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Gul E Rana episode 11 review

images (89) I watch a lot of dramas, some good, some average and some so bad they make me laugh. It is rare that a drama leaves me so disaappointed but that is how I felt after watching Gul E Rana this week.If Gul e Rana could have stayed the mind numbing nonsense it started out as I might have let it pass , there are plenty of simplistic , easily digestible potboilers out there and I just ignore them . Gul e Rana reached a whole new level this week which was hard to put aside. It took me a full hour to calm down and gather my thoughts enough and decide what to write. As a drama fan and reviewer I am constantly complaining about the Mazloom aurat syndrome which seems to endemic to most of the serials on ARY Digital and GEO TV , annoying and uninspiring as they are, these weeping women do their job , they get ratings and help housewives pass the time of day . Anyone of these sad women and /or Dusri Bivi’s is preferable to the rape culture being promoted by HUM TV at the (42)

When this episode begins we see Gul e Rana is now living with her bad, bad boy husband Adeel somewhere around Islamabad. We are then treated to non-stop interaction between the two leads. I am guessing Hum TV learnt their lesson from Dayar e Dil , which didn’t catch fire in the ratings till Faraa and Wali ‘s interaction didn’t come to the fore   So this time they are actually allowing the audience to watch the main attractions who are without question Sajal Ali and Feroz Khan. There much vaunted screen chemistry is very real and both deserve a prize for bringing this mess of a screenplay such high ratings. Both Sajal Ali and Feroz Khan are excellent actors, but together they are fabulous. On a side note I know these two are now making a film and if it has even half a good script it will be worth watching just to see them on the big screen.

Adeel continues to have a strange, schizophrenic character, threatening one moment and a complete pushover the next. Rana is so supremely unaffected by Adeel that he has to coerce her into making him breakfast or organize his clothes cupboard just to reassure himself he is still in charge. One minute he will call her poison or Zeher then in the next scene he will indulgently smile at how beautiful she looks when she is angry.  The characters are all so badly defined there is just no telling what reaction anyone of them will have scene to scene. Maybe I am just spoilt because I am watching Preet na Karyo Koi but Adeel and Rana’s strange, inconsistent personalities give me a headache. The only consistent thing about Rana is that she won’t give her husband the time of day. images (91) I have to give Sajal Ali all the credit here, no sidelong glances, no halfhearted sighs or softening attitude for Rana, just out and out revulsion tempered by indifference. It must have been hard because Feroz Khan had finally got his game together and looked rather fine this week. Thank God he finally ditched those ugly jeans.images (92)

The routine at Hum TV these days is another day another rape scene , because that gets TRPS  which bring advertising revenue and then apparently all the lovely people making these things go home with a clean conscience and manage to sleep at night . These people are so good they never consider the consequences of their actions; they never consider that they are normalizing in fact, romanticizing sexual violence. Sangat is continuing in its shameless trajectory of sanctifying a rapist, so feeling left behind ,the makers of Gul e Rana thought they must do something.

The crux of this awful episode was about Adeel trying to make Gul e Rana jealous, and what better way than to take advantage of an old “friend”. Adeel has a female friend who is feeling threatened because two men seem to be scouting out her residence. She turns up at Adeel’s house in pants and a t shirt and asks to spend the night because she feels unsafe. Rana has forgotten all her manners and cannot even greet her guest or show one ounce courtesy or concern at her plight. Fair enough the woman is behaving in a silly, flirty manner and perhaps Rana just doesn’t like it, I tell myself. That night Adeel tries to rape his friend. When she screams and fights back, he says she is asking for it by coming to na mahram man’s house at night. When Rana discovers them and the woman pleads for protection, instead of holding her husband responsible Gul e Rana turns on the victim and says in plain terms that the woman invited the attack because of her clothes and because she asked for help from a man who wasn’t her relative .

