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Dil Lagi Episode 3&4 review



First of all, my apologies for both being out of the loop generally and missing last week’s review. I am still travelling but watching this week’s episode of Dillagi mad me feel bad enough for poor Mohid to open up the laptop and get typing.

That’s right, I actually feel a little sorry for Mohid. The first three episodes set his character up as a typical “alpha male”, he plays with guns, people are afraid of him and he seems to be afraid of no one. His mother is convinced that he can do anything and he is convinced he can win Anmol’s love, with a little strategy and lot of bravado. Superficially at least, he might remind you of any one of the ‘Goondas’ and arrogant men that haunt our screens in the guise of heroes except he is constantly having his overconfident bubble either popped by an unimpressed Anmol or completely deflated by his supposed right hand man Dastagir . With a friend like Dastagir there really is no need for enemies. Despite his well-meaning hero worship, Dastagir is a walking disaster machine for Mohid.

In episode three Dastagir mistakes Anas for Anmol’s fiancé and gets Mohid to frighten the poor guy off. Annas is a sensitive type who doesn’t like walking in the rain let alone being confronted by a dangerous looking man brandishing a gun so it’s no surprise when Annas and his hysterical mother break of the engagement to Anmol’s younger sister. Mohid is left in an even bigger hole than before. Not only has Anmol’s sister lost her fiancé but now people are talking about her character. Once again Mohid tries to make things right and once again he manages to screw up royally offering to fix things by offering Dastagir as a replacement groom. Cruel and unfeeling mothers seem to be the norm in drama land and Anmol’s mother is no exception. Frightened and weary of Mohid’s constant interference she asks her daughter to consider him as a serious rishta. Anmol however is a little smarter than the usual bholi larki and plans her attack rather than her escape.

Anmol not only tells Mohid off but says she will marry him despite being in love with someone else , that she will leave him the first chance she gets because “ jang laree jaati hai but Mohabbat kee jaati hai “ . To my surprise this makes Mohid back off, however strong his love for Anmol is, even he knows his limits. After all his strong arm tactics and manipulations he managed to redeem himself with this one act. It never occurs to beychara Mohid that less might have been more , that if he had underplayed his hand and followed normal respectable channels he might have succeeded with a practical girl like Anmol .Humayoon Saeed is playing this role this role to perfection.. .( it still burns to say so … but the I have to remember he took a picture with me ) .He looks the part and his expressions convey all of Mohid’s confusion and desperation at suddenly finding the most important event in his life spinning out of his control.

My favourite character is Anmol. I love how unafraid she is, in a world where women, especially single women are told to be afraid of everything she makes for a refreshing change. But like all the classic heroines her greatest strength is also her weakness, so instead of getting on with her life, in a fit of overconfidence she grabs the idiot form the library and asks him to marry her. Now here is my problem, I can understand Anmol rejecting Mohid but instead of going for a sensible match she jumps into a marriage with someone she knows nothing about. Anmol is just as dabang as Mohid. She may not be as emotionally illiterate as him but she is also following her gut reactions and undervaluing the strength of patience, planning and consideration. Mehwish Hayat makes for a fabulous Anmol and her handle on the dialogues is excellent. Mehwish looks beautiful and for once my eyes were not on the heroine’s wardrobe but on her character as a whole.

This drama has a strong supporting cast which is slowly working its way to the fore. I am waiting (desperately) to see more of Saba Hamid; one of the biggest attractions of this play. I want to know the backstory of this family and how Mohid’s mother handles Anmol, who is just as strong and opinionated as her. Uzma Hassan as Mohid’s sister had a lot more to say as this week and most of it was negative. I can see she is this family’s spoiled, protected princess and she is already hostile towards her prospective Bhabi. This may have something to do with her own secret love life which looks to be turbulent from the teasers. Meanwhile Imran Ashraf continues to be the funniest part of this serial .He has been given a great role and is playing it with subtlety and great timing. How can the same actor be so gut wrenchingly awful in a serial like Gul e Rana that I was rooting for his characters sudden death but look brilliant here? I guess a good script from Faiza Iftikhar and a good director like Nadeem Baig make all the difference.

The one complaint I do have is that although there is little to know chemistry between the cast at Anmol’s house. Maybe it’s me, but the usual sisterly, motherly comradeship between the three women seems cool rather than warm. All that family banter and discussion doesn’t show the same streak of affection that I saw in AunZara. This is in stark contrast to the great feeling of connection I see in Mohid’s family. Mohid, Dastagir and his family all look as if they care for each other.

