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The Best of 2015 (Dawn Poll)

dawn 2015

Results of DAWN NOMINATIONS 2015 (Jackson Heights Images used with permission from Asim Farooki 

Pakistani dramas have always been an alliance between artistic and commercial interests but this year it was a notably rockier relationship, as commercial interests ( just like their favourite trope) found a “Dusri biwi” in the form of  films. The nascent Pakistani film industry took its toll on the Pakistani television industry, cannibalising the best talents and stealing most of the focus usually spent on producing a good serials.

Directors, producers, and actors who were once the backbone of the drama industry were all busy planning, signing, shooting and promoting movies. It wasn’t that dramas were completely ignored, infact 2015 did manage to produce some  good dramas but they were far fewer than in previous years. At times it seemed as if dramas had become nothing more than a launch pad or a cash cow to finance the movie industry’s almost exponential growth.

Movies weren’t the only factor in the changing entertainment landscape as ARY and GEO launched ‘Jeeto Pakistan’ and ‘Inaam Ghar’ skewing the usually prime time weekend slots when channels used to show their best serials. These so called quiz shows allowed the contestants themselves to become the entertainment promoting a hitherto unseen level of shameless materialism.

Despite the generally downward trend, Hum Tv managed to consistently keep both quality and  innovation alive, a fact amply supported by the high count of nominees from  their drama in all categories. Although ARY Digital was busy making movies it did not neglect it’s drama department entirely and still managed to produce a few basic quality dramas . Aplus and Urdu1 focussed on mostly commercial projects but  they managed to  keep  a stake in the race with at least one or two quality serials worthy of mention.

The biggest surprise this year was that, Geo,  once a reliable source of well-crafted productions was unable to scrape together one noteworthy primetime  drama serial .

Here are the winners of Dawn’s Drama Polls 2015.

Best Drama

  • Alvida
  • Chup Raho
  • Dayar-E-Dil
  • Jackson Heights
  • Mera Naam Yousuf Hai
  • Mol
  • Sadqay Tumharey

People’s choice: Dayar-E-Dil

Winning by a sweeping majority with 58.2% of the vote, Dayar-e-Dil proved to be the popular choice for the best drama of the year. Sadqay Tumharey followed at a distant second

Critic’s choice: Dayar-E-Dil, Jackson Heights

Dayar-E-Dil: For capturing the imagination of every demographic , but especially the youth . This was one serial that brought every generation together (hyperink ) , sharing timeless traditions and bringing us truly wholesome family entertainment.

Jackson Heights: For looking beyond the television landscape of domestic squabbles and talking about live wire issues (hyperlink )  of immigration, domestic violence, and exploring ideas of home, love and loss.

It’s time Pakistani dramas step out of drawing rooms and look to a rich heritage of writing which at one time could include everything from current affairs to satire, and intersect that with our personal lives.  

Here’s hoping for a wider canvas in 2016.


Best Director

  • Anjum Shehzad (Rang Laga)
  • Ehtashamuddin (Sadqay Tumharey)
  • Haseeb Hassan  (Dayar-E-Dil)
  • Mazar Moin (Kitna Satatey Ho)
  • Mehreen Jabbar (Mera Naam Yousuf Hai)
  • Shehezad Kashmiri (Alvida)
  • Yasir Nawaz (Chup Raho)


People’s choice: Haseeb Hassan  (Dayar-E-Dil)


Continuing its majority lead in the people’s poll, Haseeb Hassan wins for Dayar-e-Dil. His masterful execution of this saga and marshalling of so many highly talented and diverse talents deserves recognition .


Critic’s choice: Mehreen Jabbar (Mera Naam Yousuf Hai)


Mehreen Jabbar’s strong directorial stamp and  subdued interpretation (hyperlink )  of  Khalil-Ur-Rehman-Qamar’s flamboyant and filmi style, made this drama an outstanding success.


Honourable mention : Ehtashamuddin (Sadqay Tumharey)


A more than honourable mention to Ehtashamuddin for bringing control but most of all vision, beauty and atmosphere (hyperlink )   to a story that might otherwise have turned into pool of sentimental mush.


Best Writer

  • Amna Mufti (Farwa ki ABC)
  • Farhat Ishtiaq (Dayar-E-Dil)
  • Fasee Bari Khan (Kitna Satatey Ho)
  • Khalil Ur Rahman Qamar (Mera Naam Yousuf Hai)
  • Khalil Ur Rahman Qamar (Sadqay Tumharey)  
  • Mohammad Ahmed  (Goya)
  • Samira Fazal (Chup Raho)   


People’s choice: Farhat Ishtiaq (Dayar-E-Dil)


The undisputed queen of romance strikes again and captured the hearts of the nation. What is it about Farhat ishtiaq’s heros that no woman can resist?


