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Dillagi episode 24 review


hqdefault (6) Ever since Humayoon Saeed gave an interview about changing Dillagi’s ending , everyone has been guessing Mohid might go his cousin Afzal’s way by getting himself shot . Afzal’s death was incredibly unfair and if Nadeem Baig and Faiza Iftikhar kill Mohid off it will ruin the whole flavour of this serial .

Coming back to this week’s episode though, apart from the needless shooting it was a wonderful episode to watch. After so many episodes the Dillagi crew has connected so well with us that it seemed like going to a party full of old friends . The whole family atmosphere and the sheer joy of the simple wedding festivities and was so wonderfully captured on screen.  Dastagir and Mishaal were the funniest, without being forced or over the top as is so often the case in these wedding sequences. Imran Ashraf had me grinning ear to ear as he was screaming Mishal’s name out louder than her, by now suspicious mother, and the way he sat and played the dholki was even more sweet .

As it was a shadi, I think I have a perfect right to talk about Anmol’s wedding outfit, which was more subdued than I expected but looked really good on her. One thing that really caught my eye was Sabha’s ear ring, it was gorgeous. It looked like a kind of drum made of strung seed pearls and please god I must possess it at some point in my earthly existence. Sigh , it was quite obvious that the audience was being lulled into a false sense of security as Mohid came into Anmol’s house looking that good .

When the shot from Kifayat Ali’s goons hit Mohid everything turned to ashes.  Mohid, covered in blood lying on the floor by his mother and Anmol meeting his eyes ,not able to take any of it as real. The look on Anmol’s face , as if all her life had just passed her by before she could enjoy even  a moment of it , captured the entire moment. I am not always a fan of Mehwish Hayat , ( her glam avatars  in some serials  annoy the life out of me ) but She has done more than justice to Anmol’s role . A simply brilliant performance from her this week! The saddest scenes might have been as she was pulled away from the pool of blood where Mohid had lain. Nadeem Baig certainly picturized this entire sequence beautifully, catching the vast emptiness of the courtyard after all the festivities went sour. I couldn’t help but gripe; maybe he has had a little too much practice ? Afzal’s death was too painful , please not again .

Humayoon Saeed played Mohid perfectly this episode, just like the sacrificial lamb full of wonder and naïve happiness that his dream had finally come true.   The other standout was as always Saba Hamid who i just knows how to play the audience.  It was heart wrenching listening to her trying to find out what she had done wrong for this to happen to her pride and joy. Zulekha hasn’t been the usual brainless mother of our TV screens, yes, she is a strong, opinionated woman but she cared deeply for her son’s happiness. Mohid is her pride, her joy, her everything, losing him seemed like a strange punishment for something she had not done.

All in all a very moving episode which director Nadeem Baig handled with devastating skill. After Pyarey Afzal I started calling him the magician in my head and with Dillagi again he proves he is one of our best directors yet again. Faiza Iftikhar’s wonderful characters have us all enthralled, we laugh with them, we cry with them  ; she has made Dillagi  full on, paisa Vasool entertainment from the first episode . Thank you team Dillagi for  this fabulous episode !  Mohid is in hospital and Kifayat Ali is scared .  If anyone needs to die it’s the scum of the earth like Kifayat ….

Sadaf Haider


  1. Thank you for the review. Yes Anmol’s reaction (or lack of reaction) after the shooting really created the somber mood for what happened. I think we were all expecting Mohid to be shot during the wedding celebrations and when it happened at least for me it was slightly an anti-climax, the crying by his mother and sister, all expected. But then we had Anmol’s reaction, her face, her silence compared to Zulekha and Sabiha’s crying and then it hits you whats just really happened. Another scene that I really liked was the telephone conversation earlier between Mohid and Anmol, where she tells him that she could still hit him just not in front of so many people. This tells us that she may now be in love with Mohid but she is not going to suddenly turn into a sati savitri wife, the real Anmol is still there.

    (Also maybe Dastagir shouldn’t try and pull an injured person with the same arm or shoulder that was just shot)


  2. When all the stars aligned perfectly, Dillagi was created. What a fabulous vehicle to make a comeback in for Humayun Saeed. Love the whole team for bringing us this gem!
    Love u for writing such mazaydar reviews… Mohid’s cousin Afzal- what a great way of putting that😀 IA Mohid won’t be joining his cousin anytime soon 🙏🏽
    I too adored Sabiha’s jhumkas. So cute 😘 Must find out where one gets them🤔


  3. Iss kahani ka climax bilkul ulat hoga…
    Eagerly waiting for the climax..
    I have never heard any positive reviews for Mehwish Hayat, every time she is criticized for her bold avatar.. But that doesn’t make her care what other says.. She was jus brilliant no one expected her to perform this role such brilliantly isn’t it Sadaf Apa..? Will miss Dillagi a lot….
    Finally saw on Instagram Dillagi has scored high on Trp with 7.6 ratings… Wish all the luck to Team Dillagi
    Warm Regards to everyone from India…


    • Actually Mehwish does really well with this kind of Middleclass girl .. It’s when she gets too mod that she seems inauthentic to me at least . Indeed a fabulous performance from her and the entire team . I think we will get a nice surprise next week 🙂


      • Did you see her in Manjali was similar kind of role like in Dillagi… Actually here in india we are ready to accept that kind of boldness which makes me fall for her everytime which is because i find her different from other bholi beechari charachter…
        loads of love from India….


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