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Mann Mayal episode 7 a few random thoughts


I learned three things after watching this week’s episode ;

1, Karachi is full of Bad ,Bad , Bad people who smoke weed  , mistreat their parents and attend all night parties .

2.Hyderabad , where Mannu and Salahuddin come from is full of good , in fact super good people who pray regularly , study and never lie

3. I dont care and have decided to take Mikaal’s side because he seems to be the only truthful person on screen .

Beneath all those yawn , nay cringe inducing cliches Maya Ali has given another  fantastic performance . Her reactions during the phone call with Salahuddin , her decision to change , the sad little scene in front of her mirror were all beautifully portrayed. give or take a few scenes that was the entire sum of the positive this week. The rest of the episode wallowed in every shallow cliche available . I really want to write a firmly worded letter to the elite classes of Pakistan : “stop taking these innocent middle class girls and ruining their lives with your nefarious parties ” . Can anyone reconcile the pleasant Mikaal who visited Mannu’s house with the uncaring monster we are now presented with ? Maybe I missed a scene but Mikaal did actually visit Mannu’s household in search of bride and did actually follow her up some stairs in said house with a look of charmed admiration on his face ?  I almost laughed when Mikaal’s parents wondered why Mannu had not  changed Mikaal into an ideal person yet , a feat they had not managed in some twenty plus years Another truly amazing thing about the bad , bad , bad world of Karachi , is that no one has an actual job and yet they posses an endless supply of money

. I am so sick of this anemic bholi larki trope and I wish our drama makers would stop perpetuating it . Mannu is bold enough to contact her ex boyfriend  Salahuddin instead of her mother but doesn’t have the courage to actually stand up to her husband ?  IF gambling, Pot , Drugs , alcohol or anything else are so abhorrent to the conservative Mannu ,why doesn’t she just go home ? These things are not just inconveniences , they are character flaws and  addictions that ruin lives .But alas that is the problem with bholi larkiya like  Mannu  they are life’s floaters , aimless and miserable till someone else points them in the right direction .They have no principles and never take a stand following the path of least resistance and our drama makers  continue to perpetuate the worship of this image of womanhood  .  Mannu does have a choice , she comes from a wealthy  family with what seems like quite a liberal attitude to divorce . Not one of them is bothered by her Chachi keeping the unfortunate Sarah Baji away from her husband till he gives her a divorce .  If I remember correctly Sarah Baji’s husband’s main crime was asking for a loan from his wealthy in laws. So Mannu’s family knows a deal breaker when they see it .

So essentially Mannu throws away her duppatahs and her prayers along with her old suites . Obviously all they didn’t mean much to her in the first place .

Meanwhile Salahuddin is busy being Angelic and  taken advantage of in one repetitive scene after another .

Can anyone explain why Salahuddin is so upset over Mannu’s hair cut , there were two zoom in shots so it must have been an important plot point that I missed ? I notice the beyghairat was more worried about the haircut than Mannu’s actual happiness.

As I said I’m on Mikaal’s side , because Mannu and Salahuddin are so utterly gutless at least he has a personality .










  1. oh dear god! ab yeh sab hone laga hai? I stopped watching it two weeks ago, Sadaf. Hamza unlceji, idiot plot line and an absolutely thanda screenplay. Couldn’t take it anymore. Looks like I did the right thing. But I feel sorry for Maya.


    • Me too but to be fair it could be just me .. other people just adore this show .. so go figure ..
      Maya is indeed totally fabulous in this . Maybe ..just maybe a few episodes down it will turn its self around . I am and always will be Samira fazal fan , I cannot believe she hasn’t something in store .


  2. Hahaha loved your rant! Another thing, if Mannu is from Hyderabad and Mikael is in Karachi then why did Mannu’s saas call her Punjabi..confusion. Totally agree with you about Mikael going to Mannu’s houses and then giving us the impression that he was in love with this girl, no idea what happened!


    • Me neither . Btw if Mikaal is evil incarnate why stay with him ? If she knows right from wrong why become like him ? Next thing we know she will be smoking weed , so much for the shaandar .. Middle add tarbeeyat from Hydrabad .. All it took was one disappointment in love and all her principles were thrown out like her old clothes .


      • That is true! She will do anything to make this marriage work because somehow going back to her parents is not an option. The changes in her personality are not very convincing but Maya Ali was brilliant in this episode. I personally don’t like Mikael’s character at all, I wish he wasn’t all bad. Like you mentioned in your review he seemed like a nice guy before, what happened? Did we miss something?


    • Chakker is this , IF Mikaal is normal and nice ..then Mannu will be a bad person for still loving Salahuddin in our conservative culture . So Mikaal has to be evil to make jello -Man Salahuddin look like a good alternative . I dont know why I get the feeling this script has been changed ad hoc ? me and my conspiracy theories again !


  3. This is one of those dramas that has failed to live up to the hype it created. Also, with the way the story is all over the place, weekly reviews are becoming quite the challenge. Not enough happens during the course of a 40 minute episode that warrants a discussion. The good vs evil cliché is done to death. I think it’ll be okay to skip a few and then catch up when something exciting does happen!


    • Kanwal thanks for commenting . I was so annoyed that I just wrote down what I felt rather than an actual review . It was so frustrating and unbelievably contrived . I dont know what purpose the whole Vasey CH family serves ? we already know Salahuddin is a farishta so why so much proof ? lets see , I may not review next week if things dont change . Then again it is funny to point out these cliches .


  4. I skipped this week’s episode since I already knew the “thrill factor” aka Mannu’s makeover. Like you, I too wondered (last week only) why Mannu said humaray yahan aisa nahi hota (to the suggestion of divorce) when clearly Sarah baji has been in that boat for quite some time. I’ve given up trying to make sense of this serial.
    Did you watch Dillagi’s first ep? How did u like it?


    • Make over ? more like abandon all hope ye who enter here . Is this really what young girls are like these days ? I really dont see young girls these days playing the har qeemat pey ghar Basana hai even with a drug taking alchol swilling man who has no interest in her .


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