Exemplary in character, never short on looks and willing to do or die for honour and duty yet human enough to make the kind of mistakes we would never forgive anyone else, what’s not to love?

Critic’s choice: Amna Mufti (Farwa ki ABC), Fasee Bari Khan (Kitna Satatey Ho), Khalil Ur Rahman Qamar (Sadqay Tumharey)  


This was a tough year for writers, with channels dictating longer and longer serials forcing writers to add completely ridiculous plot twists to garner ratings and even an attempt to deny intellectual property rights.


We chose Amna Mufti for simply brilliant writing in Farwa ki ABC. She had comedy, social commentary and a mirror for our times cleverly wrapped up in a simple romantic comedy.


Fasee Bari Khan for his complete and masterful understanding of the human condition and showing us a more gritty reality in Kitna Satatey Ho.


Khalil-Ur-Rahman-Qamar for his courageous and painfully honest writing of Sadqay Tumharey, critics be damned!  


Best Actress

  • Arij Fatima (Kitna Satatey Ho)
  • Mahirah Khan (Sadqay Tumharey)
  • Marina Khan (Jackson Heights)
  • Maya Ali (Mera Naam Yousuf Hai)
  • Naveen Waqar (Mol)
  • Saba Qamar (Digest Writer)
  • Sajal Ali (Chup Raho)
  • Sana Javed (Goya)
  • Sanam Jung (Alvida)
  • Yumna Zaidi (Jugnu)


People’s choice: Maya Ali (Mera Naam Yousuf Hai)


This was a tough race with Maya Ali  just pipping Mahirah Khan at the post and  winning  for her portrayal of strong headed Zulaikha from Mera  Naam Yousuf Hai. Her restrained, sincere performance proving her very capable actress under the right guidance.


Critic’s choice: Mahirah Khan (Sadqay Tumharey), Naveen Waqar (Mol)


Mahirah Khan’s luminous near flawless performance (hyperlink ) was a pleasure to watch.


Naveen Waqar’s outstanding performance in Mol (hyperlink was an exercise in restraint and deeply powerful acting . Welcome back Naveen!


Honourable mention: Arij Fatima (Kitna Satatey Ho), Marina Khan (Jackson Heights)


Arij Fatima has been on a roll recently with one fabulous portrayal after , from Khilona to Kitna Satatey Ho to Ishqprast.  She really has proven her versatility and range!


Last but never least, Marina Khan’s performance in Jackson Heights was quite simply a study in excellence, every colour, every shade of a woman from feisty to vulnerable flawlessly brought to life.


Best Actor

  • Adnan Malik (Sadqay Tumharey)
  • Faysal Qureshi (Rang Laga)
  • Imran Abbas (Mera Naam Yousuf Hai)
  • Nauman Ijaz (Jackson Heights)
  • Osman Khalid Butt (Dayar-E-Dil)
  • Sami Khan (Paras)


People’s choice: Osman Khalid Butt (Dayar-E-Dil)


Our only question is, Wali aap itney achey kiyun hai? Osman Khalid Butt has always been an incredibly talented actor and has borne the burden of good looks and popularity with admirable patience. However the real test is now at hand, as his popularity reaches such dizzying, iconic heights.


We suspect  he  will handle it with his  trademark, self deprecating humour because good work  always speaks for itself.


Critic’s choice: Faysal Qureshi (Rang Laga), Imran Abbas (Mera Naam Yousuf Hai), Nauman Ijaz (Jackson Heights).  


Faysal Qureshi is quite simply one of the best actors of his generation and he proves it again with a knockout performance in Rang Laga.


Imran Abbas soulful performance as lovelorn Yousuf (hyperlink )  stuck all the right chords. His ability to express his pain and pathos  showcase his acting abilities and deserves praise.  


Nauman Ijaz proved once again that he is in a class of his own. His inquisitive NY cabbie with a heart of gold proved to be the strongest character in Jackson Heights (hyperlink ) . Nauman Ijaz brought multiple layers to his performance showcasing desperation, humour, along with the bitter -sweet melancholy of pinning for his homeland.


. Best Supporting Actress

  • Hareem Farooq (Dayar-E-Dil)
  • Mansha Pasha(Mera Naam Yousuf Hai)
  • Rabab Hashim (Zid)
  • Rida Isfahani (Jackson Heights)
  • Sara Khan (Alvida)


People’s choice: Hareem Farooq (Dayar-E-Dil)


Hareem Farooq is an actress to watch out for: skilled, sincere to her craft and let’s face it simply beautiful. Her role in Dayar-e-Dil was a welcome addition to the original novel.