This is a disgusting case of victim blaming and a clear case of rape culture. Rape culture normalizes violence against women and allows Men to control women and the spaces they can enter. Rape culture perpetuates the myth that men have no self-control and that women invite the cruel and brutal act of rape by not following set cultural norms. Rape culture is always pointing fingers at the victim rather than blaming the actual perpetrator. Rape culture always goes hand in hand with hypocrisy and if we must talk about religion in this context let’s examine MS Gul e Rana through her own looking glass……. Adeel is quite right, why does Gul e Rana have a relationship with Ashir? Ashir maybe her cousin but so was Adeel, she may “think “of Ashir as her “brother “but he clearly isn’t, as a Nikkah is permissible. When it comes to dressing Gul e Rana is seen wearing a rather beautiful blue sleeveless shirt and shalwar with a completely see through chiffon duppattah. In contrast, Adeel’s “modren” (spelling is deliberate)friend is a bit more covered as she is wearing a t shirt with at least half sleeves. According to conservative Muslims Rana shouldn’t have ventured out of the house or in front of her male servant with such clothes and in general she should wear an abaya or at the very least a head covering over her blow-dried locks. Oh, and the way Rana keeps rejecting her husband might be considered a contributory factor by some. So why doesn’t Gul e Rana blame herself?

I am curious to understand the writer’s thinking in this respect, is every man a potential rapist? What happens if Gul e Rana asks for a book from a male class fellow or talks to a male teacher or male colleague at work, are they allowed to rape her because she got familiar and asked for it? What about the household servants or the shopkeepers she meets or her female friend’s brothers, if she speaks to them will it be an invitation to rape? This is an incredibly dangerous road to go down and Hum TV needs to take responsibility for its content which has reached such a low moral level. The saddest part is that women run Hum TV. The producer of Sangat is Moomal Entertainment so I don’t expect much, but the sad surprise is Gul E Rana is produced by Momina Duraid whom I had a lot of respect for because she was the producer of not just most of my favourite dramas but a progressive ones like Rehaii, which took a stand against abuse and child marriage.

The media and dramas in particular cannot inhabit a conscience free zone. We cannot let this pas because it is “just a drama”.Consider the number of women who want Asher or Wali for a husband because they have idealized that image and set it in their minds as a standard. Look at the silly, impressionable girls and even sillier women who are impressed with the rapist in Sangat because he is played by what they think is a good looking actor. Adeel is played by Feroz Khan who has more charm than he should and now girls will think, it is fine to like a rapist because they are watching this handsome actor play him from a safe distance; what happens when they meet such a predator in real life ?

Next week’s promo shows us That Adeel is asking for Gul e rana’s help to change . Quite rightly Gul e Rana says that is not her responsibility, but who will take responsibility for the damage done to our culture and society by making such serials?

P.S Let us all make one thing absolutely clear : Rapists cause rape .no one else ..It is a choice made by the rapist , that is it and Please I am exhausted writing about this stuff can we go back to normal dramas ?

Sadaf Haider


  1. Pakistan (India as well) has a massive issue to handle rape, the responsiability of a rape being for a logical and clear mind on the rapist not ,on the victim, whatveer she/he wears or behave like. The choice belongs to the rapist. This shows is trying to show this kind of guy as the good one, the one that should be forgiven and mistreats women and yet at the end will “get” the girl and be forgiven. Which is a complete nonsense. It is a wrong message, these kind of guys are going to thinsg they can keep up this way. I don’t understand why this show is getting so much popularity. Morally speaking, logically speaking or out of respect for women , this is show is wrong, it goes it the opposite direction.
    If as you some sats Humtv is run by women, and they tolerate this, they are not feminist (equal rights for men and women) but rather misognist!
    If some girl sare facisnated by this, then their are getting the wrong idea of a heamthy relation and having big fat illusion about what a true couple’s relation is like.
    As a woman I find scary that some girls enjoy this show and that men as well, it shows how low the moral of the society as reached


    • Thanks for reading and commenting Raina . Sadly rape is a big problem everywhere . On American university campuses , India , Pakistan ..there are misogynist attitudes all around . A lot of it has to do with the rape culture that is pervasive in all societies . The other day I was watching some old Bollywood songs and the theme of men chasing , literally hunting down the heroine to prove their love was a frighteningly recurrent theme.
      Gul e Rana was never War &Peace , and I really didnt have any hopes of such a stereotypical drama but the lead couple are very popular and their chemistry kept it interesting to a point.This episode was the straw that broke the camels back . Not just in GeR but in another serial Sangat ( which has just finished) . We see a woman siding with the rapist and not the victim. In Sangat Salma is so in love she runs away from home to marry a rapist , and here GeR is such a paragon of virtue that she tells the victim off. These aren’t just regressive stereotypes they are dangerous . Have seen Gul e Rana’s words quoted by some silly girls on line . As To HUM TV ,I am very disappointed that women can actually write and produce this poison . Its a terrible shame .
      I think Adeel is nauseating but GeR is insufferable They are no where near “ideal ” or even normal .


