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Dillagi episode 6 Review


A round of applause please, for the amazing Anmol, who is living up to her name in every way. This week’s episode turned every one of the usual ghissey pittey dialogues and inane clichés we watch with numbing regularity on their heads. After dragging the Qazi to Mohid’s house and forcing a Nikkah on his family she disappears. Like a wounded lioness, she withdraws to get some sense of peace and most importantly to plan, after her unbelievably sudden and daring decision to marry Mohid.  It’s not as if I hadn’t been expecting something out of the ordinary from Anmol but her sheer sangfroid and complete lack of fear is what was so amazing. Ofcourse she isn’t completely made of ice , her feelings , her sense of pride  in herself , her whole sense of self has been shaken and she weeps quietly , silently alone in her bed … plotting her revenge. About this time most of our heroines start fainting or making declarations about izzat /Badnaami and how they are feeling everything “sachey dil sey “etc… In other words, capitulation and a climb down from any moral position what so ever. Not Anmol though, because she has absolutely no wish to normalize anything with Mohid. She has no desire to please his mother , the neighbors or anyone else and that makes her a dangerous woman . I am beginning to feel afraid for Mohid… but not much …

The biggest idol broken was that ‘izzat” is solely the burden and responsibility of the woman’s side. In our dramas (unlike real life), men and their families simply have no honour. They can do what they like without any repercussions, as if they have no need to save face or maintain any standards of behavior. Funnily enough , Mohid is the one trying to be nice to win Anmol and her family over , Mohid ‘s mother is the one making up stories to cover up Anmol’s antics, while it is  Anmol causes the commotion at the Nikkah with an unusual (as yet unknown) clause. I have to say my favourite scene this week was the look on the beychara Qazi’s face , when Anmol threatens to marry him if Mohid doesn’t marry her on the spot .Some may say Anmol is too bold , too much for a Pakistani woman ,( I disagree )but  even if she is “fiction only “ perhaps it is time women learnt the mazaa of taking control of their lives , we have had quite enough wallowing in the fictional delusion of helplessness .

While Mohid and his mother try to save their izzat (love how that sounds !) another front looks like its opening up . Mohid’s russi run of an annoying sister sits through the entire Nikkah as if she is about to burst with indignation. From the beginning it looked as if she was up to something and with the  laws of Karma coming into full play, Mohid finds himself on the other side of his equation with Anmol. Uzma Hassan is great, I loved her in UBFN and now I just want to slap this silly  bholi larki girl character of hers . There is little to distinguish Anmol’s behavior from Mohid’s sister’s except perhaps a level of intelligence and even more than that, luck. So let’s see what happens to these very different young ladies who have decided to take their kismet in their own hands. Neither of them seem to care one jot about the feelings of the people who love them the most. Mohid’s sister came across as spoiled and jealous while Anmol was like a bulldozer rolling over her mother’s feelings.

Hats off to the entire team of Dillagi! ,. This such an easy drama to review, everyone is on  the same page. Nadeem Baig keeps this drama going at the breakneck pace it requires without losing a moment of the story or the character’s feelings. Faiza Iftikhar has plotted a wonderfully subversive take on all the usual obsessed lover tropes and brought us a heroine we can hate but never fail to admire. The best part is Mehwish Hayat who stands head and shoulders above everyone else, Brava !  Humayoon Saeed may well be the decorative but effective piece here and of course Saba Hamid is always an asset. Bechari Mohid ki Amma, it isn’t always pleasant to meet your own doppelganger .

Sadaf Haider

PS … I love how Anmol doesn’t lose an ounce of nakhra despite being in Mohid’s bedroom . She wont let him touch her and  strides about like a queen .





  1. “Bechari Mohid ki Amma, it isn’t always pleasant to meet your own doppelganger” Yep apart from the whole Mohid and Anmol angle, I am looking forward to these two women living under the same roof. Two strong opinionated women, perhaps we should feel for Mohid as he will be stuck in the middle between two women he can’t say no to. Yes it looks as if that unknown clause in the Nikah will come up later.

    I liked the scene where we were shown Anmol crying in bed. While everyone is saying Anmol is a slightly far fetched character and OT, I think the crying scene made her more real. She is not made of stone and has feelings and all this has taken a mental toll on her no matter the confidence she presents to the world or her mum. I wish her mother had been more supportive of her before she left, Anmol just looked all alone in the world, I did understand her mother’s anger. Her daughter went and had a Nikah without her, but despite this perhaps her mother should have given her some kind words before sending her daughter to the lion’s den.


    • I read an article on Review it by Zahra which pointed out what I have been thinking for years ; that dramas are populated by the worst mothers ! Tell me the last time you saw a girl with a kind or supportive mother on screen ?
      I think the last time was DeS ?
      Usually the mothers are pushing their daughters to put up with nasty evil men or marry them or And worse like the Chup Raho mother . No surprise about Anmols mother . Even Saba Hamids character is ignoring her daughter ….
      I agree I don’t think Anmol is so unusual and yes rhe scenes of her crying show she is broken up inside . Mohid is not a dream Rishta . Those scenes made her a lot more real and vulnerable


  2. OMG! What a brilliant episode. Loved it & thanks for the wonderful review as well.
    I know it is a little filmi, a little over the top, but the fact that it is so different from the rest of the plays is so refreshing.

    Thank you team Dillagi. You guys are the best.


  3. Really enjoying this…and you’re right. It is a li’l farfetched but then I’m quite ready to give them some poetic license. This is sooo much better than the mazloom, forever crying, aurat. So thank you to the entire team. Most of all Faiza Iftikhar!

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