Critic’s choice: Mansha Pasha (Mera Naam Yousuf Hai),


Mansha Pasha had a standout performance as Madiha in Mera Naam Yousuf Hai. Her empowered performance had shades of heartbreak, steely resolve and enough self-respect to love yet learn to let go.


Honourable  mention : Rida Isfahani (Jackson Heights)


Despite Rida Isfahani’s small role as Jamshed’s love interest in Jackson Heights, she made a great impression with her soulful performance. Hope we see more of her in the coming year!


Best Supporting Actor

  • Ahmed Hassan (Farwa ki ABC)
  • Ali Rehman (Dayar-E-Dil)
  • Ali Shaikh (Mera Naam Yousuf Hai)
  • Gohar Rasheed (Goya)
  • Mikaal Zulfikar (Dayar-E-Dil)
  • Rehan Shaikh (Sadqay Tumharey)
  • Shamil Khan (Sadqay Tumharey)


People’s choice: Mikaal Zulfikar (Dayar-E-Dil)

It was a tough call putting Mikaal Zulfikar’s performance  in the “supporting “ category, but we are glad that he was recognized for a brilliant performance worthy of his talents.


Critic’s choice: Ali Rehman (Dayar-E-Dil)


Ali Rehman impressive performance in Dayar-E-Dil,  won and broke many hearts everywhere.  We expect great things from this talented actor.


Honourable mention:Ahmed Hassan (Farwa ki ABC).


Ahmed Hassan surprised the life out of us with his brilliant performance as Gogi. Mere Soney, Merey Piyaray please,please can we have some more? Though they were Amna Mufti’s witty lines, the delivery was flawless. Take a bow Mr Hassan!


Best Soundtrack

  • Alvida
  • Dayar-E-Dil
  • Dusri Biwi
  • Jackson Heights
  • Jugnu
  • Mera Naam Yousuf Hai
  • Mere Ajnabi
  • Mol
  • Sadqay Tumharey


People’s choice: Dayar-E-Dil


Composer Shani Arshad’s soulful music with lyrics by Sabir Zafar and sung with equal fervour by singers Zeb Bangash and Momin Durrani remained the popular choice.


Critic’s choice: Dayar-E-Dil, Jackson Heights, Mera Naam Yousuf Hai


Dayar-e-Dil’s beautiful soundtrack was used with subtle perfection to highlight the feelings and mood of every character.


Hat tip to a lovely reimagined version of Liaayan, liaayan by composers Zulfiqar Ali and Kailash Kher. Singers Saad Sultan featuring Rizwan Anwar bought just the right touch of melancholy which added to the feel of the drama Jackson Heights.


Composer Saad Sultan hit another homerun with Tu Mera Nahin which had all the pain and longing in singer Rizwan Anwar’s voice highlighting Yousuf’s heartbreak in Mera Naam Yousuf Hai.


Honourable mention: Mere Ajnabi


Adrian David Emmanuel composition and lyrics brought to life in a beautiful rendition by singer Farhan Saeed was a beautiful track despite the sub-par drama.



  • Alvida : Composer: Sahir Ali Bagga Lyrics: Imran Raza Singer: Shafqat Amanat Ali
  • Dayar-E-Dil:  Composer: Shani Arshad Lyrics: Sabir Zafar Singers: Zeb Bangash and Momin Durrani
  • Dusri Biwi Composer and Singer: Ahmed Jahanzaib
  • Jackson Heights: Composer: Zulfiqar Ali and Kailash Kher, Singers: Saad Sultan featuring Rizwan Anwar
  • Jugnu Composer and Singer: Sahir Ali Bagga Lyrics: Imran Raza
  • Mera Naam Yousuf Hai: Composer: Saad Sultan Singers: Rizwan Anwer
  • Mol Composer: Waqar Ali, Lyrics: Naseer Turabi, Singer: Bushra Bilal
  • Mere Ajnabi Composer and Lyrics: Adrian David Emmanuel, Singer: Farhan Saeed
  • Sadqay Tumharey: Composer: Sahir Ali Bagga Lyrics: Imran Raza Singers: Rahat Fateh Ali Khan


Best Negative Portrayal (male)

  • Adnan Siddiqui (Kitna Satatay Ho)
  • Ahmed Zeb (Dayar-E-Dil)
  • Ali Kazmi ( Jackson Heights)
  • Noor Hassan (Muqqadus)
  • Syed Jibran (Chup Raho)
  • Zahid Ahmed (Alvida)


People’s choice: Syed Jibran (Chup Raho).


Syed Jibran please take a bow for this polished study in sheer evil.  Every nuance, every layer of this character’s being was laid bare for us by this incredible actor whom we cannot praise enough!