      • I could not agree more, even Bollywood movies adovocates this stalking, obessesive culture where in the end the guy get the girl even DDLJ (with kajol & Shah Rukh), take a close look at Rahul’s behavior, in real life if a guy behave like this, any sane girl will run away and avoid him.
        The rape culture is everywhere, we can see women being verbally harrassed, insulted on the street too. The problem is the education, how school, society especially mothers educate their children : boys and girls. They ought to put a clear line between what is right and wrong, but most of the men are taught to be sexiest and misogynist. I was actually taken aback when I read your comment about girls quoting it. TV , these days educate people’s mind, however, a show like this can only give wrong ideas to both genders.
        The problem is HUMTV isn’t the only one , look at “Bashar Momin” even thought the acting, directing etc was amazing, Bashar momin did “marriage rape” her, balckmail her, act obssessivley, did mistreat her and she ended up loving him, the story show a wrong . The problem with this kind of guys is taht they canoot/do not know how to express their feeling properly. The message is wrong and misleading.
        Of course, we can never compare them to Andrei & Natasha, Gul and this guy have a sick relationship going on.
        Besides, if Pakistani boys & girls only have bollywood or this kind of Pakistani shows as a role model, they won’t be able to learn to respect the opposite sex at all. And they will only take the worse of the Western soceity (superficial part) as well.
        I don’t know where you are from or live, but I live in Europe, because of the different culture I am aware of (Asian : japanese, koran, pakistani)), American & European, and my experience in life, I can still keep a very safe distance with Pakistani dramas’ bad influence (sexiest etc). But what about all these girls that cannot do it, that have no knowledge of what is a healthy relationship . Because it is in a drama, they see it as positive and are blinded by the actors’ beauty as well.
        My comment is way too long, I am sorry….I think I will have to write an article on my blog because this is quite an important subject and I want as many girls as possible to read it.


        • nothing wrong with a long comment
          I am from the UK , and USA so yes I know about different perspectives . This headline ma me very sad
          Girls have been trained to accept
          domestic violence . This is why it is very important to think about what images the media is portraying
          Thanks keep commenting the more we spread awareness the better !
          Here is another serial that did the same thing but worse I wrote this article before this Gul e Rana review .
          BUT let me assure you not all Pakistani dramas are like that . I am a fan of dramas becuase there have been some fabulous empowering stories and characters . I am excited about Dillagi and I hope it lives up to to its promise . ZGH even Humsafar , Pyaray afzal etc had strong women . hopefully we will be back to taht soon .


          • (comenting with blog) (still raina):D
            Thank you for the links for both and congratulation on writing for dawn.image ,I ttink I came across your article last night and I read what you wrote about Sangat, it is indeed shocking and twisted to take the rapist side and mistreat the victim (even the in laws) and the article about domestic violence showed a poll of 53%of women thinking violence is justified, it has a lot to do with education, how mother educate their daughters.
            I watched Humsafars few years ago, and it made me so angry to see that the main guy “hero” tyep had a self-confidence issue and because he was not feeling good enough for his wife , he took the “adultery” for taken instead for talking.
            I am watching Tum Mere Kia Ho, Mann Mayal, Mere Yaar milad, Bheegi Palkien etc 😀
            I am aware that all shows do not have a sick storyline and I am relieved otherwise it would be the end of us.
            I just finished writing my article, if you could please let me know what you think about it, I would be happy, I have not written an article for a long time aside of the uni papers :D.
            Thank you.

