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Actor in Law -Movie Review

 Yes its late but …..A Guest Review

Sunna hai Qaid e Azam bhi Adakaar banna chahtay thay. And this very line sets the tone for Actor in Law. When trailors of Janaan , Zindagi Kitni haseen hai and Actor in law went on air, I was certain of one thing that my choice this eid ul adha is going to be Actor in law. On the marketing front I was totally sold. The trailor had everything, a dhasoo hero, attractive heroin , Om puri and a very promising story! But does actor in law lives up to its expectation ?  more on that later.


Actor in law is a story of an aspiring actor shan Mirza (Fahad Mustafa) who eats, drink and sleep acting. He has only one single minded goal i.e  became the biggest actor of Pakistan. And like any aspiring actor he is discouraged by every one ,primailry his father, Advovate Rafaaqat ali , who wants him to be a lawyer, provided he continue his studies


Life takes an uncertain turn when this rejected and heart broken actor ands accidentally in the court and realizes that he is really good at it because being a lawyer is nothing but acting itself. so what happens then? was he able to get his dream come true of acting ? or was he able to impersonate being a lawyer and becomes the robin hood of a common man? To know the answer for it ladies and gentlemen,you would have to go to a theatre near you and watch this roller coaster ride of laughter and emotions called Actor in law.

A lot of you may assume that Actor in law is a hardcore comic entertainer [at least I was led to believe that, thanks to its promos and publicity material]. But, in actuality, it’s *not*  a comic fare in entirety. It’s a serious fare [with humor interlaced in its screenplay ], inspired by  real-life day to day events that are very relatable specially to those living in Pakistan at the moment.

Come to think of it, very few movies can claim to make you laugh at the right places, yet mirror the realities that plague the nation concurrently. Actor in law walks the thin line wonderfully. The on-screen characters seem straight out of everyday life and also finds humor within the confines of a courtroom, besides presenting a captivating courtroom drama so effectively.

Actor in law  rests on Fahad Mustafa, and how well he has carried the entire movie on his shoulder . fahad  is magnificent in the movie, if he was good in comedy scenes in na maloom afraad then he is brilliant in Actor in law, this movie is sure to make people realize that he’s equally fab while handling dramatic/serious moments. It was wonderful to see mehwish hayat  after an over the top acting in jawani phir nahi anni. Though the film belongs to fahad Mustafa, she makes her presence felt every time she appears on screen. Specially her chemistry with Fahad Mustafa sets the screen on fire.

The supporting cast delivers sparkling performances as well. Mairaj saleem is first-rate.Mohammad Ehteshamuddin as the cunning lawyer is brilliant , watch out for his scenes with Fahad mustafa he is sure to bring the house down! Saif e hassan  is admirable. Ally khan is proficient. Saboor ali  is wonderful.. Humayun saeed is perfect in a cameo. Om puri however is wasted, a huge actor of such caliber should have been given more scenes. None the less his climax scene at court is surely going to get him a standing ovation.


The Real hero of the movie , however, has to be Nabeel Qureshi (the director). With this movie Nabeel has taken a giant stride as a director, the humor in his movies stems from common place stuff,  which is evident in AIL as well. There was no dull moment , the story did not drag at all and was crisp and on the right pace (unlike Na maloom afraad). Not only he is brilliant at executing humor but he has handled the emotional /dramatic scenes with complete ease. Also watch out for him shaking his legs and dancing surprisingly well in the title song Actor in law!  Take a bow Nabeel Qureshi! You have finally arrived!

The music of the movie is ordinary, apart from the title track Actor in law, none of the songs are something that you can take home with.

Any short comings? the ending seemed bit forced and rushed and the lack of good music was clearly evident.

On the Whole Actor in law is a complete Paisa Vasool  masla entertainment filled with intelligent story, tight screen play and brilliant dialogues! The 1st half is brilliant and packed with witty one liners and humorous situation while the 2nd half is packed with humor and emotions with the right balance.The movie has already opened to packed houses and leading amongst all the movies released currently!

by    FARAZ

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