Critic’s choice: Adnan Siddiqui (Kitna Satatay Ho), Ali Kazmi (Jackson Heights), Syed Jibran (Chup Raho)


Adnan Siddiqui for a portraying the devil himself. An arch manipulator, a self absorbed nightmare of a person portrayed with the  ease and charm only a highly accomplished actor such as Siddiqui can produce.


Ali Kazmi’s electric performance as the abusive and slightly unhinged Sikandar was one of the finest negative portrayals of the year. For an actor with palpable energy, imagine what he can do in other roles.


Syed Jibran is also the critics choice for all the reasons listed above.


Best Negative Portrayal (female)

  • Rabab Hashmi (Tum Se Milkay)
  • Nausheen Shah (Zidd)
  • Samiya Mumtaz (Sadqay Tumharey)
  • Ushna Shah (Piya Mann Bhayy)


People’s choice: Samiya Mumtaz (Sadqay Tumharey)


Samiya Mumtaz’s portrayal of the bitter, damaged Rasheeda (hyperlink )won well deserved, universal acclaim. Samiya Mumtaz is a highly skilled actress who never fails to make a mark.


Critic’s choice: Nausheen Shah (Zidd), Ushna Shah (Piya Mann Bhayy)


Nausheen Shah’s raw performance as a washed out, depressed and relapsing addict (hyperlink ) was stellar. Her unkempt appearance added  to her internal conflict and moments of fragility were her strongest suite and definitely a more believable version of someone with substance abuse issues.


Ushna Shah is just not someone you can ignore,the absolute energy and presence she brings to every role made her shine in a pretty average pot boiler like Piyaa Man Bhaiy.  

Best Couple

  • Osman Khalid Butt -Maya Ali (Dayar-E-Dil)
  • Ali Rehman-Hareem Farooq (Dayar-E-Dil)
  • Faysal Qureshi-Naveen Waqar (Mol)
  • Firoz Khan-Sajal Ali (Chup Raho)
  • Imran Abbas-Maya Ali (Mera Naam Yousuf Hai)
  • Imran Abbas-Sanam Jung (Alvida)
  • Mikaal Zulfikar-Sanam Saeed (Dayar-E-Dil)
  • Nauman Ijaz-Aamina Sheikh (Jackson Heights)
  • Adnan Malik-Mahirah Khan (Sadqay Tumharey)


People’s choice: Osman Khalid Butt-Maya Ali (Dayar-E-Dil)

No surprises here for the so called Jodi no 1 (hyperink ) pairing that began with Aunn-Zara continues to win hearts. The audience never gets tired of seeing this modern, young duo.


Critic’s choice: Ali Rehman-Hareem Farooq (Dayar-E-Dil)


Ali Rehman and Hareem Farooq had a kind of magnetic chemistry which should never be wasted. They made a surprisingly fresh, well matched screen pair with an almost automatic rapport the audience just adored .


Special mentions


Best Directors Of Photography : Zaib Rao (Dayar-E-Dil), Qasim Ali Mureed (Mera Naam Yousuf Hai)


Zaib Rao’s captured the raw beauty of the Baltistan  (hyperlink ) landscape to perfection and it served as the perfect backdrop to an emotionally charged, character-driven story.


Qasom Ali Mureed’s excellent cinematography, controlled use of  vérité shots, interesting use of interior spaces especially his train shots (hyperlink ) , lighting and props all add a visual layer to the story and heightened the experience.

Critic’s Take


For all the other things that we weren’t able to mention, here are some “Award of the year”categories that stood out for being good, bad or just plain-old-so-bad-they-were-good!


Most Eco-friendly Writer  


Sajid Zaki for recycling the same story over and over and over again. One man  two women and an inheritance.( Numm, Sultanate e Dil , Ishqavey)


Most Recycled Dialogues/Dialogues that need to be retired


“Baarish ko dekho mat, usey mehsoos karo”

“Agha jaan,  Nashta  Karley”



Most Coveted Role of the year:

Drug Addict


From Nausheen Shah’s Z in Zidd, Hira Tareen’s holiday rehab visits to Gohar Rasheed’s high as a kite performance in Goya, drug addicts were  the part to kill for and then (surprise!) save one, they all died.


Note from Vasay Chaudry (writer, Jackson Heights)

Don’t go to America, everyone is miserable there which is why I never went.


Note from us to Vasay Chaudry

Stick to film scripts!


The Kashaf Baji Award for the most Bholi Larki

Maryam from Maryam, played through a sea of tears by Mawra Hocain. A woman  who can never stand up for herself …ever.


