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Udaari episode 12 Review


This was one of the heartbreaking episodes of any drama serial I have ever watched. True to form director Ehtashamuddin gave us a spoon full of sugar just before the bitter truth of Zebu and Sajjo’s terrible situation was brought home. I understand the need to lighten the mood for certain sections of the audience but at times I have worried that the constant to and fro from light to dark moods would lessen the impact of the assault Zebu has suffered. Makers really need to trust the intelligence of the viewing audience and let the full force  of what has happened in the story take effect. Happily I was not disappointed as most of this episode was devoted to just that.

After last week’s cliff hanger, when Meera revealed that she wasn’t Farwa the band managed to get hearing because of HSY ki sifaraish. It was a bit odd watching Hadiqa Kayani judge her own voice but I have to agree it really is beautiful soulful one, a rare talent indeed. I loved all the reactions to the band finally making it to a TV spot but Sheeda’s and the reaction at Elyas household where the best. What a treasure Bushra Ansari is, just one scene and she can make you laugh and cry in the space of seconds .Being the sort who likes visiting the zoo though, I Think I enjoyed Elyas and his mother’s shock even more. My goodness, those two are such pieces of work, so sure of their own self-importance and worth, and sadly we all know a few people like that.

However the real focus of this week’s episode was Zebu, as Sajjo slowly began to understand that there was something terribly wrong. Director Ehtashamuddin deserves a standing ovation for the way he translated this to the screen. Sajjo’s’ sheer loneliness and as she sits on the charpoy thinking, the way she burns her fingers as the creeping sense of realization overtakes her and then the shock of understanding  that makes her spill the rice : maybe Meera was right. Each scene was picturized with imagination and subtle creativity allowing the viewers to connect with her state of mind.

This is every parent’s nightmare, the one thing no parent wants to even imagine happening. It can happen to any parent, and as a society we like to point fingers rather than support someone before or after an event. Life is not easy for single parents, male or female they have to make up for the missing parent and earn a living. Since her first husband’s death all of Sajjo’s efforts have been aimed at making her daughter’s life better , even her marriage to Imtiaz was mostly to provide for her young daughter and now she must face up to the fact that she has let a monster into Their lives. Sammiya Mumtaz proves again what a great actress she is with a simply brilliant performance, her expressions, her body language was just perfect in every scene. The young girl playing Zebu has also done a commendable job showing  all the fear and intimidation a young child suffers in such circumstances.

In an on air  interview with me ( at Radio Azad), Actor Ahsan Khan praised Ehtashamuddin for being a hands on director who makes sure he tells his actors what he needs from them and it has certainly paid off in Udaari, with so many great performances. Ahsan Khan has been a powerhouse as the evil Imtiaz switching with cunning ease between his Jekyll and Hyde personas. Imtiaz is a little scared of Sajjo but is brazening his way through, pretending that bags of fruit and toys will get him through. Sajjo is frightened and confused but she has no one to turn to.  Her sister is completely selfish and is happy that someone like Imtiaz has taken care of the Sajjo, whom she considers a “problem”. A predator often isolates his victims, because it’s always easy to pick off a straggler that gets separated from the herd. Next week’s promo showed a sad Sajjo praying for her “ruined ” daughter , I hope this myth of “ruin” is another issue dealt with . The quicker we change minds on this the better for victims .I still cannot get over the nauseating lyrics of that dreadful drama Sangat ” mera Jism mera Gunnah hai ” Its about time we laid the blame , guilt and shame firmly at the feet of the perpetrator as in the rapist .

Udaari has been a fantastic serial from its first episode and hopefully it is also bringing a very important message home to the viewing audience, raising awareness just as much as it entertains. Writer Farhat Ishtiaq, director Ehtashamuddin and the entire Udaari team deserve a round of applause for this great serial.

Sadaf Haider

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  1. You said it all so well Sadaf. Love this show and this ep was heartbreakingly good. fantastic!
    Some chilling scenes….gave my daughters an extra hug after those and told them ke this is why I keep such an eye over you. Allah sub ki khair rakhay.


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