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    Srsly im boiling seeing this crap, have they gone totally mental & who is giving them ratings and why they are giving?? im so shocked. I went to my uni & every one is talking abt gulerana & im like what they are liking oh srry loving. *CHEMISTRY*??? OK im also really liking their chemistry but are u guys blind…
    What kind of strong woman is shown, pack bags, make tea & then when u r in mood just give 2-3 dhamkiya & next moment please mjhe maar do mgr Asher bhai ko kch na krna. like what!
    I will agree with u on everypoint, a really dangerous thing is being glamorized. I know that in Islam there are some limits in husband-wife relationship also. there are veryfew people that will just see the drama for entertainment & will forget but majority will b under its influence.
    I am following GeR on and off but the 9th ep was so horrible & now after reading ur review on this ep, I feel this drama will glamorize this thing even more. The rape case is such a sensitive case which is now being exploited so much. If they want to show the result of a bad woman/girl just show that she is being abused & now she is in shck. This has now become a trend. Arent those bad women are Woman and Human beings?
    I feel dramas are widely watched especially by housewives & girls so they should convey right messages. Ok if u give the justification that these kinds of thngs are happening in society, I question why to show it on TV, it has sucaha dangerous affect on the society, cant u show the progressive side of society, cant u show yes the thngs are dark but how to overcome, educate ur audience not convince them that its just OK. Sucha beautiful bond of marriage is being negatively used. Imagine what kind of thinking the youth will have!
    Really Sad….!!!

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    • Thank You MZ . Your comments are always so totally from the heart ! This is why I was worried by this drama .. at first I thought it is just the usual harmless piece of fluff in which Bad boy learns his lesson … what I don’t understand is why the Bad boy had to be a rapist ??? There are lots of people out there who may not have conservative values , they may drink , smoke , date etc.They may not be caring or loving but when it comes to rape , that requires a special kind of evil. Why introduce that into the equation at all ? There is a difference between a man who has issues and is in need of maturity and a potential rapist . This cannot be the first time Adeel did this ! Then when Gul e Rana makes a snide comment about Adeel being a Janver he gets angry and slaps her . apparently the only reply GeR has is what if you have a daughter ? How wonderful if all women could stop Domestic abuser’s or rapists in their tracks with such a speech !
      So the Message out of HUM TV is ..Kidnap a girl , do any kind of zyati with her and she will eventually fall in love with you . Its like the era of bandits where no one’s daughter or izzat is safe .
      Why do we show women taming beasts in the first place ? Same with Bashar Momin , why does a young inexperienced girl have to deal with what even the parents of these Men cannot . Marriage should not be about fer it is about love , acceptance and understanding .


  3. Hey Sadaf,

    Got here through the DP redirect. You have a great new home! It looks so cool. Quickly browsed and read all things of interest immediately.:) Here’s to lots more analysis, reports, and fun articles.

    I mentioned on the DP site when Kiran reviewed episode 9 that I couldn’t imagine this drama playing out anymore to the lowest common denominator. Sad to know it is continuing on merrily.Strangely, after reading your review and went back to see whats going on there – OMG!

    When did rape and abuse (inside and outside a marriage) become so glamorous? And whats with the obsession to have a story around rape in every other play,now? I liked the few recent Pakistani plays I watched immensely, and was wondering if most of them were that good. But looking back, I may have been misled by the handpicked few that i have seen and ALL of them had strong women as central characters (flawed, but certainly strong fundamentally. Yeah even Roohi, haha) . begin sarcastic rant *Give me conniving bitchy women who come up with Machiavellian schemes acquire all the wealth for her own children etc any day over this indigestible trash. At least those women show scheming skills, which should account for something of a brain* end of rant .

    I am not an avid drama watcher but I thought GER had garnered a lot of interest because of the lead pair and started watching it. But from the day I set eyes on Adeel, there was strange sense of repulsiveness ( not because of his sartorial sense) in me. I knew he was up no good and to find him falling to new depths is just like going through the motions. As a mom to a daughter, it makes me sick to find a woman having to put up with abuse, rape, and whatnot in this time and age, even though it is a work of fiction. But I cant begin to understand how the makers and the writer let GER herself indulge in victim shaming? #deathtosickstereotyping. This is exactly why i wanted to watch this episode after I read your review. I found that the girl in question was wearing perfectly fine clothes. And she seemed very honorable in her intentions and she was making no overtures. And as you rightly put it, GER was herself seen in sleeveless clothing etc – so does that make her inviting too? or is that OK because of wedlock? What kind of sick twisted mind writes these lines?

