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Mann Mayal Episode 6 Review


Six episodes down and Mann Mayal is still riding high in the ratings. This is a classic love story where differences in class and wealth become almost insurmountable walls for the main protagonists to overcome.  The lovely Manahil or Mannu (Maya Ali) is a willful but essentially naïve girl who lives in provincial Hyderabad with her large joint family . Mannu has fallen in love with Salahuddin (Hamza Ali Abbasi), her best friend Beea’s (Aiman Khan) older brother. The two families share a strong bond of friendship and Mannu’s father asks Salahuddin to tutor Mannu, both of whom soon realise they are in love. Where Mannu is brave and willing to fight for her choice, Salahuddin is cowed by his lack of wealth and position and cannot muster the courage to ask for her hand.

Piqued and deeply disappointed, Mannu accepts the first rishta that comes along in the shape of Meekal (Gohar Rasheed) a man who is superficially pleasant but has little to recommend him except his family’s wealthy background.  Mannu does her best to goad  Salahuddin into some reaction , but he is resigned to what he sees as his fate and even goes to the extent of persuading the slightly suspicious Meekal into accept Mannu as a suitable bride. The latest episode begins with Mannu’s marriage to Meekal, whose true nature turns out to be strangely unstable and impulsive. While Mannu does her best to adjust to her new life in the fast pace and bright lights of Karachi, it seems it will never be enough for Meekal.

Mann Mayal is produced by Sana Shah Nawaz a relation of Sameena Humayoon Saeed , herself a famous producer of many successful serials . In her first outing Sana has managed to set good production values .The  lighting , sets and the general styling of this story are one of this serials biggest strengths. Director Haseeb Hassan is fresh off of Dayar e Dil, his super hit collaboration with Farhat Ishtiaq. With his usual attention to detail and atmosphere he has given Mann Mayal a  soft ,intimate look in contrast to the multi layered stories and multi character sagas he usually handles with such deft ease.. The writer of Mann Mayal is Samira Fazal who has many commercial and artistic hits to her credit ,and is well known for her witty dialogues and nuanced scripts . Both writer and director have concentrated on the lead couple and their interaction without the usual distracting side tracks . Haseeb Hassan and his Dop Zaib Rao have given us a beautiful if sanitized vision of Mannu and Salahuddin’s world and the fairytale like quality is further enhanced by the popular original sound track sung by Qurat al Ain Baloch of Humsafar fame . QB’s wistful tones rise and fall in soulful lament echoing Mannu’s feelings , reproaching herself for falling for someone unable to match her feelings.

Mann Mayal boasts a strong cast. Hamza Ali Abbasi provides a lot of the star power and his screen presence alone seems to be enough to ensure this serial’s high ratings despite what looks like a lack of chemistry between him and Maya Ali. The surprise packages of the show are Maya Ali and Gohar Rasheed ; who despite being antagonists seem to have captured all the energy in the room between them . Maya Ali has given a simply outstanding performance as Mannu ,her expressions , her nuanced dialogue delivery and willingness to work hard on every detail of her character are making her the lynchpin of this serial. This is a sea change for Ms. Ali whose lisping tones and lengthy crying jags distracted from what was otherwise a very popular portrayal in Dayar e Dil.

Gohar Rasheed has also come back from a lot of  generic portrayals in various serials to fulfill the promise he showed in Digest Writer and Goya. Rasheed suddenly has that star quality back, playing the slightly disturbed Meekal with refined ,understatement. Too often villainy is calibrated on our screens by a loud brashness, which renders it cartoonish and reduces its impact. Rasheed allows Meekal’s uncaring amorality  a hint of  reasonableness which makes it all the more menacing. Aiman Khan as Mannu’s best friend and Salahuddin’s younger sister also manages to makes a strong impact , and shows a lot of talent and promise as an actress.

Despite the soaring music ,Hum Tv uses to invoke a Pavlovian response out of its audience , much of the dramatic tension required to connect emotionally with the  plot is lacking. While Mannu is definitely in love and willing to sacrifice all and everything in the pursuit of it; Salahuddin ,seems a trifle too laid back. In some of the deeply romantic scenes which are supposed to picturize the intensity of the hero and heroine’s feelings for each other. I was afraid Maya Ali would fall off her chair from emoting so well and Hamza wouldn’t pick her up.  This ambivalence on Salahuddin’s part might have been acceptable if the dialogues he spoke would back him up ,but they don’t. So while Mannu makes her declarations of devotion , Salahuddin answers  more like a kindly, if irritated ,older brother than a desperate, thwarted lover. This is a far cry from Abbasi’s fabulous, barely controlled , simmering intensity in episode 1. Salahuddin’s feelings for Mannu lack definition and seem hazy at best .

At times the story line gets hazy too  because characters contradict themselves. In the most recent episode 6 , Mannu is quietly complaining to her mother that she cannot live like this , that she needs to come back home immediately but let a few scenes pass and she is the perfect , malleable Mashriki girl making beds in an oddly passive manner and willing to turn herself inside out ,to win the audiences’sympathy  , I mean adjust to her new life as Meekal’s wife. Meekal lives a strange life  sleeping all day and partying all night. In fact Karachi seems to be party city because Meekal’s parents seem to be constantly attending exclusive parties too, which then begs the question why on earth did they choose middle class Mannu ?Even more confusing for the viewer is that Meekal seemed interested in Mannu and quite happy to see her clad in a dupata when visiting her home, yet the twenty four hours after their nikkah he acts as if he was forced to marry her and has no interest in this “paindoo” from Hyderabad.

