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Dillagi episodes 11,12,13Review


So a lot has happened in Dillagi and while I have been watching every episode I have not been writing as much. It is Ramadan plus a lot of other things going on but hopefully from now on I will be a lot more regular with my posts.

Back to Dillagi which is moving along very nicely. Mohid and Anmol have come back from their so called honeymoon in Sevan Shareef ( it sounds funny just reading it !) and they did not have the hum dil dey chuke Sanam show down because Farid was smart enough not to be found . I think Farid has had a lucky escape; Anmol would have made him utterly miserable. There were however a lot of great scenes at Sevan shareef. Director Nadeem Baig had a field day with some fantastic film style shots which gave echoed the inner struggle both Mohid and Anmol are going through.

Anmol is eaten up with anger and frustration even though she was the one who decided to marry Mohid. I would like to be annoyed with her and say calm down already but really, despite all of Mohid’s good points, It makes sense. Anmol’s reactions are normal, her frustration, her contempt are all normal human reactions. When I compare them to the sudden compliance I see from women across our screens it actually seems like a small beacon of hope .According to most dramas these days all a man has to do is force a woman into a Nikkah and her “sharafat” and fear of the stigma of divorce will immediately bring her to heel. Most of the Sevan Shareef visit was quite fun with Mohid goading Anmol into saying something about Farid. This seems typical of Mohid who has a kind of passive aggressive sense of humour. Anyway all the teasing is cute because Anmol just refuses to take the bait.

Meanwhile the Dastagir/ Mishaal track is picking up steam. I am really not sure about these two yet, while Imran Ashraf may have the best lines and to his credit is playing his role well, the jury is still out on this romance. Mishaal and Dastagir are now working to help ‘fix’ the situation between Mohid and Anmol. I can see train wreck written all over this but I am sure it will be fun to watch.

The really big news out of the last two episodes is that Sabiha is pregnant. Poor thing she is walking around like a criminal even though she has done nothing wrong. I love how these girls love their mothers and are willing to sacrifice for them. Faiza Iftikhar has set up a strong contrast between Mohid’s mother and Anmol’s mothers; both of whom wants what’s best for their children and are happy to emotionally blackmail their daughters as they see fit. I think Anmol’s mother is right to stop Anmol from using Sabiha to get back at Mohid but obviously Zuleika is very wrong in forcing her daughter to leave her husband. How many of our decisions are influenced by our parents, especially our mothers? At times we have to realise they are human just like us and that we too have to make our own decisions. Faiza Iftikhar’s stories are always full of women who deal with the situations life presents to them without resorting to sazishes and waiting for a man to rescue them.

This serial is so much fun to watch, there has not been a bad episode or a boring moment yet. My only complaint is that Humayoon Saeed needs to loosen up; even in the more playful moments he seems determined to prove Mohid is the boss. This week’s best scenes were Anmol hunting for a place to sleep so she could avoid her “drunken” husband. She is so determined to believe the worst about him that she always jumps to the worst conclusion.

Sadaf Haider


  1. Hi Sadaf!
    Thank you for writing, even with the rozas et al. Loving Dillagi and your reviews (the informal style more though I know that for the papers you need to write differently).
    The “finding a bed” was so cute 🙂 Loved the way Mohid continues to tease Anmol and how her mom’s dialogue is played out once more, this time not in Anmol’s favour.
    Huge thanks to the whole team!


  2. Waiting for Dillagi every Saturday is worth because not only the story is appealing but the actors have done an excellent job. Mohid n Anmols chemistry has been a high point for making this drama wat it is… Dillagi is not lik a typical SaaS Bahus drama it some sort of “women rules”…
    Loads of wishes from India ❤️❤️
    Happy Ramadan.. 🌙


    • Thank you ! Khair Mubarak ! I am so glad you are enjoying this drama . I think most people echo your sentiments about it being a refreshing change from the typical women oriented drama ..


  3. Oh Sadaf, but Mohid is the boss! He totally owns this role. This drama is such an absolute delight. I want to hate Mohid but I can’t. And I want to empathize with Anmol but I can’t do that either!!!


    • Lol now I know Humayoon Saeed is Winning;) . Well I kind if like Mohid too especially in the last two or three episodes. I know beychari Anmol we cannot understand why she keeps saying no 😉


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