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Dillagi episode 10 review



First of all, so sorry for a late review and due apologies to all the people messaging me for this one. I have to say it definitely gives me a (totally legal) high when people message me about missing a review because it is some small assurance that of the 6 people and 1 cat who actually read my reviews at least some of them are awake J. Now Back to Dillagi.

I think I inadvertently called “hum Dil dey Chuke Sanam” on Mohid’s offer last week but for that to work, Anmol would have to be a Bholi larki. Thankfully Anmol was never innocent enough to get herself a boyfriend and is so chalaaq that she doesn’t believe in the sanctity of an unhappy marriage. Anmol is quite rightly angry at Mohid but  if (when) she does accept him it will be because he deserves her loyalty.. Anmol’s tension with Mohid’s character is perfect; their chemistry is what makes the plot work. These two look amazing together and I was smiling like a totally Un- politically correct idiot when Mohid asked her exactly what she thought he might do to her. Kudos to writer Faiza Iftikhar, director Nadeem Baig and the actors for creating such a cute scene out of one stray lock of hair.  Bechari Anmol she doesn’t know what is going on, she keeps wanting Mohid to react, to give her some absolute proof that he is the dreadful man she thinks he is and it just isn’t happening.

So far I have really enjoyed Mehwish Hayat’s performance as Anmol but I think she needed to take it down one more notch in her scenes with her own mother but the scenes with Sabiha were excellent . It was great to see Anmol and Sabiha bonding instead of pulling each other down. So Sabiha is in a bind because of her own silly complaints and her mother’s zidd. It was also good to see these stupid filmi qasam’s pointed out as a the nonsense they are because in so many stories they are a tiresome plot point …who isn’t tired of hearing  …”main zubain dey chuki hoon  ” Translate….”,you are marrying the local psychopath because his mother came for chai and biscuits”.  Faiza Iftikhar’s dialogues are so good and the points raised by her characters are exactly what any normal person might say making even this outlandish situation looks credible.

Needless to say I loved Saba Hamid this week. “Main oon Saason mein sey nahi hoon jo beton kay zareeye bahu ko paighaam pohnchany, Nahi mujhay ussy gutney sey lagaa kay betaaney ka Shauq hai “says Zubeida: another sensible woman who gets on with her own life instead making needless melodrama. However her decision for her daughter is wrong, only Sabiha can decide whether she wants to leave her husband. Zubeida is a lot like Anmol in some ways both are fair minded but because they are both more intelligent and perceptive than those around them doesn’t make either of them right every time . So Sabiha’s mother wants a divorce for her daughter while Anmol’s mother is pushing her daughter  to normalize her marriage . Both love their girls , both want what they think is best for them . I am so glad Anmol’s mother understood her daughter and came to visit her . I am sick of seeing the callous, unrealistic mothers in our dramas who are trying to earn medals for achi Tarbeeyat and maintaining strict principles by allowing their children to be abused and treated like dirt .

This episode was of course Mohid’s because this was a moment of revelation for him. I felt sorry for Mohid this week having to handle so many difficult situations in one single household: his reluctant, angry wife, his angry, stubborn mother and then his sulky, majboor sister plus his general work load .They say God rewards the patient and Mohid got his when Anmol’s sister let explained the truth about Anmol’s lack of actual feelings for Farid. The grin on Mohid’s face was one of relief and understanding. Humayoon Saeed continues to impress as Mohid, and this week was definitely his episode. Mohid is not a very communicative sort, like most Men he keeps his own counsel and this is the reason that his life is a mess at the moment. Some better communicational skills and his marriage might have not been such a game of Russian roulette. I am sorry Farid and Anmol; I have now officially joined the Mohid Camp. I don’t want to because his initial behavior was frightening, but it does seem if he might really not be that bad, he might even be a lamb behind that nauseating macho posturing. Besides I am dreadfully weak, I always side with the good-looking one. In this case Mohid and Anmol look fabulous together. I loved those yellow and purple combos that Mehwish is sporting.

Talking of chemistry Imran Ashraf and Maryam Askeri look good together too. I hope we get to see more of them. I am missing Dastagir’s acts of overconfident idiocy. Right now he is being sensible but hopefully it won’t last long. The way Mohid asked Dastagir to mind his own business and just find Farid is bound to lead to something. Dastagir’s hero worship won’t let him see Mohid unhappy.

Another fabulous episode from Team Dillagi! The way the scenes are lit, the romance and the subtle, easy drawing together of the story lines can  all be  credited to the magic of Nadeem Baig’s excellent direction. Faiza Iftikhar’s wonderful story takes a new twist each week and is a treat to watch . As usual all the actors were well in to their characters and made this one of the easiest things to watch , because everyone was on the same page .

Sadaf Haider


  1. Such an awesome ep. I too was smiling silly during that ‘baal ki lut’ scene 🙂 Later I got my family to see the whole ep too (I insisted they have to see it or they’ll keep asking me questions 4 eps down ke yeh kaisay hua)…all of them were smiling silly as well!
    I too love that line by SH (and Faiza Iftikhar!), saying she doesn’t want to send messages to her bahu…thank God for her good sense…
    Aur shukar hai Mohid finds out about Anmol not being in love with that chap…usually in dramas such thing are dragged so much.
    Thank you to the entire team and thank you for a great review Sadaf!


    • Thank you Afia it’s got to be good when to veterans drama watchers like us are engrossed. This is my relaxation for the week . I even watch the repeats 🙂


      • Guilty of that too 🙂
        That ‘faal nikalna’ scene was so cute too. My girls, even though we’ve lived in lahore for ever, weren’t familiar with that kind of thing… Imran Ashraf and Maryam Askari r so cute together. Just shows how a good script can do wonders…


  2. Tumhe Dillagi Bhool Jane Padegi… Mohabbat ki rahon mein aa kar toh dekho… Shit I’m hooked to this song and brilliant acting by Mehwish, Humayun & Saba Hameed.. It is the show I’m eagerly waiting every week.. This is by far best acting by Mehwish after Manjali and Mirat ul uroos. In this episode I felt it was pretty early to know Mohid about Anmol & Farid.. I thought for a moment now what next, what is Mohid gonna do… But still I believe in Faiza Ifthikhar script and something amazing till end… Dillagi is exceptionally beautiful & first of women centric antagonist as well as protagonist in one frame… Hope dillagi doesn’t derail somewhere like Mann Mayal..

    Dillagi Team.. Loads of wishes & Love from India

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