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Dillagi episode 23 review

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This may go down as my favourite episode, but I am trying to play it cool because the finale looks just as amazing. I was just not sure Anmol and Mohid’s reconciliation would work , after all these two are such strong , stubborn characters and any cop out would have left a bitter taste in my mouth . No matter what her faults I really like Anmol , she is loud ,outspoken and doesn’t give a fig for public opinion but she is painfully honest and actually very caring despite her sometimes rough tongue- love her to pieces ! Faiza Iftikhar has written a fascinating character so far removed from the silly , unrealistic bholi larkiyan and Mazloom women we so often see on screen. Mehwish Hayat was nothing short of magnificent today, showing us all the flips , twists and turns of her characters mood with just her expressions . She made the whole episode work like a charm.hqdefault (2)

I think Anmol realised she never wanted to leave Mohid when she turned back from the lawyer’s office last week, but pride can be a devil that drives us to the very edge .So she turned up at Mohid’s office to hash things out again. Mohid’s confrontation with that nasty piece of work Kifayat Ali was nicely done. In the heat of the moment Mohid verses a truck full of goondas looked totally believable, it was only after the episode was over that I remembered the goondas could have used a gun. Well played by Humayoon Saeed and of course the master of the game, Director Nadeem Baig . No dialogues were necessary, the look on Anmol’s face said it all: her final bias shattered she surrenders to her true feelings. Sharmindagi , love and fear all showed in just one glance.

Back home, Anmol spends the evening sifting through her memories, all the things Mohid did that broke down the wall she had built up against him. . Anmol is so used to having Mohid waiting for her, when she doesn’t see him, she is so afraid that she has finally succeeded in scaring him away. I didn’t even realise I was crying when she finds him standing behind her.  What a beautiful sequence, the buildup and release of tension were just perfect! I just love how Mohid waited for his headstrong wife to actually come to him , completely of her own free will . Hats off to Faiza Iftikhar, Nadeem Baig, Humayoon Saeed and Mehwish Hayat for making something so simple, seem so sweet. Now we see why these two are made for each other, why Mohid was willing to go through an Aag ka darya to catch Anmol. I loved all the scenes of Mohid and Anmol at her house, finally these two are normal married couple, relaxed and comfortable in each other’s company. More importantly Anmol’s mother got some relief from all the tension she has been going through since the day Anmol took the crazy decision to take the Qazi to Mohid’s house.

If this was the film that it could have been, this would have been the ideal ending but as it’s a drama there are still a few loose ends to clear up. While Anmol and Mohid may have made it up and forgiven each other, Zulekha stands firm, asking Anmol to go through with the revenge she had taunted that her mother in law would never allow. I am no scholar but doesn’t religion advise us against taking oaths against ourselves? So Zulekha says she is only testing Anmol’s love for Mohid after seeing her son suffer for so long, personally I think Zulekha needs a Xanax because if Mohid suffered he was the one who pushed his way into Anmol’s life in the first place.dg2

Much as I disagree with Zulekha, Saba Hamid gave another powerful performance staying true to character. Zulekha insists Anmol slap Mohid back in front of her servants but Anmol runs away. Poor Anmol, who doesn’t regret things said in the heat of anger and who wouldn’t be angry after the questions Mohid asked?   Some great acting from Humayoon Saeed made this sequence so watchable , the guy was literally begging to be slapped to get it over with .After all why would a man who could face off so many goondas worry about a slap from his wife ?

Next week’s promo shows Mohid and his family going to Anmol’s house with the full band, baja, baraat and everyone laughing. I am guessing this will be the point when idiot Kifayat Ali shows his hand. I am keeping my finger’s crossed that this doesn’t end in Mohid’s death.. Really it would be like a knife in the gut – totally stupid and unnecessary. Instead it would be nice if Mishal and Dastagir had their little romance declared and sanctified.  I am sure the writer and director have some metaphorical fireworks up their sleeves, but please don’t fix what isn’t broken.

