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I had actually written a good review for Dillagi the day it was released but since certain people are taking their sweet time publishing it , and people keep asking for something on it I decided to do a little mini review to keep the momentum going for those interested . So be warned , there are only so many words in the English language if the the main review looks similar blame it on a glitch in the space -time continuum.

Dillagi begins with two sisters walking down the bustling streets of some  run down area of Sukkar, which seems to be the flavour of the month with producers at the moment . No complaints there ,Pakistan is much more than Lahore and Karachi and its good to see other cities . The heroine Anmol ( Mehwish Hayat ) gets her purse stolen but unlike most heroines she gives full chase to the the thief , throwing her chadder to one side and doesnt give up till she finds him,and beats  the life out of him  .  It’s  is all very filmi and the kind of action sequence usually reserved for heroes not heroines . Through out the chase I was waiting for the hero to step in and save the day but this is a Faiza Iftikhar drama so no , the hero is watching from a distance, stuck in traffic . In her interview with me the writer said  that people may not like Anmol , that she may well irritate and annoy people and now I can understand why .

Anmol isnt the typical drama heroine .She  is used to doing things for herself because  she has no brother or cousin to take her shopping, pay their household bills or take her to university. So she doesn’t have the luxury of all the usual little feminine airs and nazakatey that we are told consititute a woman’s life .As a result she is incredibly practical and very self reliant . When her family is threatened with by Kifayat Ali , she wants to file a police report and searches for a lawyer to file a stay order . Mehwish Hayat has done an excellent job of portraying Anmol . her dialogue delivery , expressions and complete lack of self consciousness are all perfect and in a subtle way disarming . However out of the box or over the top Anmol seems , you can’t help but admire her bravery and determination . TThat is perhaps the most attractive thing about Anmol , she isn’t asking to be liked , admired or romanced she is just struggling through whatever hand kismet has dealt her and getting on with life the best she can.

The first episode of Dillagi is fast paced and well edited , every step is logical and justified . The writer , director and actors are very much on the same page so far . Like any woman I reserve the right to change my mind , but so far this looks like one of those rare serials that might actually  allow me to just sit back and relax . I love the atmosphere director Nadeem Baig has created , there is none of the usual glamour or lighting I have begone to associate with so called “mega serials ‘.  By the end of the episode I could see why Mohid likes Anmol , even though he hardly knows her .

Mohid ( Humayoon Saeed) is a Business man which means he does a little strong-arming on the side . However he seems to pride himself on being honest and treating the weak with respect , a strange thing for a tough guy .  Humayoon Saeed is great match for this role and so far he has done a fabulous job .  Takes a deep breath and says ….I…I  .. I forgive him for being Irtiza  instead of Fawad … That secret vendetta is now over , especially as he let me take a picture with him at the Dallas premiere of Bin Roye .. ( that always helps :p) . Humayoon looks great as Mohid and the chemistry between Him and Mehwish Hayat is amazing . The reason Mohid is tough but principled is his mother played by Saba Hamid ,who has brought him with the right values . Saba Hamid plays a take no prisoners kind of mother who is generally unimpressed with ‘husbands” but not Men in general . She adores her son and gets him to do a bit of social work on the side .This looks like another interesting character and I cannot wait to see her interaction with Anmol .

The rest of the cast is rounded out by Uzma Hassan  who plays Mohid’s sister. I really , really loved  Ms Hassan in UBFN as the nokarani with benefits  and  the bhabie with red lipstick in Ghundi .  Imran Ashraf plays Dastagir Mohid’s henchman , whom I normally hate on sight as a rule but here he looks kind of cute . I was a huge fan of Aunn Zara and maybe we can get some of that Aunn -Manzar magic in this serial too ? From one of the promos he seems to have a thing for Anmol’s sister so they may provide a few lighter moments . Asma Abbasi plays Anmol’s mother , and  heartiest congratulations to Nadeem Baig for some how stopping her from rolling her eyes in that starnge way she does in everyother serial  . Nadeem Baig maybe the second person after Haissem Hussain to do this so it is indeed an exclusive club .

All in All this looks like a great serial to watch . Strong script , great direction and  it looks like all the actors understand their characters so I am really excited for this one . Having said that I am not sure if I like all the slapping going on . I think one slap per serial should be enough( or better still NONE at all ) otherwise it all looks silly and gratuitous .  I am just grateful there is one serial on air which doesn’t involve some brainless bholi larki .

