in Pakistani families. The level of infidelity and crossed relationships described is strongly at odds with its family viewing time slot, but as Hum TV has kept this part fuzzy and aesthetically hinted at, it manages to avoid being overtly distasteful.

Sadqay Tumhare is a simple, sweet story of young love. Pleasant and engaging, it is a tension free way to spend an evening without taxing the mind too much. SQ104






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