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Mujhay Kuch Kehna Hai .. a few thoughts


Mujhay Kuch Kehna Hai 

This drama has been a complete pleasure to watch . Yes, its the usual dusri bivi plot that I totally hate but it is a testament to how well this whole thing has been made that I hang on for each episode to see what will happen next . I always have a lot of complaints about Geo , A&B productions  in particular ,so where I can praise them I will. This is not the typical story which sustains Geo in happy mediocrity. This is a well directed , well acted and well plotted serial with an admittedly cliched plot . The devil , they say ,is in the details . The characterisations , are  natural and relatable and while I may not agree with what the protagonist’s decisions or actions they all make sense .

Shazma played by the absolutely brilliant and beautiful Sabreen Hasbani, is a subdued housewife who has had all her hopes , dreams or any sense of individuality crushed out of her by her husband Moazam( Shahood Alvi) and his family . Its not they are unusually cruel or that they burn her with ciggarettes every day , in fact its worse . Moazam and his family are basically incredibly self absorbed and  have just gotten used to treating Shazma as a non entity. Part of the blame also lies with Shazma who , deep inside herself probably realised Moazam would never love her so made herself a complete door mat in order to hang on to the relationship . Moazam is a fairly wealthy man and attracts the attention of a Seemab(Meera Sethi), whom he falls in love with and takes as a second wife .

Moazam and Seemab are easily the villains of the piece but the writing is so nuanced , that despite Seemab’s machinations ,at times I almost felt sorry for her . She is a very insecure individual , who cannot seem to find peace anywhere . Similarly I want to hate Moazam but although he doesn’t love Shazama he does respect her and tries his best to fulfill his responsibilities , particularly towards his daughters. Neither are really good people  , in fact they are quite selfish but the sense of suffocation and irritation Moazam feels for Shazma is just as real as the misery  and lack of fulfillment Shazma lives in .  Mira Sethi has given a knockout performance , underplaying the villainy and giving a rather sad portrait of a girl -woman who cannot see anything beyond herself . Shahood Alvi has always been an good actor and here he has excelled as both actor and director .

Another standout in the serial is the young actor playing Naveed , who brings a lot of energy to the serial despite his strange hairstyle . I really like how the writer has wound each plot point so feasibly around the characters. Naveed is a catalyst for change in Shazma’s life; for good and for bad . He helps her get a job but he also allows Seemab to manipulate the situation against Shazma . Another thing I really enjoyed was the relationship between Seemab and her more self aware sister  played by Faiza Gilani .  Seemab’s Appi is a little greedy and selfish but still human and after awhile even she begins to see there are limits to everything .  Sometimes Seemab’s interactions with her sister were so subtly funny that I could not help smiling .This is balanced approach is what has made this serial so watchable .



  1. Thanks for mentioning this drama, Sadaf. I watched Dooriyan and really liked it. The narrative was very intriguing and kept me hooked. I’ll definitely try to catch up on this one and let you know what I think. I started watching Pardes but that’s pretty lame.


  2. I’m hooked to this play! Didn’t know Shahood Alvi had directed it too? wah!
    Enjoying the v real characters, not caricatures as r usually depicted in dramas.


    • Yes it’s was a surprise to me too . I love the characterization , Seemab’s older sister is the funniest ! She blurts out stuff and gets Seemab’s into trouble . I hate those dramas where the villains are some how invincible and can do anything . Seemab only succeeds so far , now she is becoming her own worst enemy . Another thing I like is that Moazam never really loved Shazma and that is ultimately why they separated .He actually does love Seemab and is trying to make things work just like Shazma tried all those years


      • You’re so right about the villains being invincible (till the last ep) in most shows, but not in this drama. It does give some relief, knowing that Seemab is also suffering along with the good people.
        The sis is classic. She actualy gives seemab good advice but majaal hai ke seemab koi advice follow karay.


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