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Dil Lagi Episode 2 review


Last week’s episode of Dil Lagi set the tone for a very dramatic, very filmi kind of story and after watching this week’s episode It is clear that is going to be the USP of this serial. This isn’t a contemplative serial, very much like its main leads this serial is action packed. So far it’s working because the story and characters are consistent and thanks to director Nadeem Baig’s firm hand, no one has been allowed to overact, which can be a huge temptation in a storyline like this.

Last week Mohid met Anmol and now he is shadowing her in what is pretty much stalker mode. Not a wise move with a girl like Anmol, who is predictably unimpressed with his romantic dialogues and understandably views him in an even worse light than before. Mohid is a single minded man who has decided Anmol is the only match for him and he isn’t the sort to be easily put off. . He sends his mother and sister to Anmol’s house only to learn it is too late, Anmol’s mother has already accepted a rishta. When Mohid says “main sahi kaam ghalat tareekey sey bhi karleyta hoon “,I take him at his word . All of his attempts at gaining Anmol’s attention are disastrous, even giving her family the deeds to their house back don’t bring him into Anmol’s good books because of his bull in a china shop attitude. Instead of acting like Anmol’s stalker, perhaps winning her mother’s confidence with respect and humility might have worked better.

I once had to write an essay on the reasons Emma didn’t understand why Mr. Knightly and Emma Wodehouse did not recognize their feelings for each other for so long and my understanding was that in that case familiarity had made them forget that there are rules to courtship. There are steps to building affection. Anmol’s family knows just as little about Anmol’s perspective rishta, Sohail, as they do about Mohid .The problem with Mohid is that because he has fallen in love he expects Anmol, who doesn’t know him from Adam, to immediately fall in line with his wishes.

I know I should hate Mohid for being so overbearing but his interactions with the adorable Dastagir are so cute and utterly catastrophic, that I can’t help liking him. My favourite scenes this week were outside the library, where Mohid is trying to win over Anmol but makes a complete hash out of everything with Dastagir’s help. Humayoon Saeed and Imran Ashraf were totally brilliant but the, their on screen chemistry and comic timing is perfect. I loved the Nihari wallah scene too. Only Dastagir could conflate the Mohid’s love sick beychayni as an overdose of Nihari. Humayoon’s deadpan delivery and two minute journey from macho man in a big black car to deflated man slapping his friend on the road were the best. I am not normally a fan of Imran Ashraf but this script has really brought out the best in him. I loved Aunn and Manzar in AunnZara and I think this match up shows just as much promise.

I was amazed that Anmol’s mother was so ready to give her daughter away that she accepted the rishta we saw in last week’s episode. Perhaps it was the pressure of Kifayat Ali trying to take their house but it still seemed sudden. Sohail’s family seemed like nice people but when Mohid interviews Sohail it becomes clear that this really wasn’t that great a choice. I am always wary of people who want to do quick Nikaah’s and engagements, these are big commitments and considered decisions are always better. Anmol may have thought honesty was the best policy when she explained her own situation to Suhail’s family but she did open herself up to being taken advantage off without first finding out the other side.

Again Mohid did himself no favours by barging in on Anmol’s rishta. No normal woman could possibly accept such behavior. Mehwish Hayat was excellent again, and gave a controlled performance as Anmol.I am definitely on Anmol’s side , apart from the obvious caution any sensible girl would have ,the way Mohid keeps taking over every situation must be particularly galling to a girl who is used to running her own life and making her own decisions. Any of the usual Bholi larkiyan we see on screen would have been bowled over by now, but not the practical Anmol. Mohid’s sister, however does seem to be a typical bholi larki. She seems to live a very protected life with her brother and mother watching over her but she has found a boyfriend, whom she is berating for not having the guts to ask for her hand.

Overall this is an even better episode than last week, with every detail worked out in both story and translation to screen.  I could just sit back and relax, because the writer, director and actors were all on the same page. Excellent direction from Nadeem Baig is keeping this story going at a fast pace so we don’t mind some of the over the top situations and great performances from the entire cast. Again my complaint is with the amount of slapping, yes it was funny but please, anymore and it will ruin what is shaping up to be a great serial.









  1. Thank you for this Sadaf…on the same page with u. Enjoyed the ep but boy! Was Mohid actually thinking that he cud win over Anmol with all those antics? The rishta fiasco was the limit. This track reminds me a lot of another show I am enjoying-Bhai with Naumaan Ijaz. Both NI and HS seem to be going after women in the same manner (a bit worrying…). But atleast HS doesn’t have to contend with his own brother for the woman here.


  2. Excellent review, Sadaf. Thank you.

    I LOVED loved this episode. It was so relaxing & so much fun to watch. This is what happens when writer/director are on the same page. Dillagi is the only show my husband & I are watching as a family.
    Humayon Saeed looked very handsome & Mehwish looks pretty too.

    Can’t wait for next week’s episode.


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