Chunna Kaka Award of the year

Hassan from Dusri Biwi played by Fahad Mustafa whose sheer innocence and goodness has to be seen to be believed.


The reason why the price of red lipstick is now astronomical

Aplus has bought every tube available for Yeh Mera Deewanapan


Best Unintentional Black Comedies Award

Sultanate-e-Dil, Bewafaii Tumharay Naam, Mere Khuda and Dusri Biwi

Four dramas so ridiculously awful we couldn’t resist watching them.


Worst Mother in the world Award:

Ramin’s mother in Chup Raho


Quantity over Quality Award

Saba Qamar and Sami Khan


Most Sensational Plot Twist Award

Two-way tie between

  1. a) the heroine marries her husband’s best friend to achieve a halala
  2. b) victims spending quality time with their rapists


Most Kidnapped Girl

Fara (Dayar-E-Dil)


Sadaf Haider and Sadaf Siddique are pearls of a pod, fellow freelance writers and drama buffs. More at  Follow Sadaf Haider @tomtomatoe


  1. Congratulations Sadaf for new blog 🙂
    Crisp and apt write up i must say. It gives immense pleasure that my favourite drama DiyarEDil has won in every category it was nominated. There could not be a better start to a fresh year. Also MNYH, my second fav after DeD has made it too the critic’s choice.

    Iam so glad that Maya Ali has won the best actress for MNYH. Her portrayal of a apprehensive yet headstrong girl was a treat to watch. Her dialogues did give me goosebumps. Enjoyed her performance as Zulekha to the core. She totally deserved it. I wish she was nominated for DeD also. Hehe!

    And Osman Khalid Butt as Waliiiii! Aahh! What should I say more! No one could have played Wali better than OKB. He doesn’t need words to express his feelings. His eyes and expressions are enough.

    I totally agree with critic’s choice for best supporting actor and actress, best director and best soundtrack. Special mention to Nauman Eijaz as a cab driver in Jackson Heights. His acting as sad yet happy go Lucky man was amazing.

    And now to my fav part. Best jori! There was no second option 😀 . OsMaya’s mere presence in a frame would make us go weak on knees. They take best out of each other which was evident in Aunn Zara and DiyarEDil. They truly are a power couple. Haha!

    The best part – Awards Of The Year…. Rofl… You killed it. “AghaJaan naashta kar lein” Hahahaha. Seriously loved this part.

    As my craze for Pak dramas is just 6-7 months old, i haven’t watched many of these (and also was marathoning old dramas), so couldn’t comment much on them. But now I have this list of dramas which i will watch as soon as i get free.

    Keep reviewing as we love to read your reviews and articles. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks so much for reading and commenting .. Sadaf SiddiQui and I spentt some majour blood sweat and tears on the write ups ! and “Agha Jaan Nashta Karlo was killer ” DeD was really the best this year and kept us all enthralled .
      I am so glad everyone likes the choice of Nauman Ejaz , the man is just amazing and Bhatti Saheb was unforgettable . But then Nauman Ejaz has scores of fabulace performances behind him ….. I hope everyone has seen Mera Saeen ….. Malim Wajahat was another unforgettable Character !
      Yes there was no competition Osmaya was everyone’s favourite . Maya is now starring opposite Hamza Ali Abbasi in what was called Tera Ghum aur Hum but now Hum TV is calling it Dil e Jaanam ..


  2. Woahhh Im loving this convo! Well please plzzzz dont give up on DHOOP KINARY mais! It has its own feel & world, I strtd watchng it this yr & i absolutely loved it & yes i still can nvr forget dr, Ahmer eyes! Sir Kazmi was awsum! Im also frm modern duniya bt still its wrth watch!

    Coming to Okb, I have watched Goya but still i feel the character of Omer Hashmi is very real & gud chracter yet I feel Osman’s acting forced at certain places not tht natural yet he was awsumsauce with Usman Perzada.
    He seemed more natural as Wali. I still can never frget his awkwardness in Nikah Scene & his Face depicts everything whn farah hugged Wali! Ahh fullstop.

    Maya Mam sahiba was throughly brilliant as Zulekha, & tbh i loved hw zulekha’s love was rational love not jst emotional one. She really put her best & yes I still rmembr
    tht KRQ himself said tht what I wanted frm Zulekha’s character Maya was able to potray it.

    Regarding Fara, I feel she was fabulous to carry tht confused, conflicted personality, her character was real yet there was in her tht she was Jazbaati. I feel ppl were so much in Wali tht they never understood Fara completely. In novel & drama i love fara bcox u can deeply connect w her. Its a beautiful complex character yet a bit rough.Yes there were sum small gaps which I believe is how the director & writer wants or added.I now understood tht Maya is a pure Director’s actress, Mehreen Jabbar channels her amzngly & HH 2 sum extent.

