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Dillagi 14 episode review


Finally a real man should be the title of this episode! I thought both the writer and director were playing with the audience this week. Will Mohid turn into the usual Shakki  mard of our dramas and spin into some kind of depression or do something dumb … but no He stood tall and walked away from Anmol’s baiting with complete confidence . Love that attitude! In real life men are not constantly thinking their wives are going to have an affair. I must say I love Mohid’s sangfroid; after all he has plenty of evidence to the contrary but only Mishal’s word that Anmol doesn’t care about Farid.

Meanwhile Mohid and Anmol.I continue to provide lots of cute smile inducing moments this week. Well played Mohid and the Biriyani game! The look on Anmol’s face as he happily dug in was priceless. The trouble with Anmol is that

  1. the girl has no sense of humour
  2. She thinks she is the only smart guy in the room

Mohid is no fool and he is a business man with a lot of experience and he has had to handle the likes of Zulekha and Sabiha all his life, so Anmol kiss kheyt ki mooli hai. I hope his confidence and strength of character last.

Is it just me or is there anyone else who cannot understand Sabha’s problem? Why doesn’t she just tell her mother, as Zulekha says they are all adults? I can understand that it must be embarrassing and maybe even frightening but come on Sabiha put your big girl pants on and take a stand. This is why I get so annoyed with bholi larkiyan … Sabiha has led such a sheltered life that making her own decisions is always difficult even at this stage of life . Maybe she doesn’t want to hurt her mother but there are limits to filial loyalty especially if she is going to be mother.

I just loved the scene between Zulekha and Anmol today: Game and match point to the mother in law, I say. Saba Hamid as always in brilliant form both as Saas and mother. I adore Zulekha’s character, she is never quite as mean and or as dominating as she wishes to appear. Her attempts at ordering her servants around always somehow fail.

So this was again Humayoon Saeed’s episode: smooth confident and cool he and Mohid were very much in control. Needless to say Mehwish and Humayoon look amazing together. Now let’s see where Anmol’s adventuring takes her.. ….And how long Mohid’s patience lasts.

The Mishaal /Dastagir game was on this week. Imran Ashraf has a good handle on his character and keeps him interesting by not always going for the slapstick. So Dastagir has both sisters confused now. Mishaal was convinced Mohid was not the bad guy now she is not so sure and Anmol is convinced Mohid is Bhatta khore .. Well Anmol is just looking for reasons because that monumental ego of hers just doesn’t want to accept any evidence to the contrary.

Meanwhile well done team Dillagi for yet another fun, enjoyable episode. This is an exceptionally well made drama, which never fails. Director Nadeem Baig and writer Faiza Iftikhar make quite a team. I really wish they would make a film sometime; in fact Dillagi would have been a great movie.

Sadaf Haider


  1. Enjoyed the review Sadaf. And the ep. HS is super cool.
    My only complaint – ARY puts of all those circus shows (nothing Ramzan like about ahad Mustafa getting people to pay cheap games) at prime time and leaves this for 10.30 or later. Have to wait endlessly for it 😦 Not cool ARY!


  2. Sadaf Appa.. Excellent review….
    This week’s episode increased pace of the story and it’s getting better day by day.. Idk y I’m in love with Anmols character.. Maybe I haven’t seen such character on small screen yet.. Mohid calm nature helps him to head with Anmol well written by Faiza Appa.. Surely it can be a film but in India we wouldn’t be able to watch… Better it’s a awesome drama…

    Loads of wishes of Ramzan from India…
    Share Respect.. Share love
    Ramzan humara Eman…


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