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Mann Mayal episode 4 review

Episode 4 and I can safely say that I cannot stand Salahuddin . I know there are a million Hamza fans out there who will be trying to ” understand” this character but sometimes it just is what it is and no real understanding required.  Salahuddin is just not that into Mannu . Like a lot of ” Good Boys” he is incredibly practical . Despite the entire cast and the spot boy literally begging him to marry Mannu he says thanks ,but no thanks .Again  I found Hamza’s performance  patchy this week . There were a few good moments , and Damn the man has the most beautiful eyes  and eyelashes  !I Could KILL for but , but, but kiya karna aisey ankho ka jo wafa na samjhein , Mannu ki mohabat na samjhei ??? Either Hamza is a genius and playing it this cool because Salahuddin is basically just not that into beychari Mannu or he is just bored as hell … I am sorry I cannot tell . any skills  of interpretation of deep , contemplating glances and expressions, have literally been burnt out of me during my  agonized revoiews  of Ashk and the debacle which was NUMM . I think I am going to give Hamza The Benefit of the doubt because away from Mannu he actually does a decent job . we shall watch , wait and see … but not that hopeful.

So another week another maelstrom of emotions for poor Mannu . Maya Ali  is again  the absolute star of the show . I just watched her HSY interview in which she complained about lowly members of the fourth estate or “critics” like me  …(spits in the sand to clean her mouth ).  “Main acting kaha Sey laaoon?” she wailed .. well she seems to have found the address alright . Maya Ali gave another superb ,stand out performance , her scenes with her father , the absolutely en point scene  at Salahuddin’s house were a pleasure to watch . Another pleasant surprise was the return of  “Gohar Rasheed the excellent actor” as opposed to” Gohar Rasheed the fed up star” of certain dramas . Was it me or do Gohar and Maya have way more screen chemistry than Maya and Hamza ?

The story so far is dishearening . Salahuddin wont open the door for Mannu , infact he wont do anything for Mannu . I think Samira Fazal’s story has a lot of nuance and some good characterisation but I need something , in the hero to latch on to and right now cannot find it . This isnt the conventional thwarted love story , the only Zalim samaj is Salahuddin’s ego and lack of conviction not only in himself but in his love . Mannu is much stronger , just like Parro , she is angry at Devdas and willing to harm herself to hurt him . Mannu agrees to see the “only rishta left in the universe” AKA Gohar Rasheed , and then manages to persuade him to take her to see Salahuddin . i had really expected some ehsaas , some feeling from Salahuddin but there was none . While that conversation was a life and death mmoment for both Mikaal and Mannu ( played with studied brilliance by Gohhar rasheed and Maya Ali ) it was water off a ducks back for Salahuddin … Sigh ..Mannu girl , you deserve better , much better . Salahuddin should change his name , the brave hero  who conquered Constantinople would be turning in his grave . Zeher lag raha tha Salahuddin , Mikaal ki khushamat kartey huwey .

Another knock out performance from Beaa , whom I apologize, but I seem to forget to mention at times  . Aiman Khan is doing an excellent job and seems a lot more serious and concerned about the situation than Salahuddin .

On the whole this episode was excellent . It explained Salahuddin’s ambivalence and cemented the painful path that lies ahead for everyone . Mikaal is intelligent enough and reasonable enough to reject Mannu ‘s rishta at her request . Similarly Mannu ‘s father makes a good offer to Salahuddin so the villain of the piece is Salahuddin , and from the ost he is going to be very sorry .



  1. Sadaf,

    Your review is really good and much better than the actual drama. I think I am the only one that is not “feeling” for the drama like the others. For one, I see no chemistry between the lead pair and second, they are not making me weep for them. I have cried some tears for Afzal and Faraa, but my eyes are all dry now. I struggled through the fourth episode. Not sure what was lacking more; dialogues, direction or something else. The talk between Mannu’s dad and Hamza was pointless since it seems to me that they had a long history, however, we were not shown the background. Mannu’s conversation with Gohar also pointed out that there is more to the relationship between her and Hamza that was shown to us. Why a chachi has so much say in all the affairs of the household, who is stopping sara baji from running away to her husband or call him to come get her. I don’t think that I would be coming back to it any more unless the story takes a turn 😦 I will keep reading your reviews though.