    Regarding Imran-Maya they booth looked gr8 but there was sum certain stiffness thts y their chemistry wasnt magical. The same shuld nt happen w HAA.
    Why Osman-Maya r so magical bcox there is no stifness, there is tht charm, cmfrt tht even their eye contact is enough to make u goo….
    I will say it tht The serial DED would hav collapsed aftr behroz death if there wasnt OsMaya, they literally lift up the show on their shoulders. The Khamosh-Mhbbt between WaFa was so brlliantly executed by them tht not even F-M can execute. (dont throw flying chappals on me, its true)
    HH used their chemistry cleverly.

    Aapas Ki baat tu ye hai k dono saath hote hain tu kch ziada hi achi prfrmnce dete hain! Sadaf do ask this question frm any 1 of them *What do they EAT & gve us such awsumsauce chemistry* I guess its Dado’s Shaitaani churan. 😉 🙂


    • I think you hit the nail on The head there MZ if it wasn’t for OKB and Maya Ali’s chemistry DeD would have lost steam . I still have not forgiven or forgotten the missing scenes as in Gajjar Ka Halwa etc.. LOL at the Churan !! I have chatted to both OKB and Maya Ali for the interview I did at the end of DeD and I think it is just their level of comfort with each other after being friends for so long . They dont have to worry about takaluf and and know each other’s cues as they have been in three projects together , almost four since OKB had a bit part in DeS
      always love reading your enthusiastic , fun filled comments MZ . sorry I replied late but will try to keep up from now on


      • No Issues, Im the most laziest person on this earth. I so planned to write MNHY reviews & Share it with you bt endup w nothng. All the best for this new forum & now what will happen to Drama Pakistani??


        • I love DP and hope to always be a part of it . This forum is really for my own growth and Maza . These days I write a lot for Dawn etc and I wanted somewhere to discuss that part of my work .


  3. @Sadaf:

    No promises about DK for plate is really full with all the other stuff I have to catch up on. Maybe when my heart will crave something Desi, I’ll go for it. It’s not like I didn’t enjoy whatever I saw of it but I really found myself wanting to forward so many of scenes which eventually just put me off. I do have very short attention spans when it comes to dramas. But someday though…

    There’s no comparison between OsMaya in DeD and Maya/Imran in MNYH. Not saying that Maya and Imran weren’t good in the show, I really did like their couple and whatever scenes they had were truly beautiful. But OsMaya tou shot DeD to all the fame it got. I had waited so long for the Wali and Farah story to start and just when I was about to give up, their story kickstarted and it just never disappointed even once. I discussed this with some fellow DeD fans that Obi and Maya might get weak in some scenes but never when they are together. They have this literally perfect give and take which is what makes them stand apart. It’s not just two gorgeous people sharing a frame together which results in chemistry. It’s the way they embrace their characters and let the other person shine by giving their very best. Wali and Farah didn’t even have to stand intimately close together for us to see the chemistry. It could be something as simple as Farah walking up the stairs and Wali pausing on his way down to look back at Farah which could ignite all these feeeeels in me. They literally made DeD what it was.

    I haven’t seen Goya but I don’t think it’s Wali’s already established status as a hero in the fandom which makes DeD the tougher nut to crack. Wali wasn’t a simple character and any ainvayi hero would’ve easily screwed it up big time. Wali was so many things at the same time and Obi did justice to all of them. He was a different man for different people. It was so easy to go down the responsible, always obedient route with him but he never did. Wali’s individuality was always intact. He was always his own man rather than just a responsible grandson, son, and brother. That is where Obi literally shined because he sold all these different sides to Wali convincingly so it became hard to just categorize him under one single heading. From the beginning to the end..we saw so much of Wali that it would’ve overwhelmed anyone. Whereas mostly we get characters where they have to focus on just particular characteristic than others, Wali was someone who had this balance going on with all the layers and angles to it. This is why I love Diyar e Dil. The characters weren’t uni-dimensional and there was so much grey going on!

    Don’t even mention that GeR, Astagfaaaaar! The show infuriates me to no end. And then there are people actively praising the deeds done by the lead guy in and calling them romantic and what not. My friend said this kind of trope sells and I have to agree. The show is a hit so what would really stop the makers from making more and worse of it? I wouldn’t entirely blame the audience though. They accept what they get. If there’d be more positive heroes on the TV they’ll learn to change their tastes. But idk..Pak awaam loves their chauvinistic heroes so meh.