    Cant agree with you more – a rapist causes rape- not any one else. Us South Asian women are enormously tolerant, thanks to our strict and very rooted upbringing, and are most particular about behaving, for want of a better term, “properly” around the opposite gender. But why do such women still get the blame, I can’t quite see. but no matter what a woman does, the animal in a rapist/abuser always looks for an opportunity to attack. At the root of it is the basic truth that we all evolve from the animal kingdom and all layers of evolution, civilization, culture, education, conditioning, and everything else come off in a split second when the animal decides to step out. I am glad GER called Adeel that- an animal. But whats with the passive aggression? Why not call a spade a spade ?And why the hell does she go ” jab aap ki beti hogi” and more than once ? who is the schizo here? GER or Adeel? She wants this pond scum to father a child? with anyone? god save me!

    Just like you I want to go back to normal drama. I heard Fawad Khan say in an interview that all these stories portray men as utter ***s and he doesn’t see any point in being part of those again and again. The fan girl in me wanted to see more of him on TV, but I can understand how mind numbing it would be for intelligent folks out there. Its heartening to see FK and OKB wait for the right and interesting stuff and not fall prey to the TV trash. I heard OKB talk so passionately about the different genres waiting to be explored. Hope he finds enough backing to bring a refreshing change to the TV scene.


    • Hey Rads . Good to see you here !! Well please dont give up on Pakistani dramas , just like anything else there is an elite few and then there is a mediocre , crowd pleaser level and then there are the dregs.
      I am not sure what happened but I think it has a lot to do with the Pakistani film industry cannibalizing all the best writers , directors and artists .. or maybe its just a drive to get a lot of quick cash out of advertisers to then turn around and make a movie . HUM TV is in competition with ARY digital which has a game show which literally gives aways cars, motorbikes etc and it has been taking away the ratings so maybe HUM TV got desperate ..?
      This is NOT the Norm . If anything Pakistani dramas are sometimes a little too black and white about who is god and who is bad . it is shocking because this is not normally something we see on our screens , as I said its usually saas /Bahu , ghar kay problems , second wives and husbands who love another kind of stuff .I am just hoping if we can make enough noise about it they will stop .
      I actually felt so bad for the poor girl , first she is scared witless by the goondas scouting her house , Then Adeel takes advantage of her . What killed me was the way Rana accused her and not her husband . If we want to talk about religion , there is no such thing as protecting your husband’s faults in Islam. Personally I think religion should not be overtly emphasized in a drama at all and I call Baloney on that pronouncement of not being able to have male friends in Islam . Yes Islam asks you to keep to your limits just like every other religion but there is no specific commandment so anyone making one up should be very wary of blasphemy.
      You know I almost miss all those BAD husbands we see on our screen , yes they are awful but none of them were rapists .
      Rads you must have seen this stuff in old Bollywood movies , where the hero harasses the heroine till she says yes ? I am hoping writers take notice and start writing something better for us .As for Adeel I am sorry I wont accept evolutionary psychology as an excuse . Yes there migh have been a tiny gap fro some grey area IF , IF , IF and only if that woman had invited Adeel in or even hinted at flirting with him but actually it was made quite clear that she didn’t , infact she kept repeating the word NO . What is the point of education or any values if no one is held accountable ?
      Watch out for MannMayal and Preet Na karyo Koi is really good quality .


      • woohoo we are online almost at the same time. Yes I am looking forward to mannmayal purely for Maya Ali and Haseeb Haasan. PNKK – your reviews are so tempting. May be I will quickly do a watch of the back episodes and catch on. I am so glad bollywood movies of the 80 and early 90s are done with and things are looking up. And what a horrible time that was, when every other movie would have a nag of a hero without an iota of self respect or decency stalking girls endlessly and being an idiot.

        I can see stronger female characters getting written these days – Kahani, NH7, Piku, Gulaab Gang, Tanu weds Manu series, Saat khoon maaf, guru, raavan, the recent masaan, and all things Tabu, a sweet movie called How old are you (in a regional language) are just some examples. Even in smaller movies, women are giving it back to the guys or at least the plot lines are getting different. I dont see all that much stalking these days. But I have grown up seeing plenty of that in real life- in college, around us, everywhere. No girl likes that. But to see that in a two hour movie (which we know is fiction) is far less affecting than a 25-26 hour drama which bats very close to reality. And I would be very sad to see if the pakistani writers want to follow a bad phase in Indian movies for the sake of TRPs.