    • Thanks for reading Ruma , its great to hear from you ! As I said in the review Maya was fanatastic and I actually cried for her and her humiliation at Salahuddin’s hands .


  2. A much better episode than the previous ones – agree with you sadaf that maya has really taken diyare-dil feedback seriously and worked on it. Her crying is def more tolerable now. Story-wise, this is turning out into a classical SF script where very little makes sense about the characters. Acting is top notch but what’s the use when the writing is so bad? And no one else in the team spotted these inconsistencies? Characters say one thing; do another thing; and then contradict themselves a few scenes down the line. Even mannu has forgotten her condition to get sara baji sent to her house – agar shaadi unn kay liay kar rahi thi tou itna saara SD wala drama karnay ki, mikail ko wahan lay janay ki, aur ussay mana karnay ki kiya zaroorat thi? I keep thinking these little “nuggets” were added in the script to make it more dramatic and “thrilling”.


    • Sigh I dont knw sara and at this point refuse to sarr Khappao as to his guilty … this is what I mean when I say in reviews that the homework has been done for us … when director , writer and actor are all on the same page .
      BTW this serial is still being shot so maybe they just didnt have enough time to conceptualise this script . Again I admit to bias and give SF the benefit of the doubt . she has written some of the best serials I have seen and although I may not like every ending or twist ( Shukk ….gaaaahhhhh !!!) they are all plausible.


      • SF gave us the best serials only when she had the story in front of her – namely, adaptations. Dastaan, Mera Naseeb, Nur Pur Ki Rani were all adaptations and I think she should stick to that. Her original scripts almost always go haywire from Sanjha to Kuch Pyar Ka Pagalpan to Aitraaz to Alvida. It’s like the story starts on one track and ends on a completely different one. There are so many novels out there – surely she can find something suitable to adapt. I think Mann Mayal’s shoot is over cuz Hamza and Gohar are in Dubai for PSL, Aisha is shooting for another serial, and Maya is in Thailand for Maria B shoot.


        • Sarah, you’re right about SF’s scripts going haywire, after starting v well. Let’s see what happens this time.
          Sadaf, I don’t think you’re over analyzing. Something was amiss. HAA isn’t a fantastic actor but with some other directors (and when he puts his heart to it, instead of only taking selfies behind the scenes) he can do better.


          • Hamza May not be Lawrence Olivier but he can do better than this for sure . perhaps ythe director was intimidated ? Hamza seems overpowering, which has worked to his own detriment . There is a reason the job of Director exhists … actors need direction otherwise production companies could just hand out a script and get the work done .


  3. “away from Mannu he actually does a decent job”… This is what’s bothering most of us- these two together just don’t seem to click! Another wonderful review, Sadaf. I completely agree zehar lagraha tha Salahuddin, Meekael Ki khushamat kartey huwey…


  4. I read this review a lot of times, Sadaf. For two reasons – you write it so well, and because I didn’t know what to make of this episode. it looked like the writer/dialog writer and director have completely lost the plot. SD party hai ya broker ? First Mannu, then Meekail, and then Mannu’s dad. Yaar koi to dignity check mein rakein. If SD is THE only right guy for Mannu why dont you get her married off to him? Whats this using him as some reference point? what kind of dad asks a neighbor’s son to go check the candidacy of his daamad. Ghaas charne gayee hai akal sabki. On one hand SD says a relationship shouldn’t be based on money but what is he chasing? To use a pop culture reference, ‘tum karo to ras leela hum karen to character dheela?’

    Whats with the Yash Chopra moviesque grandstanding of the sacrificing hero vs. the perplexed, yet perceptive new guy in the scene? I was half expecting HAA to go ‘yeh mohabbat bahut kambhakt cheez hoti hai Vijay saab, badi himmat chahiye hoti hai ..humne dard dil se uthaya hai’ etc, a la Amitabh Bacchhan in Kabhi Kabhie ( minus the gravitas, of course). And HAA playing SD completely like Mannu’s older brother (“chalo utho Mannu,der ho jaayegi” et all. Really? ha ha ha) helped the awkward scene get even more awkward. I think the casting isn’t great yaar. May be HAA is great for the later half of the story, but as a young guy, something doesn’t sit right somewhere. But Gohar Rasheed was effortlessly charming and very good to watch. His character looks most promising to me right now.