    I know serious actors are always itching to try new characters, good and bad. But what sucks is that when they refuse to see the problematic side of the characters they choose to play. In their excitement to sell their work, they so easily ignore the issues with them. TV is not theater where the audience is where selective and knows what they are watching. It kind of becomes an actor’s responsibility specially now in the age of active social media to not shy away from the negativity their characters might end up spreading. Good actors can make even the worst of characters as memorable for years to come. But a responsible actor wouldn’t necessarily endorse the views of the characters they are playing. If the character isn’t giving any positive message, the actor should.

    Yaay! Waiting for more funny stuff. This discussion is getting a bit heavy 😛


    • Mais, don’t give up on Dhoop Kinarey! It is as iconic and seminal a romantic drama as they come!

      We can hold your hand (virtually) and even have a marathon re-watching the classics section! What say Sadaf?
      Am sure there will be many takers to re-watch Dhoop Kinarey and other old classics.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Congratulations on starting the new blog. Good luck !

    I just love the comedy awards given. I wait for this list every single year.


  5. Hello Sadaf! and welcome to the blogoshere. Glad to see you in your element and this was a fun poll if I say so myself! Looking forward to the bricks and bouquets that get hurled at us



  6. Two of my all time favorite Pakistani dramas aired in 2015 itself so I couldn’t be happier with the results of this poll. What the popular choice didn’t give, the critics made up for it. Now only if all the award ceremonies were this sane and rational…

    Feels so good to see Maya Ali winning for MNYH. I think this was her career best performance yet. Yeah, people might know her more for Farah but it is Zulekha which will always remain with me. The DeD fan in me did the Jamalo dance at every category it won in. Yeah, the show’s long run did end up annoying me to some extent but with it being over I realized just how wonderful a package the show was. Wonder when I’ll get something so wholesome and Pakistani on TV again. If I could change one thing, I’d change the Best Soundtrack winner to MNYH. Now THAT is how music is to be incorporated in a show. Not a single tune was wasted. The OST was played always at the right time for all the right feels. We had two songs in the drama and not to forget the finale special rendition of Chitta Kukkad Banade De. This is where Mehreen Jabbar excels as a director and does what no one else this cinematic feel to her dramas by putting in nothing but the BEST music in it.

    An award for you for the Award of the Year categories. Laughed at and agreed with every single one of them! Uff! Agha Jaan ka nashta! And plot twists ki tou baat hi na karen! Both these dramas make me want to hurl chappals at my TV anytime I see glimpses of them. Specially that Tumhare Siva. I’m baffled that people can WRITE such scripts, then actors ACCEPT them, then it goes on production and the AUDACITY! The show ends up airing on prime time! HADD HOTI HAI! :@

    Here’s to hoping 2016 will work in favor of the drama industry and we’d get more than a couple of good quality shows! 🙂


    • Woaha Mais this is the kind of detailed comment that is a pleasure to read . I cannot agree with you more about Mehreen Jabbar , she is a personal hero of mine . I had long given up understanding pakistani dramas because I found the lambey PTV style scenes , the lambe urdu dialogues were hard on my ABCD ears and the significantly cyptic silences hard to decipher . Then I watched Harjaee directed by MJ , it may not have been the best drama ever but I was obsessed and there was also the Faysal Qureshi element which never fails to help me enjoy a drama 😉 so yes Mehreen Jabbar certainly made a quality product that has happily gone on to represent the Pakistani drama industry on Starplus !
      A lot of people wanted to know why we nominated Maya Ali for MNYH and I will refer them to your great comment becuase it explained exactly how we critics felt . No doubt Maya Ali put in her best for bothe Faraa and Zuleykha but Zuleykha was a very difficult role . Much as I admire Khalil uR Rehman Qammar Saheb as a writer , his dialogues , the lightening quick ,capricious changes in emotion and mood his female protagonists go through are hard to capture and Maya did an award worthy job. Faraa was fabulous too but itwas a question of depth , either way she would have won. Though I have to say Mahirah Khan was superb as SHanno and deserved as much recognition .
      Lol so glad you guys enjoyed the “fun” categories . There will be a follow up soon a kind of end of year round up.
      As to the favourite plot twists , I hate to sound like so moralising , but surely there are some limits which should be observed ? And if you really want to challenge norms or bring people out of their comfort zones there are more intelligent ways to do this ..I really despair of such so called trends . For the makers of such dramas the ratings and financial incentives Are ALL the motivation they need . Now how about the AUDIENCE which watches them ? do they not see the road they are travelling down ?