Many of the pivotal plot points seem inflated and  contrived. There is little rhyme or reason to Mannu’s rush to get married to a complete stranger like Meekal , whom her parents have already rejected as not educated enough and too modern for their traditional , conservative family . Similarly the “zalim samaj” in this story seems to be a little over hyped as Mannu’s father is willing to allow Salahuddin to marry her if only he had the guts to ask. That Salahuddin might feel too inadequate to ask is an understandable human weakness but the sight of him persuading Meekal to marry her as if she were bottle of soda he didn’t want was distasteful to say the least and belied any ‘epic love story vibe “ that the makers were trying to push.

Meanwhile Salahuddin goes off to Karachi to work for his manipulating friend played with even more glaring lack of interest by Vasey Chaudhry, who uses his default comedy setting to play what is no way a funny character. Suffice to say Karachi is a bad , wild place where the two main protagonists are innocent , provincial babes in the wood. For some strange reason both Mannu and Salahuddin left all their common sense and the right to be treated with basic human curtesy in Hyderabad.

Much of this story seems  like Khalil ur Rehman Qammar lite , and indeed  the famous author does seem to have some connection to this serial . In a previous interview , producer Sana Shanawaz has said that the Khalil ur Rehman Qammar was a family friend and had looked over the story line with approval , even initially penning the lyrics to the OST , which were perhaps changed later as the official credits now list the co-singer Shuja Hyder as the composer and writer. Another coincidence Khalil Ur Rehman Qammar had mentioned he was planning a serial with the title “Tera Ghum aur Hum “ which was also the original working title for Mann Mayal .

So far none of the  inconsistencies in the portrayals or the plot line have  managed to deflate this serial’s momentum at all. Samira Fazal is well known for introducing an unexpected plot twist midway through her serials and she may well surprise us yet. Another plus point in the serials favour is the much awaited entry of Jeena played by one of the industry’s best actresses , the beautiful Aisha Khan, who may add a layer of intrigue to what is so far a fairly simple story. Meanwhile Hum Tv is to be congratulated on arriving at a “ Pyaar ka superhit formula” . For the cynical it may all seems a tad derivative and a little too familiar  but If the audience is uninterested in looking for something fresh or authentic why should the drama makers be ?

By Sadaf Haider

This first appeared in Dawn images


  1. This drama is lacking on so many levels. I don’t know what they’re aiming at really at this point. Mikael’s attitude makes no sense, Salahuddin comes across as a dud, don’t know what’s going on.


    • Oh no Kanwal et tu Brutus ??? You are the one person I expected to love this show becuase you are a huge Hamza fan . Well I always admire and respect your honest opinion and I can only agree . I hear there is a nine year jump at some point so lets see ….


    • I am replying after seeing Dillagi hmmm it might be apples to Oranges as they are not on at the same time and Dillagi has a very different vibe . Challo the race is on . thanks for commenting Fatima , I love hearing from you


  2. i think drama’s rating decreased because of cricket matches. & drama is getting popularity cause of Hamza’s star power & acting & Hamza & Maya’s awesome chemistry. Hamza & Maya favorite couple of this year. i must say what a chemistry.


    • Sorry for the late replies .I am glad you are enjoying it and can see the chemistry I cannot . Its good to get everyone’s point of view ..


  3. Good review Sadaf. I somehow feel the director wanted a “thrill” factor in every episode so every week we get one of those supposedly high points that are meant to make us jolt – Mannu knocking on Salahuddin’s door, that dramatic scene when Mannu and SD return home on Mayun day, and in this latest episode, Mikail’s sudden u-turn. Next week, it will be Mannu’s makeover for sure.
    In inserting these “high tension plot points” the consistency of the characters and in the story is essentially lost. I don’t entirely blame the writer for this – i am sure the director/production house/producers/content department/ somebody else apart from the writer read this script? Surely one of them could have pointed out that the characters needed to be conceptualized in detail and the script edited accordingly?
    I havent been a great fan of Samira Fazal’s original scripts because her screenplay usually goes haywire and her characters all are as inconsistent as they come. But to criticize her alone wouldn’t be justified because in the end, it’s a team effort.
    The only reason this drama is getting the ratings is because direction, production values, and acting is top notch. Plus, Hamza and Maya have promoted it like anything unlike, if i may say so, Sajal Ali who hasn’t promoted Mera Yaar Miladey so much, so despite the channel’s promotion, MYMD hasnt gotten any ratings.


    • Hmm so basically you are sayinh he changed the script or story ? Hmm , this serial has been made at breakneck speed , Last I heard Haseeb hassan was shooting Sanam and then Surprise ! … they are shooting this Mann mayal and surprise ! the first episode is coming … meanwhile the Maya , Hamza Bhai , Gohar and Aisha are posting ” we are still shooting pics” on their walls … go figure …
      I wouldn’t dream of criticising Sa,ira Fazal , I am and always will be a fan . Since I am not clairvoyant I can only point out the flwas in the serial and then guess rationally at the cause . I have the greatest respect for Samira Fazal , she wrote some of the best Pakistani dramas and I can barely write a page of critical prose without getting a headache 🙂 Dastan, KPKPP and Bari Appa are all deeply embedded in my heart . However with so many dramas being made is it any wonder that some of the quality is being diluted ? Look at Aitraz , which has a simply fabulous story line and some excellent actors but it became too tedious to watch for me at least . If the director cwas not on the same page as the writer then , no the direction IS at fault .


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