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Mann Mayal Episode 3 Review


A very raw, emotional episode, almost too painful to watch, mostly carried by Maya Ali who seems to be the emerging star of this show. Maya Ali has been in any number of drama serials but I have not seen her perform this well since Aik Naeey Cinderella. If we consider her performance as Zulekha in Mera Naam Yusuf and Zara  in AunnZara she is looking more and more like an actress who takes her craft seriously .She is  delivering consistent, quality performances every audience can appreciate rather than just being the” go too” pretty face for every other drama .  Brava Maya!

Episode 2 ended with a teaser of Salahuddin standing outside his house and blandly reassuring a desperate Mannu that he would never leave her which is totally missing from the actual episode. In the teaser Salahuddin seems remarkably relaxed and laughs at Mannu , whereas the episode shows a more guarded , Salahuddin telling her about leaving for Karachi . If I remember correctly the promo department used to screw up Dayar e Dil too … please someone fire someone, they are totally incompetent.

Complaints about teasers aside this was a much better episode than last week. Though it hasn’t quite reached climbed back to the giddy heights of the dhamakeydar first episode, it was still great to watch. Mannu’s father sees Mannu and Salahuddin together and realizes that his daughter is in love. However unlike the conventional zalim samaj, he and at least some of his family members take a very normal, human perspective of the whole matter. I really like how Samira Fazal has written this part. While her parents are upset, and like all trusting parents they feel more than a little betrayed they aren’t illogical. After the initial shock, Manu’s father decides to allow Salahuddin and Mannu’s marriage; even her Chacha and Chachi see the sense of it. There is a strong sense that although they are all unhappy about Mannu’s choice, they don’t want to hurt Mannu in any way .

One of Mannu’s Chachis looks to be the villain of the piece. She is very much against Mannu marrying Salahuddin and is literally wrestling with Mannu to stop her leaving the house. I really felt like sitting this woman to one side and asking her to take a tranquillizer. This woman has some kind of special magic which she uses to keep her married daughter separated from her husband. The mystery of Sara Baji continues…… One question ; if Sara Baji really was happy with her husband, why doesn’t she just pick up her bag and go back to him?

Well today’s episode might well be renamed Faint heart never won fair lady. Salahuddin and family do manage to get to Mannu’s house but ultimately are too worried about rejection to even ask for her hand. Admittedly Mannu’s father looked very daunting and severe but Salahuddin and Mannu are going to pay dearly for this act of cowardice. Mannu is braver and runs after Salahuddin only to be locked out of their house. None of this made sense to me ,but ok this isn’t my story it’s Samira Fazal’s story. I have to say I miss Afzal, he wasn’t half as good a person as Salahuddin but he was a brave man and to quote Appi of Ullu Baray Frukht Nahi  ( thank you Amna Mufti !)“ Kay baar Mard hon hee bari baat hote hai” .

Apart from the above plot point , as usual Samira Fazal had her characters well in hand and moved the action along at a fast pace . Hamza was good to the point of blandness; I still cannot see that Salahuddin was particularly happy or upset. Hamza is a fantastic actor and perhaps my expectations are too high of him but I want to see that sincerity and depth we saw in Pyarey Afzal. The potential is there, just a cursory glance at episode one is all the proof required. As I said in the first paragraph, Maya Ali is the star of this show. She was incredibly moving in some scenes and Thank you Haseeb Hassan for giving all those perfect shots of her. All the intimacy I complained was missing in other serials is now there. Mann Mayal is really developing into a great serial, and has the audience well in its grip. Haseeb Hassan has given us another well-crafted episode and so long as Hamza picks up pace this looks like another popular serial for HUM TV .

Sadaf Haider




  1. Sadaf, you said it- I miss Afzal too. I can’t shake the feeling that HAA is still living under Afzal’s shadow. What happens next is seriously worrying me. Going by the promos, there are more romantic moments coming up. I would hate to see Salahuddin try to soften the blow. Doesn’t he realize that by stringing Manahil along he will only make it worse? I’m also very, very afraid that this drama will start spiralling downwards in true SF style. I haven’t recovered from the Shukk letdown yet…


  2. woohoo first (or second) to comment! If you think I am stalking your blog, you are thinking right, ha ha.

