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MannMayal Review episode 5


Four out of five Mann Mayal episodes would make sense if  I hadn’t seen episode 2 . I have been trying to understand Salahuddin’s attitude and it only makes sense if this whole true love nonsense is put to one side . Mannu is the one in love , truly ,deeply, madly as first love is . Its not a crush for her , its not an infatuation but that is about the level of feeling Salahuddin has for her . Sorry Mannu , Salahuddin is just not that into you .  Salahuddin may like Mannu , he may even feel really attracted to her but it really doesn’t go beyond anything superficial , which is why he is quite willing to negotiate her away to Mikaal . he happily discusses her adjusting to married life with Mikaal  and even his invite on the day of her mehendi/mayoon has the air of  a trip out with a special younger cousin or sister he wants to give a final treat to .

What I found particularly disturbing was the way he invited Mikaal over to convince him to accept Mannu . it was as if they were discussing a piece of furniture . Given Mikaal’s limited interaction with Mannu , his reaction made perfect sense, and of the two he came across as the most reasonable. Gohar Rasheed had very little screen time but still managed to make an impact . At this  point I feel sorry for his character , who is for some strange reason the last rishta left in the universe and so must be duped into marrying Mannu . there are scenes in the OST which hint that Mikaal may become a negative character , even abusive .Even if I didn’t have those background suggestions , there was something a little too smooth and a little too glib about the way Mikaal accepted Salahuddin’s explanations. We shall have to wait and see , but it was nice to see that at least  one person  was taking his role seriously .. Thank you Gohar Rasheed .

I really dont know what to think about Hamza’s performance. I am just not clever enough it seems . Darn, but where are the Quantum Physicists when you need them ?? This of course begs the question , why is it that complicated ? If Hamza was a bad actor as some suggest I really wouldn’t care but he isn’t, he is a good actor . . If any proof were needed just watch the last tumultuous scenes at Mannu’s house . While Salahuddin seemed to be in a soporific haze of , “nevermind -I lost the girl” for most of this and the last few episodes , he woke up in the final ten minutes . Pity the poor audience, who were jolted awake as Mannu’s father disdainfully accused Salahuddin of being a the worst sort of coward , unworthy of ever marrying his daughter. Its always a psychological boost when a character echoes exactly what the viewers have been thinking . Apparently that was Salahuddin’s wake up call , as he threw agonised looks of barely suppressed resentment at his father . Even then I wanted to shout , Salahuddin what is stopping you now ? just say it , just stop this whole circus now instead of blaming your father .  Well that wasn’t to be so Mannu’s fate is sealed . Hamza brought a lot of energy to last few scenes and  hopefully we will see more of that in later episodes ?

This week was a much faster episode and despite one of  the lead protagonist’s lack of interest still a good watch . Maya Ali has made leaps and bounds as an actress . this week she was simply brilliant  again . My favorite scenes had to be the stolen moments with Salahuddin , while the he looks on as an indulgent older brother humoring a love struck child , Maya played every moment with depth and sincerity ..I loved the beautiful cinematography in this episode which combined with Maya’s styling brought a wonderful dreamlike quality to her scenes with Salahuddin . This was a better episode than last week  but I wish the writer had given Salahuddin some dialogue , some blunt instrument to explain what is going on in that handsome head of his …









  1. Salam! Interesting comments are a treat & So does ur Review! First of all, Writing is really bad & I mean it. Few scenes r good but the rest of it ahh… This installment left a bad taste in my mouth. As SF said its a stry of a man who loved a women bt 5 eps r down the man BSB is not showing instead its looking like a stry of women who loves a MAN! BSB saves the heroine in typical hero style bt then becomes a bara Bhai “Marna Mut Mannu Ko”. I know Hamza is a good actor bt he is not at all emoting the right emotions & na maarney waali baat was a result of mannu’s constant talk that don’t be afraid just face it. When BSB saw his father as if blaming him I was like Dude dont blame him. BSB could hav talked to Mannu’s father when they met in garden in previous ep & would hav cnfessed his love. I think BSB right now is too ambitious fr making his career & he will realize his fault later thts may his character. Why in the world Manuu has to get married w the last man standing in this world Mikaeel. Marriage is not the solution to every problem. Hav to quote OKB we r so obsessed with marriage. Also i do feel sad fr Mannu. Also all these so intelligent ppl surrounding Mannu r unable to make her understand the right thing, logically. In previous eps it was like Mannu ne shaadi nhi kerni itni jaldi & now Go get nikkafied at any cost.I believe a True Lover is not at all weak yet he/she may hav some other flaw in himself eg is Goya etc.
    I wrote this after watching the ep,
    *Ser k taaj ko Paoun ki jooti bna ker kehte hain kch nhi hua, Haan sirf ye farq perta hai k Zinda Dil Murda Dil mein tabdeel hojata hai*


