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Besharam Episode 2 review


Besharam is shaping up to be an interesting drama. It was a bit clichéd to see Mishaal reject her modeling assignment because the clothes were too revealing but maybe I am old fashioned or boring or both ; but It’s always good to see a heroine with self-respect. Sarwat Nazir knows her audience and so has allowed her Besharam model to be something more than just the typical clothes horse. Mishi is the daughter of a wealthy, powerful man and though she avoids him, that birthright does give her certain flexibility that others in lesser circumstances may not be able to take advantage of. Mishi’s good girl image was further cemented by her business man ka beta Ashiq who had researched her background enough to find out she was just not the scandalous sort. I guess this keeps the puritan in me happy, we all love a good girl, but must goodness always be defined by necklines and how far a hemline falls? It would have been fascinating to see a real woman , one who perhaps who  has had a few relationships , one who might be daring enough to wear “out there “ clothes but we could still empathize with.

The scenes between Rehan Shaikh and Atiqa Odho and then Saba Qamar were all both revealing and powerful. Mishi is surrounded by irresponsible, selfish and self-absorbed adults. She has had to navigate a life between her mother’s various husbands and her father’s absence. There was a lot of pain and an unspoken rebuke in Saba Qamar’s voice as Mishi asked her father why he left her with such an unbalanced mother. It looks as if Saba Qamar is going to totally own this role, from this episode at least. Atiqa Odho and Rehan Shaikh are always an absolute pleasure to watch, so no surprise there. I really wasn’t going to write a review for this episode but I got so caught up in Mishal’s conversation with Danyal as she drove her car that I had to write .Saba Qamar’s expressions were perfect: her character’s need for stability, for something lasting and most of all the fragility she keeps behind her façade of complete confidence were all on display. Sadly it looks as if Mr Ashiq is up to know good, his ridiculous statements of complete devotion are all a trap.

Meanwhile Haider has found himself a godfather, a powerful advocate who bails him out of jail. I suppose humility is not Haider’s strong suite, like many young men in their twenties ,but really all this “in your face “machismo seems out of place. It is always a character’s vulnerabilities which allow them to connect with an audience. Haider has a learning curve to go through I am sure.

Haider’s family seems to be  literally falling apart along all too familiar lines. The money hungry, be- imaan Chacha, Saba, the cousin with a crush on him and the usual majboor mother and sister .At times I wanted to say.. Hello, the 1950’s called and they want their plot back! The best part was Saba and her mother. They are hilarious, thank you Sarwat Nazir for adding them. That scene of Saba’s mother obsessing about  that Nagin drama is a joke that I never tire of !!

I for one really enjoyed this episode and I think this drama is part of a new trend. Like Preet Na Karyo Koi, Dillagi and Udaari, Besharam involves multiple but strong storylines which show the different strata of society and culture, each character is fleshed out and every motivation and plot twist intricately connected. I am not sure what happens to Farooq Rind, perhaps he suffers from a sleeping sickness? When he is awake he produces work like the excellent Jugnoo, but sometimes he goes to sleep and makes Gul e Rana. Thankfully he was awake for Besharam and apart from the unnecessary fight scene in the first episode he seems to be on the ball for this serial. I love Sarwat Nazir’s serials since watching Main Abdul Qadir Hoon. The topics have sometimes been too solemn for me at times  (I reviewed Daagh) but I always end up watching … I admit to watching Shikwa against my will – make of that what you will .

Sadaf Haider


  1. Great review Sadaf. Yes, I too, am enjoying this new phase of good shows! Touch wood!
    Saba Qamar is doing great here…but I would expect nothing less from her anyway.
    Bechar bari jald dhoka khanay wali hai. My 11 yr old was explaining the whole story to her father and elder sis ‘n it was hilarious the way she had it all down flat. Even informed them that this suitor is no good 🙂


    • I think her car is going to takraofy with Haider . One thing I have always ruminated on .. All the bitter , sad people .. In a parallel universe , what if they met the right people or had the right experiences ?


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