        You know even inside india, the regional language movies do such a fantastic job creating different genres of movies and writing beautiful slice of life scripts – I watch movies in 5 languages- believe me, Bollywood isnt a quarter of what indian movies are in general. There are glorious musicals, comedies, courtroom dramas, thrillers and absolutely wacky Woody Allenesque stuff being made many different languages. Its a pity that many of these masterpieces go unappreciated because of the language barrier. And some of them do get remade in Hindi but the soul of the movie gets lost in translation, literally 🙂

        Sometimes, i want to go back in time to the 70s where we saw beautiful Hrishikesh Mukherjee movies like golmaal, chupke chupke, abhimaan, Mili etc. I do understand the predicament of the movie industry in Pakistan in general. Its fledgling after the rebirth, and is ready to take off in all directions – but will it be sustainable? I read a widely shared article in Dawn I think which discussed the business of movie making – it still has a way to go before studios/production houses get established, distribution gets organized – will take some time I guess. 🙂 But all these notwithstanding everyone should just strive to do what Baba Ranchoddas said in 3 iditos- Kaabil bano kamyaabi jhak maarke peeche aayegi…:)

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        • Yes I know India has a beautiful , wide spectrum of movie making . Asl main due to politics and the use of religion as a weapon . Pakistan is behind technically but they will get there insh . You are right , the era of silly women as victims, paragons etc has definitely gone from Bollywood and actually I am horribly worried that Pakistani movies wont be taken up with this awful image . So far I am happy but not ecstatic , with the female roles so far . I wrote comment on this blog about Ho Mann Jaha n .. I just wish the female protagonist had been given more depth . The ingredients were there but maybe they were afraid of the audiences reaction ? Having said that look at Kashaf , she is a hugely popular character even if she annoyed the heck out of me . Actually waiting for Sanam saeed’s new Movie Bachana . I had the good fortune to interview the director so watch this space .
          Are there any regional language movies we are missing , please let me know …Esp if they are Punjabi 🙂


  4. I think Momina Duraid was so impressed by her jethani’s masterpiece Sangat that she ordered her production house to make a charba. These women in important positions have the responsibility of contributing to the society esp women, n not fall for the trend of getting higher trps.


    • Hello Bina and welcome to Sadafsays… It is really disheartening to see this kind of regressive and dangerous material on air . Surely Moina Duraid is a well educated , decent person and she must understand that this damages the whole culture of a nation . If it were being ignored I wouldn’t mind so much but it is getting huge TRPs apparently … unless that is a manipulation too ?


  5. I agree 100% with you Sadaf. I have boycotted Dramas after DED ended. I am following reviews though. I hope Hum TV is reading those reviews and do something about it but sadly TRPs are not generated by people like us and the most idiotic audience is still liking these type of dramas. I don’t believe that housewives are liking this crap because my mother and some other relatives are housewives and are hating this so I am not sure who are the audience. Hum TV is changing mindset of women to become a doormat and let anyone do anything with them. Sadly, this is now done by a channel running by Strong Women who themselves are not doormat in any case.


    • You are right I am a housewife and I am shocked and disgusted by this . What worries me is that young girls are fascinated with this drama and think that Adeel’s behavior is acceptable . Why is MS Moral Majority Gul e Rana even staying in the same house as Adeel after what happened . She wants a way out so what better tareeka than to tell her taya what his son is ? Rapists get away with their acts because we women excuse them , I have heard so many people say Mard tho aisey hee hotay hain … hotay hain tho jootay tho kamsey kam marro instead of blaming the Victim


  6. I am horrified just reading about this- let alone watching this crappy scenario. Hum TV (and the ladies running it) are hitting a new low. Even DeD had that strange rape-like situation where Sohaib forced himself onto his wife. I don’t agree with the explanations given later by the writer. It sure looked disgusting.


    • Yes that was a horrible scenario and I can only repeat what Farhat Ishtiaq said, that her heroes are never like that . Perhaps that was more about how it was picturised but at this point I dont feel in the mood to keep giving the benfit of the doubt any more . hadd hogaee hai . Talking of DeD that Faraa Wali Kidnap was completely Uneccessary . I wont say it was about rape thank God but it could so easily have been .


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