      • Hahaha, I rarely ever write feedback on blogs but when I do I just can’t stop at one or two lines xD Plus, it’s end of the year roundup! Have to cover all grounds, ne? 😉

        Aiieee! You have a hard time sitting through the PTV style lambe scenes filled with khamoshi too? *_* I was far too young to remember anything from PTV from my childhood except maybe the early morning cartoons we used to watch while getting ready to school. But just this year I decided to give Dhoop Kinarey a try because it’s such a rage and I honestly couldn’t sit through more than three episodes. There were literally scenes longer than 5 minutes with no dialogues in it. Call me modernity ki aulaad or whatever but itneyyyy lambe scenes? And Mehreen Jabbar is what got me into Pakistani dramas. I remember we went for a school picnic and on our way back, some one my friends were passionately discussing Daam in the bus and I was sitting there confused, “Are Pakistani dramas worth watching and discussing like this?” But I sat with them, caught up to the whole story and managed to watch the last two episodes on-air. Uff. What a drama. Umera Ahmed’s finest with Mehreen Jabbar. I can never, ever forget both me and my father crying our eyes out at the finale episode. A quick search told me that she directed Lal Baig as well. Excuse fear of cockroaches started from that show. I don’t remember anything about it except the child me was heavily creeped out by it.

        Zulekha was a tough character to portray because it was SO EASY to dislike her. She was so complicated as opposed to Yousuf’s straight forward policy when it came to love. But Maya made me love Zulekha. She was magic in the drama. Something about the way she expressed everything she was going through. That steely resolve, the conflict of emotion, that bravery, the fear, the sheer confidence she had in her notions. It’s exactly what you said, his female protagonists are anything but ordinary. Haven’t watched Sadqey Tumhare so can’t speak about Shanno but Zulekha is hands down my most favorite female character on Pakistani screen. Maya was fabulous in DeD as well but there were certain inconsistencies in her performance whereas she was brilliant from the word go in MNYH.

        High time makers realize that there are repercussions and consequences of whatever they make for TV. It isn’t just entertainment which people will forget once the show is over for the day. Intentional or not, tv does send across a message to everyone who is watching it. And no, you aren’t being moralizing at all. As an audience with a voice you are raising a valid point. There should be some limits to things which are being shown on prime time. I long for the day when our TV industry will prioritize solid quality over sensationalized entertainment. Channels and producers are always so busy celebrating ratings..Allah kare aisa din bhi aye when they celebrate quality as well. Aameen!


        • I am a huge fan of Daam it was and still is one of THE best serials , it managed to combine a gritty realism without frightening its audience away . The way the child with disabilities was both reassuring and heartbreaking . The lack of resources never meant they neglected her . That really was a fabulous combination of talents
          As to lambe Lambe seen , some drama makers STILL use them But please dont give up on Dhoop Kinarey it is worth your patience . I know its a cliche but yes in this digital age our attention plans are not long , we dont contemplate things the way our proceeding generations did . i even read an article that said facebook is changing the way we think …shock horror !!
          Again totally agree with vis a vis Maya Ali’s performance in MNYH but although her acting and Imran abbas ‘s acting was good , and their chemistry was good it wasn’t the sensational on screen magic she has with Osman Khalid Butt . That chemistry lifted Dayar e dil into Iconic status add to that the way Farhat ishtiaq’s beautiful , romantic scenes and you have the reason why everyone is crazy about it . I have to say though OKB was fabulous in DeD he was even more fabulous in Goya , I would love to have nominated him for Goya because that was a really soulful performance but it really was a tough choice . In the end Wali was so iconic and I think in a way actually more difficult for a thinking actor like OKB that it seemed the more tough role . Wali did not have the best dialogues in the beginning , and I noticed the story especially towards the end of DeD concentrated on faraa , yet OKB did a fabulous job .
          I wish we could email your last paragraph to the makers of Sangat , and Gule erana . Zabardasti ka romance seems to be a new craze . We were mad at Bashar Momin but at least we knew this is one BAD character . In Sangat the rapist is being portrayed as a beychara kismet ka maraa . Oh and in Gul e rana the heroine agrees to a Nikkah at Gunpoint .. but I am sure there are drama makers out there itching to make something worse … ahkir they got ratings . didn’t they ? So lets say the audience is at fault too ?
          ” isn’t just entertainment which people will forget once the show is over for the day. Intentional or not, tv does send across a message to everyone who is watching ” WELL SAID !! e Dramas , Movies even ads shape the way we think in the subtlest of ways , we visualise our expectations through the director’s lens . Bollywood , Hollywood set standards we cannot seem to help but want to match . Just looka t the adulation Zahid ahmed is getting from his confused fan girls . I have nothing against the actor but really he and the rest of the cast should have thought twice . As to the writer and director , I cannot imagine what was in their heads …..I will be doing a citique and some more of the Funny stuff soon -so watch this space


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