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Dillagi episode 11




Dillagi is the story of two ziddi, over confident people, Anmol (Mehwish Hayat) and Mohid (Humayoon Saeed). Anmol is a strong, practical girl who has helped her widowed mother and younger sister survive since her father death. She is the de facto head of her family and is used to relying on no one except herself. Mohid is a businessman, known for his strong arm tactics, hired to repossess Anmol’s family home. While Mohid falls head over heels in love with independent and courageous young woman he meets, Anmol is less impressed. She can only see him as a stalker and local goonda, the impression is further solidified with Mohid’s blundering attempts at courtship. They say Opposites attract and  too many chiefs means no leader at all, this serial  illustrates this vividly as the main protagonists play a strategic game of wills, pushing each other to their limits to see who will give up first. Writer Faiza Iftikhar and director Nadeem Baig have made a fascinating story with twist after twist in true filmi style, leaving the audience breathless to see what will happen next.

High lights

This is one serial which manages to turn every ghissa pitta expectation on its head. Anmol thinks Mohid has frightened and threatened her husband to be Farid away, so she plans her revenge. Women in general are expected to be pacified by marriage and cowed by divorce but here we have a heroine who not only initiates the marriage but forces it on the man, even as she plans the divorce. Anmol is not your average bholi larki, who crumples at the ‘D’ word, or is willing to put up with any form of abuse from her “Piya”. Mehwish Hayat plays Anmol with great skill projecting both strength and determination with flawless ease, but we have yet to see the vulnerability that can sometimes be a powerful character’s saving grace.  No matter how justified the character might be, people in general don’t like an angry young woman. Amongst the current bevy of drama heroines Anmol is a revolutionary character, a girl   actually interested in her own self-preservation.

Director Nadeem Baig has managed to elicit a string of great performances from his star cast. Saba Hamid is in excellent form as Mohid’s opinionated mother, Zulekha, who is determined to get her unwilling daughter a divorce Meanwhile Asma Abbasi gives a rare, restrained but effective portrayal as Anmol’s more traditional mother pushing her daughter to accept marriage to Mohid. Writer Faiza Iftikhar skillfully presents us with the two competing images of that delicate yet unbreakable mother and daughter bond which only women understand. Mohid’s sister Sabiha is well played by Uzma Hassan as the spoiled, immature daughter, always being protected by someone. Her situation is one of the central dilemmas of this serial: how far should compromise go? Sabiha taunts her husband and receives a hearty slap, something her mother will not forgive. Sabiha explains to Anmol, that apart from that one moment, she was very happy. In a society rife with domestic violence, does it stop with just one slap? Was that something to let go as an aberration or warning of a lifetime of misery?

Iftikhar’s, strongest suite has always been the wonderful way she depicts family life and the bonds between women. Even her Nand /Bhabi relationships are far removed from the evil sazishes and manipulations we often see, so Anmol and Sabiha are friendly and not obsessed with pulling each other down. The male bond is not neglected either .Humayoon Saeed has some great screen chemistry with his right hand man Dastagir played with excellent comic timing by Imran Ashraf. In another side track Dastagir is cooking up a romance with the Mishal Anmol’s equally smart sister played by Maryam Ansari.

At its heart though Dillagi is a romance and it does not disappoint. Mohid is the archetypal romantic hero: handsome, brave and as stated earlier, a little too confident in his own judgment and abilities .Humayoon Saeed and Mehwish Hayat have some great screen chemistry and it is this electricity which gives the whole story its momentum. Humayoon has Mohid’s character well in hand but at times underplays, what is a flamboyant character.

For the most part Humayoon Saeed’s Mohid has been the stabilizing force, charming the audience into empathizing with him despite some distinctly bad behavior in the first few episodes, because he is sincere with both his angry bride and his demanding family. This week he realizes that his over smart bride has been playing a game with him , pretending to love the man she lost but instead of handling it with humility ,just like his bride he cannot help overplaying his hand. In a the spirit of a high stake game , Mohid takes his reluctant bride to Sevan Sharif where he wants her to face Farid , the man Anmol claims to love . Director Nadeem Baig captures the essence of this challenge beautifully as both protagonists offer competing prayers , one full of hate and the other full off love.

In short Dillagi is a well-directed, well written, quality drama which is easy viewing for the whole family. A show which subtly challenges its  audience  to think  and ask questions , without ever claiming to push a message is both an achievement and a welcome change.




  1. After reading this review I got confused is this review is written by Sadaf Appa.. Bcaus I got so hitched to her writing that I can’t relate some of the lines or maybe idk y I felt this review is not written by her… But in the end I somewhere felt maybe it’s Sadaf Appas writing… Coming to episode 11 its been a gripping story so far hope it continues till the end… Dillagi awesome man loving it…❤️❤️

    Is it true during Ramzan people don’t watch TV after 7pm.?
    Ramzan Mubarak Sabhi ko… Sadaf Appa u too…

    Loads of wishes from India ❤️


    • ITs me I promise ! ..Just the style is a little different becuase I was writing for a newspaper article . When I write for the blog its a more casual .. DIl se nikla style but ,for a newspaper I have to be formal and include information bfor people who may not be regular watchers . Thanks for reading Aki !
      Ramzan mubarak to you dear . Some people are very religious and skip Tv while fasting .. but as fasting ends around 7 to 8;30 that is actually when people watch Tv the most .. hope that answers your question .
      Glad to kow you love Dillagi .. will be catching up with it in true blog style soon 🙂


    • akii, I was a li’l confused too 🙂 was checking for credits.
      Was waiting for the latest ep till 10.30 pm tonight (I’m definitely not one of those who skip tv in Ramzan)
      ARY has unfortunately given priority to that gameshow fiasco of Fahad Mustafa. That’s so painfuly long that DIllagi which was advertised for 10 pm, actually ran another half hr later 😦 Was so tired by the end of it.


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