    • srry BSB stands for BUZDIL SALLU BHAI! Also im missing Yousuf of MNHY, how awsumsauce he was. He used to actually argue w his dad. Ahh not at all good writing. SF quite much failed to create tht lovestry environment as was done in Daastaan. Otherwise Maya is really good & im fine w rest of the cast except Hamza, cannot feel fr his chrcter.


    • MZ , an epic comment !! I think that we can agree on most points . Some where in all the delicate nuances the character’s motivations have become blurred


  2. ok serious question – Why if this is such junk – bad writing, sub par acting, copy-paste scenes are you all watching this?
    As an audience we keep saying we want better dramas, writing that looks beyond marriage as a be all and end all for women characters so then why feed into the “but the audience loves it mindset? See see our TRPs are rising, they are discussing us online?”

    You have a choice -change the channel, better yet put the TV off. In tearing this to shreds, isnt it better for one’s sanity not to mention more time on ones hands to just pass on this drivel? Five episodes is a fair shot, but some things such as HAA’s inability to emote – cannot be ressurected from the dead


  3. Sadaf, Good review of an episode that did not make sense to me. I had to fast fwd most of the scenes. What I find hard to understand is what is stopping SD and Mannu shaadi. Obviously, there is no family issue and both of them are shown to love each other. Why oh why, Mannu needs to get married to the first guy that comes in. And why they have to sneak out to meet. What was the writer thinking when writing that drama. I think I am done with Samira Fazal now after the pathetic Aiteraz and some of her dramas before that. Why does the director want to shoot all those useless scenes. The main issue is no chemistry b/w the pair at all. This is why I am not seem to be buying their love story at all. If they wanted to show a true love story, they could have done better. I am sick and tired of these senseless dramas now and will quit now. I am not sure how this drama is getting the ratings and most people are liking it. Maybe they are seeing something that I am unable to see 😦


    • It’s a demographic thing . There are a lot of young Hamza fans out there and they can see chemistry were we cannot . Don’t worry Ruma Mor mahal and Dillagi are two upcoming mega privets that might serve as a distraction


        • Naheeeee . Come on girl we are made of sterner stuff than that .. There are some good ones on . Try Preet Na Karyo koi on HUM , And I really like Abroo ( it is abit cheesy but at least the story and characters make sense , Bhai on Aplus and just finished watching Mujhay Kuch kehna hai . If you are a Faysal Qureshi fan like me you will love the guilty pleasure that is Bheegi Palkein and my Ab kar meri Rafugiri is shaping up nicely . dont give up . We have these fabulous writers a, actors and directors ..just keep an open mind


  4. What.the.hell. was that episode? Now I know why the production team went all about fetching endorsements and the stars were promoting it like they did . There is very little to salvage this from the depths it has already fallen to. The folks who have commented above have perfectly summed up what I think and feel about this. I will just add two major disappointments – the absolutely thanda, cliched script so early in the drama, and the internalization(or not) of this SD’s role by HAA.

    There is very little to keep the viewer engaged and root for this love(?)story. Even two bit script writers in non love stories write more intense, meaningful scenes than the ones shown here. Such wobbly writing – with SD comforting, coddling Mannu, sharing pictures (!!!) , holding hands and what not, but not man enough to ask for her hand even after he himself says ” mein le jaaoonga apney saath “. May be I am to naive to understand the yin and the yang but the whole thing falls flat on its face. Is Mannu an idiot, how big of a wuss is SD, how stupid is the SD household? And god forbid, some other woman is also on the cards – what kinda torture is that going to be.