    Maya Ali was the best in this episode as well. I really hope she chooses intelligent stories and tries her had at other roles in the future. After I read your review last night, I looked up and watched the HSY episode with Maya and OKB. My respect for Maya went up several notches. To overcome a conservative family background, zero support or god fathers in the industry, and a speech issue, to shine as an actor is no easy task. And she was so straight forward and sweet about it all. Love her even more now. (In fact both OKB and her were very good conversationalists in their own way).


    • Hey Rads what would my life be without your wonderful comments . And totally agree .. That three way conversation was such an old Bollywood cliche but could have had a lot of meaning if Hamza had woken up . The way he was laughing and faking it was so annoying .Mikaal had those skeletal , bare lines and yet Gohar brought so much nuance to them . As to Maya I too am really impressed with her performance . I interviewed her on skype a few months back for that end of Dayar e Dil article and she said she doesn’t mind constructive criticism . She took those lemons and worked out those kinks in her performance and look at her basking in the glory now 🙂
      There should have been a slight hint of pathos a little strain of whist fullness at least in the over affable Salahuddin . You can be clown masking your teasrs but I guess that requires acting ?
      BTW have you seen the promos for Mor Mahal ?


  5. Thanks Sadaf, enjoyed the review!
    Mannu sure is gutsy- taking Mikail to meet Salahuddin. I mean she could have just told M not to marry her- why go through all this drama? That scene was mazaydar though. Gohar Rasheed was superb in it 🙂
    Another thing- why did M’s father continue taking advice from S, knowing that S likes his daughter?Kuch samajh nahin aaya.


    • I agree and I dont like the way Mannu is like a pwan , to be shoved over to the next person in line . What kind of an Ashiq is Salahuddin that he is quite cheerful about Mannu marrying someone lese ? oops , ok let’s all move along now kind of attitude ?


  6. Absolutely correct Gohar maya have a better chemistry….atleast they have the Chemistry b/w them, unlike hamza maya…i was right about them rite from beginning..These two have Complete Zero chemistry.
    Mannu deserves better than coward Sd. Sd’s character have no elements that make him equal to likes of Asher, Zaroon, Wali…
    Oh and yes Gohar was Star of the show. his expressions were on point..Maya is indeed Awsome as maanu


    • Good to hear from you Nimra and totally agree Gohar and Maya stole the show . Just look at that amazing scene between the three of them at SD house . I think Samira fazal wrote a fabulous conversation piece . Gohar was fantastic so was maya and Hamza was just out of his depth . This was such a pivotol moment and it was as if SD had no stake in the race . He is no victim , he is just laughing . He showed more emotion when Mannu’s dad offered him money .. ” yeh meri tauheen hai ” yeah right then get up and move away instead of sitting there and agreeing to help marry Mannu off .. what was that ???


      • That is the thing…many things dont make sense..
        at one hand Sd said to her dad that she cant marry the guy on basis of financial status only….then what the hell is he doing??? he left her bcz of his poverty..even when she said she need 2 waqt ki rooti still he asked her to leave and was congratulating mikael and her.
        Sd makes no sense..he is such a dissappointment.


        • This serial is getting sky high ratings and I have had people telling me hey dont worry you are over analysing etc etc adnauseam . My reply is teither the actor or the director or the writer has done something wrong when a character confuses the hell out of a significant proportion of the audience . Maybe as a writer I am biased ..but I dont think Samira fazal is at fault . I am not sure if Haseeb Hassan was giving Hamza the kind of strong direction he needed . this is all wild guessing but Hamza was really phoning it in during the threeway conversation . That was an incredibly important juncture of the story and here we all are scartching our heads .. BtW anyone who has watched Pyaray afzal knows that Hamza can do pathos , he can do it all when he is in the mood .


  7. Wonderful analysis, Sadaf. Thank you.

    You’re right, there is zero chemistry between Hamza & Maya & also Salahuddin & Mannu.
    SA doesn’t love Mannu as much as she thinks he does, or what the writer-director are trying to show us, it’s not working.

    So far it’s okay. These past two episodes were better than the first two, so I hope it keeps improving.


    • IThanks for reading Mona ! well I am reading all the excuses people are making for Salahuddin and quite frankly this is natural some people adore Hamza but he is just letting Salahudin’s character down .


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