    On point review, as usual. I see you are a seasoned drama fan and are ready to look at the positive side of this. I, for one was terribly disappointed with the way things transpired and the way they are going to go. What a W.U.S.S that Salahuddin turned out to be. It didn’t take him a night to realize that the girl whose hand he held multiple times and promised his faith and commitment is but a star in a faraway land? What kinda crappy rationalization is that? And the onus is on the girl to convince her parents, his parents, and him as well? Bravo! Chivalry and accountability ki aisi ki taisi. And HAA went about the same scowling face/Frodo face routine with fine timing. It was very , ummm, interesting to see ppl go gaga over his acting skills. Instead of a man intensely in love, he looked like a disinterested by-stander in the whole piece. And the darwaza, and the seemingly intense conversations that only they could hear – LAME!!! I dont know how anyone can trust this man again all noble intentions notwithstanding. Complete let down by the writer. And to think that there is going to be a husband who could doubt/torture/taunt Mannu, her dad will be no more, chachi will rule the household and suddenly Ustadji will turn the knight in shining armor? *blowing raspberries*. Isnt HAA pitted against Fawad Khan in a movie to come? Kacha chaba jaayega Fawad Khan isko. #FKsabkabaaphai

    This episode should have been edited a little tighter. The chachi chacha Mannu’s dad bits and the conversation about what Mannu should or should not do were really grating on my nerves and they were stretched so long. Joint family is all fine and dandy. But isnt the primary responsibility with her parents? And the mother ? (read this as the Bingley sisters would say in Pride & Prejudice). I am increasingly annoyed with idiot women passed off as moms- Gul E rana, Sangat, and this ? Who needs an evil Saas when they have moms like these? And why aren’t women told be independent? Get an education? I would have welcomed the turn of events if Mannu’s dad, mom or Salahuddin told Mannu to get her act straight, study hard and define her personality rather than resign to marital abyss. But it looks like the joke is on the viewers. I dont know, Sadaf, thora derail hogaya momentum. I have to whip myself up to see this drama progressing anywhere I would like to see.

    But, Maya!!! OMG! The entire episode was hers from the word go. Its so hard to believe that she was the one who cried buckets and didnt cut a pretty picture doing that in DeD
    (but the last episode is above and beyond everything)! she has now mastered the art of crying beautifully on screen!!! What a fantastic performance this was. I was zapped to see her completely in control of her enunciation and the little movements and expressions on her face. Be it the child seeking her dad’s approval with all her right, the beautiful mix of half smile, expectation, relief while she rushed to Salahuddin’s house and the betrayal and disappointment – oh man she was fabulous. What a pity its all going to be wasted on a hackneyed story line. I will strictly watch this play only for Maya from now on.

    Out of all the things that were similar to Pyaray Afzal and DeD and other serials, the missing promo/teaser bits were also similar to how the team screwed it up with DeD. Here’s an idea for HUM tv to run a promotional campaign – they can ask their viewers to collect the pieces from the promos that go missing in the original episode and string together a story. What are these guys up to, really?Does the director have no say at all? And the hair pieces- Maya’s hair extensions were awful. Yaar thoda paisa spend karlo kuch nahi hota:- |


    • Rads you are hilarious and a welcome stalker !!! . Yes I am a seasoned Drama fan and I kow sSamira Fazal’s style by now … waiting for the traditional mid serial twist samira throws in that turns the whole story upside down … ( watch out for that guys) . Ok apart from being a ” seasoned Drama Watcher ” I am also a big observer of life and despite talking nine to the dozen I do listen now and then … and people like Salahuddin make idiot mistakes like this in life . Thing is people like Afzal have the big redeeming quality of Being brave , however education and to some extent an overdose of sharafat makes a lot of people not only exactly cowards but second guessers . I totally agree with you I am MAD as hell at salahuddin and he wouldnt be my idea od an inspirational hero .. he aint Wali .. so Salahuddin will pay the price in misery and pain for this one act . Sadly so will Mannu . This is arranged marriag land where the weirdest rishta’s happen becuase “log kiya kahein gey ”
      As to Hamza and Fawad , hmm it could happen becuase fawad has this incredibly mobile face and gives a lot of nuance in his expressions . I have to agree Hamza has held on to two or three expressions , but please I felt he gave a smash hit performance in PA .. I cannot fathom what happened here . I have a feeling Hamza just doesnt nderstand a person like Salahuddin , I really hope he grows into this role .
      Totally with you on Maya and what I love is that she took everyone’s criticism and instead of getting angry she took it constructively and boy look at her now . Seriously she was brilliant this week ! OH My God why am I so blind ? I kept thinking what the hell is wrong with her hair lately those were extentions … slaps for head .. ok prize for best extentions must be for Sajal Ali then .. she looks fabulous in GER .


