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Bin Roye episode 2 review


This episode was even better than last week. After watching the movie of Bin Roye, I really want to just sit back and enjoy the story in true drama form, so I may be biased against the filmi bits.

The story moved forward at a good pace and Irtiza moved to study in America where he slowly but surely seems to be striking up a relationship with Saman. Perhaps I just love Saba’s character too much but I felt Saman’s character lacked depth and despite Irtiza’s dialogues about them having so much in common, there really was no chemistry. Having said that thank goodness Armeena Rana gave a much better performance in the drama than in the movie, where she had hardly two lines to rub together and seemed like a spare part. From the dialogues, I get the feeling that Saman is a studious, even intellectual girl who reads “big books”, enjoys English Literature, is interested in History and poetry but somehow that vibe did not come through.

I just loved every single scene of Saba’s and as usual Mahirah Khan has jumped straight into her role. There was something so fragile and vulnerable about Saba as she sits and waits for Irtiza in Pakistan. She has not changed but he is seeing a whole new world, new people and a new life. Saba has almost put her life on hold till he comes back and the scene from the dholki illustrated it perfectly, Saba sits to one side in a kind of protest that Irtiza doesn’t even know about. Irtiza has not forgotten Saba but he still sees her as the baby of the family, to be humored but not taken too seriously.

As always Mahirah Khan knows how to play the ingénue without being irritating or looking foolish. Saba is so unguarded and open in everything she does it makes you want to protect her, to save her from all the pain inevitably coming her way. The strangest thing is that even though they are separated by continents Saba’s connection to Irtiza so strong it cannot be ignored. Humayoon Saeed and Mahirah Khan look really good together despite the age gap and I found myself rooting for them despite my past prejudice.

One of Bin Roye’s strongest points is the way the family dynamic is so perfectly portrayed. The lighting and atmosphere of the big house in Pakistan, the relationships and the sacrifices made to keep everyone together are all beautifully displayed. I loved the traditional Eid, nothing overblown just simple and authentic, similarly the dholki was not a chance for Saba to be the center of attraction but just another girl attending a friend’s function. This is normal and real, more effective than any garish spectacle. So far Javed Shaikh’s role seems decorative but Bigul Hussain’s role as Dadi.” the keeper of secrets” is slowly gaining ground . Next week, it looks like Saba confesses her love for Irtiza to her grandmother, perhaps in a way she cannot to anyone else. Bigul Hussain makes for a fabulous Dadi, kind but wise and very observant.

Zeba Bakhtiyar was the perfect choice for Saba and Saman’s mother, not only does she look like them but there is a world of emotion in her beautiful eyes. Loving and giving, are second nature to her.  She gets along with her mother in law; she has a loving relationship with her husband’s nephew Irtiza and sacrifices her child for her brother’s family. Like any mother she misses the child she gave up but it seems as if Saman may have been so hurt by the overheard truth of her birth that she hardly ever returns to Pakistan. Saman is a kind gir,l like her mother and I wonder if her taking a friend who misses her dead mother out to dinner might have more significant later?

The one Farhat Ishtiaq hero I didn’t like was Abbi in Mata e Jaan, I remember saying I wanted to push him into the nearest river. Irtiza is yet another piece of perfection put together by the writer: kind, generous, sweet and family orientated his one fault maybe he is reserved and doesn’t open up easily. It takes him quite some time to get friendly with Saman despite being family. So far Humayoon Saeed is doing well as Irtiza but he hasn’t got me swooning quite yet.

Most irritating person on set was Saman’s mother, but apart from that the scenes in America worked well.  I am guessing Shehzad Kashmiri shot those scenes and Haissem Hussain shot the Pakistani scenes. I have no idea what Momina Duraid is supposed to have directed so my apologies in advance if I mix anything up.  As always with a well-made serial, Thank you to the directors writer and cast for all being on the same page at least so far .The movie of Bin Roye was a bit of a Khichri with so many directors but so far the drama seems nicely focused.  I can sit back and enjoy the drama without worrying about confused timelines, schizophrenic characters and “why did that happen “headaches because the director actually put in the hard work required.

Sadaf Haider


  1. Loved the episode and loving the filminess. I haven’t watched the film so I am enjoying the drama even more. I think Irtiza and Saba have tonnes of chemistry and both the actors have played their roles well. The same can’t be said for Sanam but maybe she’ll get better with time. I can’t help appreciate how Hum TV always has the highest production values and makes everything visually appealing. Glad you’re loving it as much as I am 🙂

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  2. Enjoyed the ep and the review Sadaf. Irtiza and Saba’s age difference is somehow bothering me more in the drama than it did in the movie… Maybe HS looked younger in Dillagi than he does here in BinRoye…is liye? Anyway, I’ll get used to it.
    The movie was too rushed, hence ended up looking like a khichri to some, but the drama doesn’t seen to have that issue.
    Btw, why did you now like Aabi? Spineless? Adeel’s portrayel of it?


    • Thanks for reading what was bit of a hap hazard review . I was kind of busy with the dbate while writing ! any way as to Abbi .. well his whole character was utterly spineless , I am not sure if it was Adeel but those matching T shirts just about killed me . I like adeel a lot so maybe it wasnt him .
      Afia I think Momina cannot get out of the drama mindset , there is adifference between film and drama and it takes time to learn .


      • Aabi’s tshirts….I don’t remember those…will have to rewatch.
        The debate- uff, plenty of drama on the news channels nowdays 🙂


  3. Loved this episode as well. Thank you.

    While reading the novel, I kept getting irritated by Saba’s immaturity & kept thinking that only Sanam Balouch would be able to pull off this role, because she is the only heroine who can look cute & bubbly without looking irritating but I think Mahira has done a fabulous job as well.
    She looks young, fresh & comes across as very likable inspite of being immature.

    I liked the way Mahira’s styling & makeup has been done. She has used minimal makeup & without hair extentions she looks very young & vulnerable.

    I’m loving the family dynamics as well. The family in Pakistan, looks like a real family.


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