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Dillagi episode 15 Review

Another episode of Dillagi and another twist in the plot! I was getting a little fed up of Sabha’s whiny baby act, and then I realized the poor woman was right to be afraid. With a mother like Zuleika what else is she supposed to do?

Zuleika finally confirms that her daughter is pregnant and instead of comforting or reassuring her daughter she slaps her.  Before I say anything more, I am not sure the viewing public need to see Sabiha forced onto a bed to be examined … file under Too Much Information ….. I think the director could have been a lot more subtle. Coming back to the main problem, to a certain extent I can understand  Zuleika’s logic. In her opinion Fazal is good for nothing, weak person who has not claimed his wife in several years and didn’t keep her happy when he had the chance. Zuleika has high standards for her son in law, but not everyone is as daring and strong as Mohid (perhaps not even Mohid).

A lot of the blame lies with Sabiha for continuously complaining and undermining her husband and their relationship in front of her mother. Parents generally want what is good for their child no matter what and in Zuleika’s worldview if Fazal is never going to man up, why should Sabiha take the risk of having his child and hear a lot of nasty gossip when a divorce may come at any time?  It’s not a good way of thinking but from some of Zuleika’s comments to her children about how she struggled to raise them; her past may also be a contributing factor. We sometimes forget that our mothers are not superhuman, they are not born as adults; they too were once young and are very much products of their own personal histories. Still No one has the right to force an abortion on a mother. Maybe this Baby will help Sabiha and Fazal to grow up and get over their respective egos?

Meanwhile Mohid is increasingly confused by Anmol’s behavior and though he hasn’t fallen into full on Shukk mode, he is very near the edge. Well even our swashbuckling Mohid is after all only a man and of course it is completely ironic that Anmol succeeds in needling Mohid when she least intends too. Beychara Mohid , I actually felt for him today …. Bas yeh Ishq nahi ahsaan…. I have to say I really liked Anmol taking the initiative and visiting Fazal. I have always admired women with courage and principles and despite all her ziddi, outspoken ways and over confidence Anmol looked rather endearing today. I loved the confrontation between Saas Bahu this week. Poor Anmol was caught in a lie and Zuleika had a field day. Needless to say both Saba Hamid and Mehwish Hayat were brilliant. Saba Hamid was like a tigress toying with her food and Mehwish was totally en point with her impassive block and switch routine.

Dastagir and Mishal’s conversations were another high point this week. Imran Ashraf undoubtedly has the best lines, but I wish Maryam Ansari would pick up on them. I know Mishaal is all about deflating Dastagir’s ego but Maryam Ansari is just too deadpan for me at times .Still there were some fun scenes and I did like Mishal’s attitude , Dastagir needs to take his game up a notch .

Apart from the TMI in the beginning, another fun episode from Team Dillagi ! I am always so grateful to directors like Nadeem Baig who take time to visualize and understand the story they are making so I don’t have to spend hours trying to figure out what happened or why. This serial is always a delight to watch, each scene is beautifully shot and the story never slows down. Faiza Iftikhar has written a great script with one twist after another, keeping the audience intrigued with every episode. So let’s see if Fazal can man up next week, and how far Mohid’s patience can last …

Sadaf Haider


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