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Dillagi Episode 8 Review


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So, Anmol goes to her Valima dressed in black. If it was just a fashion choice perhaps it might have passed but for this young lady it was just another shot in the war against Mohid. I know so many people are finding it hard to relate to Anmol because women are trained not to see themselves as tough or hard. In Dayar e dil I was mad at Faraa for giving Wali a hard time , In ZGH I was annoyed constantly by Kashaf’s perpetual chip on her shoulder and I was even a little miffed at Khirad not sharing My Asher’s peanuts ( I have to admit that really was the worst). Anmol is already on the annoying list for laughing at what she thought was Sabha’s disgrace, not because of how she treats Mohid. Anmol is not only letting her mother down but looking for weak points in Mohid’s family as a source of revenge. I hate to say it but for a lot of women this kind of behavior is just in their DNA.maxresdefault (1)

Anmol is both more intelligent and perceptive than her mother and sister something which has given her control of their little household for most of her life. I noticed there was a lack of camaraderie among the women at Anmol’s house hold and it shows even more now. A strong or empowered women isn’t about pulling other women down, it just isn’t about becoming the oppressive force yourself. A strong woman lifts up those around her, she doesn’t use other women’s failings or weak points as a stepping stone either. Anmol is going to learn the hard way that becoming Mohid, (or at least who she thinks Mohid is) will not bring her the resolution she seeks. She lost her temper and in a fit of supreme over confidence made the incredibly rash decision to marry Mohid for a reason and she might call it revenge but it looks like something else to me. If she really just wanted to thwart Mohid , wasn’t the best solution taking the Qazi to hospital to marry Farid? One thing I do love about Anmol though is she hasn’t crumbled or become romantic about flowers , mehendi or any of the other silly reasons to like someone . when and if she does dcide on someone it will be based on something solid .

Mehwish Hayat and Humayoon Saeed really do have great chemistry and look good together. I still don’t feel sorry for Mohid but I notice he really does care for the people around him, which would make him a better person than Anmol If only  he hadn’t forced his way into her life so disrespectfully. Imran Ashraf and Humayoon Saeed Jodi is absolutely fabulous too. I am always waiting for their little moments together. However, the stand out superstar of the show is Saba Hamid. This week she was in brilliant form , all those little digs at Anmol’s defenseless mother , the attempts at putting her unstoppable Bahu in her place and the quick “cover ups” for the little difficulties which keep turning up to poke holes in her (57)

As I said in the beginning of this review, people are finding it hard to connect with Anmol, well me too! However, I have enjoyed every episode so far, it’s such a wonderful exhilarating ride.. Like getting on a rollercoaster! The story is so filmy; I wish that the makers had used better lighting. Sometimes it’s too bright and sometimes too dull.

Sadaf Haider


    • Well it means who had the upper hand but I think in this context who killed the cat is a sly hint as to who
      Made the first move after all it was a shab e Aroos or Suhaag Raat. Technically


    • LOL…oh tell me about it…these aunty’s you got to love them….I have to put all my western ideas of privacy in a mental box when I meet some of them…but life would be so boring without them. Seriously though Anmol’s mum had only known her daughter’s in-laws for two minutes before being intrusive. Proper desi etiquette dictates that…zara two minutes more intezaar karti before asking about Subiha’s rishta.


      • Well she was paying Anmols mother in law back for all the jabs about them not knowing about rasm o Rivag and being so far from tradition etc


  1. Hey Sadaf Appa,
    Can you just provide us with trp ratings of the week… I want to see if there is any change in Mann Mayal & Dillagi ratings..

    Mann Mayal started off @ great expectations.. But after 8th episode it has lost its charm, story line, Acting skill everything.. Even Ayesha Khans entry didn’t made me feel wow… I somewhere wrote in the beginning of drama it’s going to be Drama of the year.. But sad to say I’m taking my words back now…

    Whereas Dillagi I felt got ignored because of Hum’s Gulerana initially but I haven’t seen any charts of progress on Dillagi yet… Dillagi is the most sane drama on air now.. It gives you every reason to wait for it till Saturday’s.