Again No complaints about the last two episodes, all have been entertaining, smoothly edited, fast paced and easy to watch. Dillagi is always a relaxing to watch and review because it’s well made. Sorry for the long review but cannot resist adding a word about next week’s promo, which looks action packed. It looks like Dastagir manages to wreck Anmol’s instant wedding to the idiot from the Library and Anmol turns up at Mohid’s house in full bridal regalia. It looks like an episode of confrontations.

Sadaf Haider


  1. Such a Delight to watch a sane drama nowadays. Both characters are really interesting, where I love Anmol’s bravery (that is a bit toned down now than in ep 1) on the other hand I am loving mohid too. Shareef Badmaash! Muhabbat k liye saarey Hathyaar istimaal karo is what Mohid doing till now but its nice to see him stepping back but still I dont trust him. You are so damn right about Dastagir, but Imran is doing the role convincingly.
    As for anmol’s I felt that grabbing that library man for marrying is just a part of her plan, so lets see whats coming up.
    I am absolutely loving Saba Hamid, she is amazing.
    Direction is good & script is quite engaging and not predictable.

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  2. Enjoyed the ep and the review Sadaf. Dillagi is a good watch. Was surprised by the way Anmol plans everything. Felt sorry for Mohid- though wouldn’t have felt so much for him if he was not being played by HS 🙂


    • What is it about Humayoon Saeed that is esp sympathetic ? I think Hamza would have been better in this role and Humyoon would have been better as Salahudin


      • I think so dear hamza and fawad types heroes to chocolaty aur jaisa usne role kiya tha pyary afzal mein usse lagta hai ki he would have done bechara types roles u know like educated, sophisticated better uspe dabang daring fearlessness arrogancy confidence suit nahi karega fawad aur hamza types log ke liye mahira jaisi I mean khirad jaisi rootelu aur bechari aur hamza ke liye mannu ya jyada se jyada farah jaisi sophisticated aur dayre mein rehne wali ladkiya hee suit karti hai anmol jaisi dabang nahi I don’t think hamza personality will match with such obstinate stubborn girl like anmol ya humayun personality matches because of his height weight. .


  3. Wonderful review Sadaf, thanks.
    These were two of the best episodes of Dillagi. It is getting so interesting & so much happens even in a single episode. It is totally addicting.

    HS & MH totally own their characters. Even the sides chracters are so well thought out & very interesting.
    I was trying to find one bad thing about this play but cannot so far.

    This is one play currently, where the writer, director, producer & the entire cast were on the same page & it shows.

    Well done team Dillagi!!!


  4. I have twice now revised my opinion of Mohid. At first I liked him as I thought he was a ghonda with a good heart. But then after Episode 3 with the bullying tactics and beating up of the younger sister’s fiancé I considered him just a ghonda who wanted to impose his will on a woman. As far as he can see, he wants Anmol so she should like him as well regardless of her own likes and dislikes. In episode 4 I think the writer has used the device of Mohid stepping back to let Anmol be with the ‘man she loves’ to help redeem Mohid in our eyes. Otherwise he was going to far in a negative direction. The promos and teasers are there for everyone to see so I hope I am not giving anything way by saying that Anmol will marry Mohid soon despite what she herself wants. And maybe that’s why we don’t see Anmol slap Mohid as we would expect. I believe in the novel of Zindagi Gulzar Hai in the confrontation scene in the library there is a slap involved between Kashaf and Zaroon. The producers of the drama decided to exclude the slap because they felt this would have been too much of an incident for two people who would go on to marry. The drama probably couldn’t explain away the slap the way the written word could. Maybe, maybe the same thinking is at work here, otherwise I think Mohid should at least got one slap from Anmol by now. Anmol herself is almost bordering on a caricature for me. It’s as if the writers have decided to write a strong woman but have done so by giving her these sometimes silly outrageous dialogues.

    I see your point about Anmol’s mother being callous in asking Anmol to consider Mohid’s rishta. But wasn’t Anmol almost guilty of the same type of behaviour when she pushes her sister to take her fiancé seriously even though her sister expressed her own feelings that she didn’t really like him? Anmol was pushing her sister to marry a guy that her sister felt was lacking. Anmol’s reasoning was that they were three women alone and so they didn’t need a strong man to enter their family who could try to try and rule them. How far was Anmol’s ‘we are three women alone’ thinking from her mother giving in and considering Mohid’s rishta because they are three women alone. Although I will the fiancé wasn’t a gonda.