      • my point about Fawad Khan – latest exhibit – the Kapoor and sons trailer. How awesome is he in that? that swag and those eyes !!! and no, i am not a 20 something fangirl…this is serious appreciation. 🙂


        • Believe me I am not twenty something BUT damn right I am a fan girl especially of Fawad . I loved loved the trailer . It is abit anglicised but we knew that when the name KJO appeared ! I like this family they seem very real , very honest .. .Have you noticed the screen chemistry between the entire cast ? amazing they look real . Or Fawad tho bas qayamat . I like Supriya Patak she is a fabulous actress and Sidharth seems improved too mmmm unmissable …Yes those eyes .. yeh ankhein deykh kar hum sari dunya bhool jaatey hain 😉


          • I love the easy cool vibe the movie seems to have. Siddharth is the weakest link. FK doesnt even have to try to over shadow Sid – apne aap ho jaayega. ha ha ha! Ratna Pathak is a firecracker ( Supriya is her older sister – remember the rather plump aunty in that Nagada dhol song in Ramleela – thats Supriya) . Rajat and Rishi Kapoor are all awesome performers. But I’ m MOST interested in FK’s role. Looks very very interesting, if you know what i mean. 🙂


    • Ok so have given up on this drama, but Rads, I do agree that HAA and his three expressions are not cutting it. He is really having trouble with this character. He has some acting chops – watch him in a very different look and role in Main hoon Shahid Afridi. He was pretty good there and with PA it was the writing that had a LOT to do with it and also the fact that he was a fresh face then….


      • I really want to see HAA slide into the role a little smoothly. Somehow I find him a bit stiff physically, and with either a pained or – sort of an indulgent uncle wala face towards his lady love all.the.time. Genuinely his face doesn’t soften even for a second. I agree love is part responsibility but the other part is passion, isnt it? Somehow I find that missing. People in love should show some vulnerability, some raw emotion – no sir. The might SD is above and beyond everything. We see only a man weighed down by his tough situation. I cant imagine how we can sympathize with him when he stares/scowls /broods later – after the drama is over between him and Mannu. May be its the briefing the director gave him. Or may be its his own interpretation. The viewers know that SD has a huge burden on his shoulder, but do you have to be carrying that 24/7? Its like all your music playlists are exclusively Mukesh songs. No doubt Mukesh is awesome. But can you listen to him for two hours straight? I believe the greater blame is on the writer and director.

        But this guy is a veteran, and he comes from theater, if I am not mistaken? I haven’t seen much nuance for someone with that background. I will point you to two places to tell you what I mean – One OKB moment – A newly married Aunn and Zara come home after the wedding and are going through fun and games – the entire family is rooting for Aunn and Zara’s face is fallen – in a flash we can see the Aunn swag gone and the man child feels bad for his wife despite not knowing her all that much or loving her yet, quietly hands Zara the ring inside the bowl of milk. That very moment you start liking Aunn and dont hate him even when he does all kinds of idiot things later. I was surprised to see how equally good OKB was in the emotional as well as comic moments in AZ.

        And the master Fawad Khan – out of the many many wonderfully performed scenes of him on the phone with various people throughout ZGH – the last one when Kashaf tells him on the phone about the girl babies – from straight on indifference, and then relief – there is a micro second of happiness on his face and eyes before he says ‘Aajao’. I honestly think it will take HAA a while to get there. 🙂 Maaf kardo..thora zyada hogaya, nahi? 🙂 after all the brouhaha about Mann Mayal and HAA, i just revisited Humsafar and ZGH this last week to stay assured that FK is a different class. And yes he is 🙂


        • Isorry for a late reply . I totally agree and have incorporated your point into my review of episode 4 . We need something to latch on to . There is nothing in Salahuddin I can find . Aunn was immature but really I cannot remeber him actually letting Zara down . He was Man enough to let her win . You dont have to empathise or like the protagonist but there must be some hook


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