    Dillagi has proven it’s mantle… I pray Mann Mayal too gets same twist in plot n get something interesting.. Hope to see both jumping on top of Trps

    Trps are just a fact I wnt to know how much crowd are peeping their time in these dramas…

    For now it’s Dillagi 👍
    Mann Mayal 👎
    Loads of Love from India (Mumbai)


    • I wish I could give you a ratings of the week but apparently the subscription to this thing is expensive but The MannMayal team regularly post their good ratings on various Facebook pages . I don’t know about Dillagi’s ratings but quite frankly I don’t care . I like watching good drama and I am enjoying Dillagi and Udaari .
      It’s so wonderful that someone from India knows so
      Much more about Our drama schedules ! I had no idea about Gul e Rana affecting Dillagi .. Either way that is the channels headache.
      My only quibble is that channels will stop innovating or investing in good dramas if badly made ones succeed so well

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  2. Sadaf I like your take on Anmol’s psyche. You are so right she has never had to deal with her intellectual equal. And now she has this may be her undoing. What I like about this drama is that you just don’t know what will happen next. One thing though, perhaps its a cultural thing on my part, but I was slightly uncomfortable with Mohid telling Anmol that he has rights as a husband and he implied that he was doing her a favour by not exerting them.


    • Not sure what you mean by cultural thing , but it was strange for me too . I am always told Husband and wife are garments for each other , they cover one another not rip one another apart . Mohid is telling Anmol that he is being the bigger person becuase under normal circumstances a Nikkah means acceptance of intimacy , but he is not pressing the issue because he is a great guy … hmmmm I think Anmol said it right ..Jattaa tho deeya ..but after seeing women with Guns pointed at them for a quite a few serials I am glad that consent is being paid some lip service


      • Maybe I should have worded myself better in my first comment, its just that this forum is not the place to get into different interpretations of culture and religion. For me Nikah means acceptance yes – but also permission for intimacy and not a right for intimacy which Mohid seemed to imply when he used the word ‘huq’. But I know some people’s interpretation could be different and they may see it as a matter of ‘huq’ and see my view as being a liberal western interpretation (hence the use of the word cultural). Within that context yes off course therefore Mohid is a great guy. Anyway lets enjoy the drama and as you said last week Faiza Iftikhar is a good writer and writes good characters. I am enjoying watching Mein Sitara which seems to be a slow ride in the countryside with great scenery. Whereas Dilagi is like being on a roller coaster.

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        • I have to admit a little Western Bias myself . And I dont know yet if Mohid is a great guy .. Everyone likes and treats their family well , that isnt a yardstick .. lets see . I am kind of glad that Anmol took a stand with Mohid Unlike that idiot Gul e Rana who took a sleeping pill on her wedding night or Mannu baji who gets pregnant TWICE from a drug taking alcoholic disrespectful gambler .




  3. Sadaf my HS soul sister,

    The declined peanuts hurt, every time. And there are a lot of times 🙂

    I did a quick catch-up of all episodes and am running in parallel now. Phew! You hit the nail on the head (on the other thread about heroines) when you said Anmol has climbed up high on a mountain and she is going to take a while to climb down. But I guess the chemistry is working well. Partly due to the unrequited love, I would like to think. Right now, I am at a deuce. Am not on anyone’s side. It is going to be interesting to watch Anmol come around. I think right now she is dealing with her surging hatred, and a mix of ego and need for revenge. And, I still think, someone younger would have made a better Mohid but oh, well. But Saba Hameed ..OMG! What a turn this is. She is fabulous. The fleeting expressions on her face are a delight to watch. But technically, lot of things have to be better. I heard the iconic Aunn Zara BGM in some places, lighting is uniformly inconsistent and some closeups stay longer than they should. But Faiza Ifthikar keeps us engaged and thats all I care about. Here’s to more interesting episodes…actually I will take anything to wipe away the horror that is Mann Mayal ( I just saw epi 14 after the first four or five and I am still pretty annoyed, and sorry for the shortchanged Maya)


    • sigh I wish I could laugh the horror of Mann Mayal , their ratings are sky high , something they keep pointing out to their detractors. Having said that TRPs are not the mark of a good drama for me . There are plenty of yawn inducing pot boilers that get ratings .
      I agree with you about being on the fence ..Mohid hmmm stalker but he is a caring person . Anmol is seriously letting her mother down but yes she was a victim . If I were Anmol Mohid’s house would be on fire , she is a little kinder than me . Yes , Yes to Saba Hameed . I am so glad she has more of a role here than the usual heroine ki amma or the controlling mother . This is a wonderfully flesshed ouyt character and she is playing it with complete ease . She is not a dragon , just a normal woman with all the faults and flaws and yes good points . She isn’t conniving against Anmol , but she isn’t saint enough not to give Anmol’s mother a few digs about her daughter’s behavior.
      I see the writer is testing our perceptions of empowerment , I remeber everybody liked Kashaf’s feminsism but hated Ghazalla her mother in law …. l am still not sure because Faiza Iftikhar keeps turning things upside down …. What did you think of Dastagir ?