    (Just discovered the SadafSays website, read through some archives, some interesting reading – thanks)


    • Welcome to the site Rumi , its a pleasure to hear fom you ! . I think you have made a very salient point . Anmol is pushing her sister into a marriage for her own convenience . I can just imagine anmol bullying and Cajoling poor old Annas into marrying her younger sister. Anmol is a lot like Mohid in some ways , neither are exactly wracked by self doubt . They remind of two trains with set courses . I dont like the atmosphere at Anmol’s house it isnt the one of camaraderie and affection that I expected .
      Ok As far as I remeber they did show the slap and I was shocked as hell . zaroon may have been everyone’s favourite but he seemed to be incredibly sexist and almost a misogynist … just it was Fawad Khan playing him so he melted everyone’s heart . I totally agree with you on Mohid getting at least one slap , he really needs some more stuffing knocked out of him . I also agree that the ” step Back ” is a device , but its necessary otherwise Mohid would be just another goonda .


  5. Saddddaaaafffff!!! You did NOT just say you feel sorry for a goon who is threatening folks, storming into people’s homes, beating others up and IGNORING the fact that the woman has said a very big NO to him!! Does consent mean nothing? Clearly not since we are making heroes of goons and pretending that it is so sweet when men – NO MATTER HOW CUTE- stalk you!

    I am appalled that you think all this is cute and adorable. Faiza was great at creating realistic scenarios and characters but this filmi-fying everything is not playing out well. Writing for film doesn’t mean going all out with melodrama and twists. This is very disappointing.


    • Hi MM,
      Normally I would agree with you about the gunda stuff, but here everything works because the gunda is an idiot. He makes me laugh everytime he appears on screen.
      Even Anmol is not scared of him or feels harassed by him. She treats him like an idiot that he is.


    • hmm forgive me but au contrair . I think that is exctly what is working against him. He is so into his own image that he believes his own hype . All that Macho man ,Salman Khan type dialogue baazi about “ghalat kaam , Sahii kaam ” etc etc .. and yet he hasnt succeeded in making even a small dent in in anyone’s opinion except perhaps his mother’s .
      To tell the truth I was kind of grinning evily as I wrote it and thinking about your rection 🙂 . AND nope , Mohid hasn’t reached level one adorable might he may well be in the outer reaches of beychargi . He has everything and is such a goonda mawwali but has been defeated by a smart ale woman like Anmol who according to the set paradigm should be a ) quaking in her chappals or b) falling secretly in love with his manliness at bossing her around .
      Mohid’s fatal mistake is that he is treating his relationship or rather hoped for relationship with Anmol as one of his business ventures . According to the his sister and mother he isnt a flirt or a heartbreaker hence his complete lack of emotional intelligence .
      Ofcourse consent means everything hence he stepped back but barging into her house on a continuous basis is utterly wrong and completely unreal . I also agree on the stalking but iyt is backfiring in such a hilarious manner ( thank you Dastagir) that it doesnt seem menacing .
      If anything this is kind of showing the flipside ..” how to lose a woman in ten days ” textbook .


      • Because dear everything is fair in love and ya usne kabhi kisi ko nuksan nahi poohchaya he is obsessed with anmol that’s why he doesn’t say thing like that which anmol says to him on Daily basis


      • Aur agar mohid mohid nahi hoota toh I think uska character afzal jaisa hoota kya kar Liya apke afzal ne mahan banke farah toh mili nahi usse sehta raha andar hee andar better hai try your luck by hook or crook get the thing done


    • I don’t think it’s too filmy and going out of the way there are people like this and ya mohid only wants that anmol considering him like a normal person with out misunderstanding ya he is like that only little bit stubborn like his wife anmol off corse but uske intentions aur neeyat achi thi warna aap hee bataye isse kitne mard honge jo apni wife se itni jillaat seh sake alag alag jagah sooye ise rahe jaise wife ke saath nahi normal kisi ke saath reh rahe hoon it’s clear from this that all he want is her love not attracted towards her body but heart this is pure love with no lust. ..


  6. Was waiting eagerly for your recap and as usual you did not disappoint…am looking forward to watching the latest episode. Dil Lagi is an enjoyable and addictive show.


    • Aww thank you for commenting Reshma . That you are commenting and watching on such a regular basis without the presence of Siddharth Malhotra … means something is working 🙂


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