    I know many of you (you mainly, Sadaf 🙂 ) are pained by my repeated references to HAA’s “acting”, but week after week, he reassures me that I’m right 🙂 What a wasted opportunity ! There was zero intensity, zero depth, zero emotion, and zero intelligence in interpreting the meeting with Mannu scene. If he would act only in some parts of the episode, how is the viewer supposed to know when ? Forecast dikhayengey kya? The already excellent promo department can say – HAA will act well in the last 10 minutes this week, in the next week, he will scowl throughout or whatever. And knowing the promo department, we know what will happen. It really annoyed me through out to see that he was just laughing, smiling, and processing the whole thing as though he was going through an application form or some such. And what kinda crappy exchange was that between SD and Meekail was that ? Bhayee waah, bahut progressive society hai yeh toh. The boy (bhai friend, more like) friend and the husband to be exchanging notes about how awesome Mannu is. What are they on about – ‘Mujhe to viva mein yehi sawal poocha tha- aur aap se?’

    @Sarah, really, is that what Maya says about this story ? Lovestory2016? ha ha ha


    what kind of girl is mannu?? who sneaks out a day before her wedding to spend some quality time with her lover… disobeying her family for a guy who wasn’t even enough brave to accept her..and shut the door on her face
    and How stupid is Salahuddin??? at first he tried his best to push Mannu away from him and when finally she is getting married..he comes out of nowhere. and asks her to secretly meet him so she becomes even more disheartened…from her wedding…
    Last scene was Gr8..coward Salahuddin got a reality check.
    maya hamza again proved me right..They have zero chemistry b/w them. i dont see the spark in there scenes.


    • Ha ha ha , Nimra . I Slahuddin is isnt stupid he just doesnt like Mannu that much but I think from reading the OST tea leaves he is going to be sorry . I am done trying to work out what is going on in what character’s head .. that is not our job that was Samira Fazal , Haseeb Hassan and Hamza’s job so if we cannot understand that is there failure .
      Actually I wanted to clap when Mannu’s aba shot that arrow at Salahuddin . Then to add insult to injury SD send evil looks to his father …”its your fault Dad ” err no it isnt is Salahuddin’s fault .
      Actually I think I know what kind of girl Mannu is , she is a silly teenager obsessed with a Man who hasn’t got the guts to do anything for her . and oit of a death wish she is falling into this rishta with Mikaal . Sigh it still doesnt make sense .


      • Exactly even i was thinking why is he staring His dad like that???? it is all Sd’s fault.Mannu left her home her home for him..if he was brave enough, he should have stood with her against all odds.
        Sd makes no sense to me..when finally mannu is getting married, he takes her to romantic outing, holding her hand..and all…this was actually wrong..

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  6. I feel for you Sadaf…
    This show doesn’t make sense and for that reason, it is hard to get emotionally involved with the characters.
    -Why would Mannu’s Dad take advice and help from a person who’s in love with Mannu and has this whole history?
    -Why would Sallu, who is being so proper uptil now, take Mannu away on this clandestine get-away? That to for atleast 4-5 hrs, dopahar se raat ho gayee. Did he never think of the consequences?
    -End mein suddenly he finds his guts (which have been missing all along).

    The writer – director don’t seem to have thought this through…


    • I am not sure but time for the wild guesses and conspiracy theories . As far as i knew Haseeb Hassan was shooting Sanam with Maya ali and OKB etc , then out of the blue we hear this drama is coming up . I have a feeling Hamza Bhai suddenly became available and without the usual planning or conceptualization they just grabbed the first script in the Big bin marked ” possible scripts” and ran with it . I hear they are still shooting .
      On a purely commercial level , I think Momina et al know that Hamza has a HUGE fan following and they wanted to anchor the audience in to this serial before GEO brought out Mor Mahal ( which looks AMAZING ) and ARY brought out Dillagi which is also a huge mega project..
      So far its working , while you and I scratch our heads every episode the ratings are sky high . Just saying ….


      • You must be right Sadaf- great analyzer you are! Looking fwd to those two shows.

        I am enjoying “Bhai” and “Tum Yaad Aye” nowdays. Have you seen them?