      • Dastagir is You know, I hadn’t watched any promos of Dillagi – so didnt know the shaadi wala hook. Initially when I saw Mohid Dastagir interactions,, I was thinking- how cool would it be if this was like one of those on the road movies- with a leading conman and his aide ( like Munnabhai and Circuit). How much more fun would it be if it just was a conning game and the ladki was also a con girl and they on-upping each other. Hmmm..wishes, horses etc….


        • SIGH SIGH SIGH … But we are never allowed to go beyond the marriage plot are we ? Hey we could have all of the romance and but what a bout a cool mystery like girl on a train ? or as you say a fun journey ? Nope its alaways my family your family and the doeey ( cooking spoon) in between us


  4. Bonjour Bonjour, Really enjoyed your Beautiful review! First off I thoroughly enjoyed ur radio talk, it was really so amazing & I just want to mention that WE need to educate our Awaam about characters & stories. there are so many ppeople who r still enjoying those Ghissi Pitti stories. Also i need to hav a rant w u on humsafar, i was really naive at tht tym when humsafar aired but Khirad not taking peanuts can b included as ghuroor or stillNotIntrestedInU attitude :p Fara ko kch na kehna, one of my fav chrctr!
    Convey my salam & kindly ask only one question, KIYA SOCH K MANN PAGAL likha tha, srsly this drama really belongs to someother type world, also stereotyping everyone. I feel so disgusted (u cant even imagine) by seeing that Sallu is keeping a track of second tym Pregnant Mannu, Aisi ajeebo Ghareeb Muhabbat! Gosh

    Coming upto one of my fav serials nowadays DILLAGI, its sucha good watch. Well im so loving Mohid, his conficted chracter is quite relatable. I believe tht Mohid is more of the same man we see in our society who use all those old tactics like stalking etc to be with their love but here comes mohid’s good quality tht he wants to win Anmol’s heart. I really like this complex characterization.
    AHHHH SABA HAMEED, be-taaj Hukmaraan type feels were coming to me seeing her in 7 & 8 eps. Anmol ne tu hila k hi rakh diya! she is phenominal
    ANMOL is really ANOKHI, a normal & Sane person cannot always remain in same Scarcastic, revengeful mood! you r so right, marrying up mohid was a wrong & hasty decision.Also i feel Anmol & her mother live in two different worlds, there is no camaraderie. Still confused about her this character & im looking forward to all the surprises coming up!
    Imran Ashraf as Dastaghir is so damn awsum, it truly reminds me of manzar!
    Loads of Love to my Salahuddin =D

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    • I love your comment MZ , you are always so much fun to read !! That comment about Khirad is a joke , well maybe it is ……..
      I am glad that you are picking up on Anmol’s motivations . She is too angry and I can understand that because of the way Mohid approached her . Mohid thought of her as some kind of shikaar or prize rather than a normal women . Mohid is going to learn a BIG lesson too.
      Dtagir is my favourite too . I love how Imran Ashraf is playing this role . It is very different from Manzar , because Manzar was an equal to Aunn and Aunn actually looked to hi for advice . Dastagir is a meddler and a bit of a hero worshipper .I am actually surprised by the wonderful chemistry between Imaran Ashraf and Humayoon Saeed .. thye need their own show !


  5. Enjoyed that Sadaf and the show. You’re right about Anmol…will take many eps for her to calm down 🙂 I’m already feeling sorry for Mohid 😉
    Saba Hameed is fab here…tanz ki kaat toh koi un se seekhay…


    • Indeed Saba hameed really knows how to cut without drawing blood . I notice Anmol’s mother isn’t far behind though , Did you notice the questions about why sabiha ka rishta hasn’t happened ?


      • Yes I thought Anmol’s mother was being intrusive here. I thought you have only known these people for 2 minutes and you are already asking personal questions.


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