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Dillagi episode 9 Review

This week was obviously Faiza Iftikhar’s version of mother’s day as two very different single mothers, with completely different reactions to their daughter’s behavior were presented to us. Zuleika is constantly disappointed in Sabiha for not being the assertive woman she wants her to be while Anmol’s mother desperately wants to tone her angry daughter down. In both cases there is a bond of deep love between mother and daughter but as yet neither mother is able to let go. I don’t think either of these women is right though …. No one should push their daughter away like both these women are doing .mqdefault (1)

I am not sure what the exact details are of Sabiha’s story are, because her track seems to be a dance of the seven veils with one lifted every week ( ….oh no Blog banned ), but Sabiha’s husband cannot be totally awful if she pines for him that much … or can he ? We have to keep in mind Salma is a “bholi larki” and as we know bholi larkiyan pine for the craziest things. Having said all of that; it should be Sabiha’s decision whether she stays with her husband or not. Anmol’s mother is more traditional, she worries about her daughter’s anger issues and headstrong ways. I could understand both sides of the equation. All a mother wants is for their child to be : good , honest , beautiful , sensible , moral , respectful , …… and the list goes on……. And on ….. because in our culture and maybe every culture a mother measures herself and is measured by others by the way her children behave . Anmol’s mother took the traditional drama mother’s point of view ,as in I am pushing you into this pit of snakes called your sasural, for your own good .mqdefault (3)

It was nice to see some bonding between the two daughters. Anmol and Sabiha are poles apart but both were upset about their mother’s lack of understanding.  Anmol was back in my good books for not being petty with Sabiha just because she is Mohid’s sister, but I wonder what makes Sabiha trust Anmol so much, so quickly. Some good acting from Mehwish Hayat today as we finally see Anmol’s Achilles’ heel – her mother. Anmol has been her mother’s friend and support since her father died and it is really painful for her to be cast out like that. Sabiha too has been a good girl, obedient and passive under her mother’s tough rules.

.The funniest part of today was how frightened poor Farid was. I don’t blame the poor guy, even if Mohid did not arrange the accident, the way Mohid threatened him before was enough for any sharif admi to back off. I think Anmol’s sister enjoyed frightening him there was such a look of relish on her face.

I really liked Mohid this episode and Humayoon Saeed was the star this week. Humayoon underplays Mohid and that is what keeps him human and despite his flaws, a little vulnerable. I loved the Hum dil dey chuke Sanam moment when Mohid promises to unite Anmol with Farid. The look on Anmol’s face was so good! As in ..I don’t really want to be with what’s his face …. And Noooo . She did not see that coming !!  Mohid and Anmol are really well matched and their chemistry is certainly what is keeping this serial going.  I am seriously thinking Anmol needs a quick visit to a psychologist, this Freudian..I hate you Mohid but hey, let’s get hitched in five seconds needs to be cleared up in her mind. For an intelligent woman, there are better ways of getting revenge from someone you hate than marrying them.Being the shallow sort I just want to point out THE biggest thing in Mohid’s favour is that He is WAAAAAAAAY better looking than that Thakeyla Farid .hqdefault (9)

This was yet another great episode in what is my must watch list for the week. I am always looking forward to what Anmol is going to do or say, she is so different and so unpredictable !I hope we get some Mohid –Dastagir moments next week

Sadaf Haider


  1. You are in good form, sistah….:)

    The mothers were both spot on. As different as chalk and cheese and as similar as only moms can be. This is one rollercoaster ride. And I am loving it. Just don’t want Anmol to fall into the Kashaf territory and decide to be unhappy/angry about every god***n thing about her life and annoy the hell out of us. Right now, Anmol only has attitude…gratitude will come later perhaps, but aise hi theek hai. We found a weak spot in that headstrong girl – so we know the mother sentiment will play somewhere – Gosh,this would have made for a super fun movie with an adequate dosage of Dastagir-Mohid. Pakistan is coming up with films every week, I read. Hum Dil de chuke hain sanam hi ho jaaye. Uss template mein bhi to kuch films banaaney honge na?

    Speaking of films, how are they received ? At home and overseas? The money is good enough for the makers to ploughback and make more movies?


    • I am praying anmol doesnt become Kashaf …. Kashaf was great but she really couldn’t move on or mature .. drove me CRAAAAAyyy
      I have seen some clips in the OST and I think Anmol is going to come rolling down from that mountain of anger she has climbed . But come on Mohid deserved it . You are quite right this should have been a movie and what fun it would have been .
      Hmm as to the New Pakistani cinema , yes its working and making monies but its still ahs to compete with bollywood and Pakistanis love them some Deepika and SRK ! Well healthy competeition always helps to improve things . I think Bollywood has been welcoming and there is some crosspollination going on at the moment . I think the future looks bright if we can keep up the quality . Jawani phir Nahi aani was superb , I loved Bin Roye despite a few flaws and i am EXCITED for our own Wali to hit the Big screen in BaluMahi ,


      • I feel whatever is running on TV these days… Be it Mann Mayal, Tum kon piya etc… Dillagi is exceptionally beautiful and I feel Mehwish Hayat acting is much better than Maya Ali’s “mazloom, besahari” aurat.. Though I saw many people commenting negative about Mehwish portrayal.. I feel she is making every person glued to Dillagi.. Her strong portray of a woman is just amazing.. Sadaf Appa I feel Mehwish is being consistent still in every episode and giving every reason to see to her every week…
        Dillagi & Udaari going awesome..
        Mann Mayal going slow again…


        • Thank you for commenting . I think Maya is giving a great performance as Mannu but I just dont like Mannu … ( more of that Next week -a review is due )
          As to Mehwish she is doing a fabulous job but there are parts where she could have yielded a bit of ground to be a little more vulnerable . I have to say Nadeem Baig needed to capture those moments a little better too .
          Apart from that Dillagi is my go to drama . It is just so relaxing to watch adrama where everyone has worked out every little kink and motivation . Besides Mohid and Anmol are kind of good together . If only Mohid hadnt acted like a goonda .. well the there would be no story right ? I have to say Anmol is more relatable becuase she isnt an idiot and she isnt obsessed with a Man …. or at least we think she isnt … this thing with Mohid hmmmm

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