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Haissem Hussain ‘s new movie : Cast Confirmed !!

I have been thinking about this for some time now . I am excited for any number of reasons but the biggest one is that Haissem Hussain is a known and  proven Director . His Dramas always had a more than cinematic feel to them so I am hoping his film will escape that “drama touch” that some new releases have been accused of . I had thought Bin Roye was going  to be Hussain’s first release but apparently that was mostly directed by Momina Duraid and Shehzad Kashmiri and Haissem Hussain’s part was minimal . Even  in Bin Roye a lot of people (including The Guardian  seemed to like only the part   directed  by Haissem  Hussain that had been retained in that movie .

I love Maya Ali and maybe we will see her with Osman Khalid Butt in an another production , but seeing the same jodi over and over again can be stifling .  I think Maya looks good with Hamza in Mann Mayal too .

I like Osman Khalid Butt with Sana Javed in Goya Last year , they had some great onscreen chemistry and I watched a comedy on Hum Waaaaaay back with OKB and Aiza Khan .. both looked super cute ! So I think  OKB and Ainy Jaffry will be great too . In fact it is always  nice to see a bit of shake up ., something new and out of the ordinary . I think the key words here are young and fresh . The only thing that worries me is that Ainy and OKB maybe too cool for the rest of us paindoos 😉 ….

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Lets see what happens but so far its a definitely  like a new flavour at the ice cream shop that you are waiting to try …




  1. WOAAHH Haissam is cmng back Frst & most imp. Where i shed so many tears in Dastaan on the hand i literally fell so mny tyms laughng frm my bed while watchng AZ.
    Regarding the Jodi I love Ainy she has tht modern chic type flavour in her & OKB I admire him & his comic timing is very awsum. Lets c if ainy can beat or may b comeup to the level of Manzar & Zara.
    Hum tu bs trailer dekh kr khush hojate hain, long sad stry.

    HAHAHA nailed it, proud Paindoo! Im like dado, khud tu her jumme k jumme filmein dekhne jaati thi aur potay ko mana ker rahi hain.
    Well a very fine line between being COOL and being Vulgur…


    • Lol I love your comments MZ ! You mean AUNN and Zara .. but you know I do miss tha Manzar &Aunn jodi a lot . Bas Faiza Iftikhar is a magical writer she kows how to bring us comedy , romance and depth . It would be great oif we could have Manzer in this tooooo


    • The cast is different . I was hoping for some old is gold in some ways … What wouldn’t i have given for a Sanam Baloch /Mikaal Matchup ….. Kiran and Shamrais part 2 ! But I guess that would require a lot of other people like the original producers and Samira fazal wto taga along so I guess it is easier to do something fresh .
      I liked Ainy in Meri Bahen Maya she can certainly act ..and we know OKB is fab so lets see what happens


  2. Finally the cast is announced… though the name still doesn’t appeal much to me. Balu Mahi? Hahahaha! Anyway good to see a new onscreen couple. I’ve always had high hopes from Haissam and this time’s no different.


    • I would have been thrilled with any of the other combos MM 🙂 Really if we could have had Fawad and Sanam Balch or Mikaal and SanaM Saeed or Even Mahirah and gasp Hamza I really would not have minded . But Yes I do like Seeing OKB on screen , especially when he IS NOT saying “beloved Cousin “. Haissem is lthe real Magicxian here .. lets see what he cooks Up . People call him the Yash Chopra of Pakistan and I totally agree . I am dying to see an actual Movie ,. Much as i loved the recently released Movies they still had a slight drama like feeling . I think Haissem will give us a bona Fida movie .


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