Since it is International Woman’s day this week and the media is full of images of successful women I want to say something about the women we see on our screens . It is an undeniable fact that the images we see on our screens influence us . I am sure many women are inspired by the fabulous Sharmeen  Obaid Chinoy for winning two consecutive Oscars . I am sure women are inspired by women politicians , authors ,scientists , lawyers , Doctors and teachers and all kinds of women who raise the banner of excellence in every field . However our  aspirations are also shaped by the women we see on our screens. What effect do the weeping , wailing Mazloom aurtein that fill our TV screens , the perpetual victims who suffer till they are rescued , who put up with any kind of abuse because their name has been written on a piece of paper next to their abuser  have on our psyche ?.  Its time Pakistani Dramas got back to their roots , and brought back the thinking , strong women that this country  actually produces back to our screens . It’s not just the women that need a come back , its the men of principle too . Its time to stop romanticizing abusers , rapists and villains . Call a spade a spade , stop blurring the lines to make money . .Who knows what damage you are causing .




  1. As u know Sadaf, I enjoyed the show and now ur review too 🙂
    And thanku for being kind to never-looked-so-awesome HS 😜
    I liked the depiction of strong women here but can a woman really thrash out men like Anmol does? Chalo koi baat nahin… Going to give them some poetic license here. So much better than the rotee hui aurat!!👏🏽


    • Kiya karoo Mera tho dil hee bohat barra hai 😉 yes he is looking surprisingly good – So can we have some of what he’s drinking?
      Yes totally will need to hand out some literary license because beating up Men in the streets is a bit incredible. Now I know Faiza is a Salman Khan Fan ! Anmol is definitely Dabang


  2. Watched the drama after I read your review and needless to say throughly enjoyed it!!! It is a welcome change to see a heroine with a backbone and I look forward to seeing Anmol’s character as it evolves & matures and more then that I look forward to reading your witty yet insightful weekly reviews.


    • UFF Reshma what sweet compliments and so nice to hear from you . I know you are a regular reader but not so frequent watcher , if this drama managed to capture your attention despite the lack of Siddharth Malhotra types in it must be good . I agree with your thoughts I cannot take any more of these silly girls .


  3. I am going to wait for a few episodes before I start watching these new shows, hereafter.
    But your last para- gold! Here’s wishing for a day when this world need not dedicate and celebrate one half of humanity as if it is something different.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for reading . And once you watch let me know what you think . I agree with the sentiment a first episode can sometimes be misleading .
      Yes indeed , It is always a source of sad amusement to me that women are the majority of the world’s population and yet we are given minority status in we have a “day”


  4. I enjoyed the drama more than what I expected, I imagined she would be a strong girl and it will be great, but this is Super Awesome! The moment she called the thief “koutei” and ran after him and beat him up, I was so impressed. We never saw girls behave this way on Pakistani Dramas. Yes, it is true, usually you have a guy coming at the girl’s rescue -so cliché! I loved, she is responsible and tough, taking care of her family.
    This drama touched me on a more personal level as I am taking care of everything at home too , so I was happy to see this.
    It is important for girls to have role model on screen, afterall, girls are more influcenced by what happens on tv drama, some girls may behave like bechari because it is the standard on tv, only image of girls aside of the evil crazy second girl. People need someone to identify themselves to, it used to be for books, nowadays, girls and boys identifies themselves to dramas or movies characters.
    So this industry has a major responsabilities on developping their minds.Blurring the lines will hurt people, besides some people are not able to keep a safe distance with what happens on a show, and do clearly create a line between what is right and wrong, because it is a “drama” people accept, same goes for Gul E Rana.
    Giving a character as Anmol to teh audience is a gift, it is an opportunities for girls to stand up for themselves, to see that it is ok, being a abechari is not needed, you can do it for yourself.
    I didn’t find Anmol annoying at all. For once, the main guy is not a creepy jerk or a rapist,on the contrary he admitted his mistakes, Pakistani guys on drams never do that exept whnen they are “changed men at the end of drama, which is a nonsense”.
    I might write an article on Dillagi , I have so much to say, XD
    PS: I didn’tcomment on your “Mann Mayal” article, as I am not watching it anymore, I did read the first lines on what you wrote.


    • Thank you so much for reading and commenting . Its amazing that you can write so well in English and French ! A big high five to you and all the other girls and woman who are standing up and taking care of their families . May God grant you strength and success !
      I agree with you so much . Everytime Is ee these beychari’s I get depressed , when I see someone Like Anmol on screen I am much more hopeful it gives me a push . It makes you feel inspired and hopeful … If she can do it so can we .


  5. The only character I truly liked in this first episode was that of Mohid’s mother. Love love love Saba Hameed, she has an undeniable screen presence and she breathes life into every character she plays.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for reading and commenting Fatima . It is a pleasure to hear from you always ! Yes I hope Saba hameed can give us a Marasim or Pyaray Afzal performance here . I sometimes feel annoyed that such talented and versatile actresses are stuck with these boring same old roles . I hope this one has some meat in it for her .


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