      • Let me make your conspiracy theory more – err – conspirative. Wasn’t Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar writing Tera Gham Aur Hum? So where did SF suddenly come in the picture? Is it possible that KRQ abandoned this script after beginning work on it cuz the production house or director or the star actor wanted changes he wasn’t willing to make? This would explain the botched nature of writing anyway…


        • Yes , when I interviewed KRQ he did mention the name of an upcoming drama Tera Ghum aur Hum and as far as conspiracy theories go … not bad Sarah . Exhibit A : at it’s heart this story has a very KRQ base story line , shareef lower middle class hero, willful strong minded heroine ,and of course exhibit B: you can find KRQ referencing the Tera Ghum aur hum title in the interview section of this blog .
          Yes it sounds plausible , very plausible but fair warning plausible isn’t a good enough standard of proof … we need more evidence .. hmmm
          it would explain the confusion in the plot lines I seem to recall an interview on Hip where the producer Sana Shahnawaz said “So for TGAH, I’m collaborating with Momina Duraid. Haseeb Hassan is one of the top 5 directors in Pakistan and he is directing my first drama. Khalil Ur Rehman is like family, a great advisor, and a father figure. When I told him the story he coined the name and also penned the OST of this drama. I mean what more can a debutante producer ask for?”
          So could there have been more KRQ involvement than we thought ?


          • Interesting that Sana Shahnawaz mentioned almost everybody except SF… She and MD are producers, HH is director, so is KRQ .. writer? advisor? He isn’t mentioned anywhere in the credits, is he?


          • …and speaking of conspiracy theories, any ideas why balumahi producers/marketers/whoever are making such a fool out of themselves posting pictures of crew members and getting cast photos taken down wherever they are posted? i honestly thought we’d see osman as some gangster or malang baba considering how secretive and mysterious the marketing team is being about the ‘look of the cast’. I did see one photo though and his look is very ordinary. even more hilarious was when one of the producers posted a photo of a shoot location and wouldnt tell where it was (“a secret place”). like seriously? they think people don’t know lahore and its famous tourist spots? lol


              • really? guess i’m too spoiled by the likes of janaan, chupan chupai, tum hi to ho and countless other (pakistani) films that hve a strong social media presence and a ‘the more the merrier’ policy when it comes to photos….


  7. There is something terribly off here… The knocking on the door scene should have been the final nail in the coffin for Mannu, something that convinces her to marry Mikail. It doesnt make sense that after all that dramatic drama, Salahuddin would ask her to meet him on the day of her Mayun and then show her her photos on his cellphone? Really? What the heck was that? I think the MM team (yes not just the writer but the director/producer and everyone else) wants us to think ill of neither Salahuddin nor Mannu’s family! So the end result is that most of the viewers are confused. Wouldnt it be simpler for Salahuddin’s family to ask for the rishta and then get rejected? Or for them (including Salahuddin) to NOT ask and be portrayed as villains? Or for even Mannu to be shown as having a crush which is handled sensibly instead of us being told that it’s a full blown “lovestoryof2016” (ref Maya’s hashtags). I mean, seriously, our drama makers cannot get gray shaded characters right – they come across as confused and inconsistent (confunded as per HP lingo). Right now, i cannot make a head or tail out of this mess.
    PS: Your blog layout makes my head spin 😛 Any way you can move the comment box up instead of having it below the sidebar?


    • first of all sorry about the blog layout will try to fix a few things this week . I am just not that tech saavy , even getting this blog going is a minor miracle for a person of my limited tech talents .
      As to the confusion .. I am begining to think they just put in all the izhaar ? iqrar as an afterthought .. becuase if that didn’t happen …Hamza as kind Older brother figure on whom Mannu has a crush might have worked .
      As to the villain of the piece .. be warned Samira fazal rarely has absolute villains but at at some point there has to be a mistake …. some cause and effect … A hero doesn’t always have to be heroic , nice guys make mistakes .. perhaps the producers just don’t want to rock the boat as to Hamza’s image so they softened it up ? OH DARN …I just dont care .. HUm apna Sarr kiyun Khappayy , This was the director and writer’s job and I refuse to do it for them .


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