Sadaf Haider


  1. I have to slightly disagree regarding Zulekha :). This lady gives advice to the ladies of the whole mohalla. If Zulekha,had heard about this situation about another family she would have advised that the woman gives the man the exact same treatment, regardless of Anmol’s words. Having kept her daughter at home for years over the same issue how could she let her son get away with slapping a women. Zulekha would have no credibility if she let this issue go. I am not saying she is right, look how unhappy her daughter was for years, but there was logic to her actions, this is how her character works, why should we expect any different? I suspect the audience including myself were so happy to see Anmol and Mohid together that we were unwilling for Zulekha to apply her her ‘justice’, we just want our happy ending. It would have been out of character for Zulekha, to not do what she did.

    Anyway Zulekha it seems may have learnt from her daughter’s unhappiness when its revealed that her real reason was to test Anmol’s arrogance, see if she had in fact changed. Yes Mohid barged into her life but it was Anmol who showed up with a Maulvi one night at their house.

    By the way are we ever going to find out what the haq mehr was on that nikahnama or was this revealed in the episodes I missed?

    (why did I think episode 23 was the last episode – my mistake)


    • I can see your point and I can see Zulekha’s point but I think there comes a point where it might be better to forgive a few things and move on . As I said Zulekha is true to character and like any mother she is being protective of her son but it just just like any mother she must have seen Mohid’s face ….. I mean let up woman , as anmol turned just grab her hand and say hey point proved .
      Yes what is the Haq meher ? Faiza If you are reading could you explain ?


  2. Sadaf, fab fab review, maza aagaya. Thank you for doing this for people like me 🙂 x

    Must thank the whole Dillagi clan as well. They’re all so fantastic at their jobs that this makes it the best 35 mins of the week- (a li’l shorter ep than usual though…. I just saw it twice to satiate myself 🙂 Yes MH was perfect in depicting all the emotions running through Anmol’s head and HS, well if any lady wasn’t alreay in love with him, then she too must have succumbed by now 😉
    Nadeem Baig is fast becoming one of my fav directors. We were watching “Annie ki aayegi baraat” y’day and I discovered that it was jointly directed by NB and Marina Khan. I had no clue that NB was a part of that hilariously awesome project. Vasay’s script was fantastic (the punjabi in me loves that humour) and the directors made it so well.

    Absoloutely love Faiza Iftikhar’s dialogues…fav one today was “Na larnay ka saleeqa, na mohabbat ka tareeqa…” Anyway, So I am relying on Faiza Iftikhar’s good judgement to give us a happy ending!


    • I agree I love Nadeem Baig’s direction , he knows how to keep a story interesting and focussed . I wasn’t a huge fan of the Baraat series , I just liked the first one after that Bushra ansari wore me down! AND I did not like all the Punjabi stereotypes used .
      Humayoon and Mehwish brought their A game to this drama , loved the play of emotions across their faces . AAAAH that scene where she runs to find him was so sweet maar dalaaa !!


      • “Maar dala” is exactly what a friend texted in 🙂 To elaborate, she was referring to HS, “zaalim ne maar dala” 😉
        Ref Bushra Ansari, I have a relative who’s exactly like Saima Ch. so didn’t seem too far fetched to me at all. Plus I love the way it is just so refreshing for the tired mind. Total maza.


  3. According to starting promos Mehwish Hayat again visit Shevan Sharif and was seen crying… Maybe this will be because she wud hav lost Mohid in Finale episode.. Being a true follower of Dillagi I feel Mohid n Anmol shouldn’t meet because then it will be considered as a normal drama like any other.. Yes one thing add on, in promo Mehwish runs from his hom in her wedding dress… Yes there is to be some action packed sequence in last episode… Getting collywobbles, wats gonna happen, nonetheless an awesome drama which Pakistani friends didn’t made on top of Trp charts but surely it is the Best Drama of 2016 with Udaari… Mehwish Hayat seamlessly acted brilliantly leaving behind that mazloom aurat tag from Mahira & Maya which are used to such roles.. Dillagi Rocks… 🔥🔥🔥


    • Good to hear from you , but we are going to have to disagree on the ending . I want Mohid and Anmol to be happy . That is perhaps my basic nature , I don’t think Mohid dying will
      Make the drama better . Actually Dillagi has made it to the top of the charts just not in the beginning . Mehwish is a good actress and certainly she is brilliant as Anmol .


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