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Asher&Khirad can fix anything


cropped-hamsfar.gifFawad Khan and Mahira Khan, their powers are unlimited! Now that they are back in Pakistan, India is safe and the Indian actors whose jobs they took or whose films (see Ajay Devgan) might have flopped because of their magical presence in side roles or extended cameos are even safer. However don’t underestimate the power these two extraordinary individual possess, one tweet from them, one line on Facebook, or just a simple press release and the entire Kashmir issue would be resolved. It’s just amazing how selfish they are by holding back when a little effort on their part would fix a problem that generations of politicians, wars, blood and treasure have not been able to resolve.

After facing a barrage of hostility from a war mongering, hyper nationalistic Indian press for the crime of being Pakistani, they are now getting a drubbing from the arm chair patriots at home. Instead of supporting our own artists, a lot of Pakistani’s are acting like extras from a surreal adaptation of Arthur Miller’s “The Crucible”. Just as the actors’ silence was taken as a sign of complicity, now their short, carefully worded statements are being parsed and forensically analysed for signs of treachery and opportunism.

“Why didn’t they specifically mention Kashmir?” is the big question on one side of the border, while the other side is waiting for a mention of the Uri victims. Being a huge drama fan myself, I have no doubt that the minute Asher and Khirad say those words, everything will be ok .Still there are the cynical (and rational) who think putting pressure on their respective governments and politicians might be a better idea . To those keyboard warriors: your indignation rings hollow and hypocritical. If your empathy is reserved only for those who look like you, share the same religion as you or are on your side of a border then you have already failed a basic test of humanity.

Meanwhile full time patriot and part time actor Shaan Shahid, is posting about how pro Pakistan he is while shooting a remake of an Indian film, Arth 2. If being” pro Pakistan”  means wearing  tight black T shirts and  putting fellow actors down then he has succeeded beyond his wildest dreams. No one is asking Ali Zafar, Atif Aslam or Saba Qamar or Rahat Fateh Ali Khan who have all worked or are working on Indian projects for their opinion on Kashmir or whether they “support” the army ( another euphemism for are you patriotic enough? ). Fawad Khan and Mahira Khan should not have to face any of these questions either, both have been exemplary ambassadors for brand Pakistan and have done nothing to deserve such scrutiny.

More recently Afzal oops I mean Hamza Ali Abbasi weighed in on the topic with a characteristically blunt either you are an ostrich or you are not an Ostrich – pick a side statement. Again, being a huge Pyarey Afzal fan I agree…. working towards Peace  is for the weak , we must all take sides and beat the drums of war because it has been SO EFFECTIVE in the past. Three wars later and the fourth one will surely do the trick. If we must learn something from History perhaps a word from the horse’s mouth might be better :nazi


The cherry on the cake has to be the Amir Liaqat weighing in. This is a man whose greatest contribution to national security seems to be force feeding someone mangos and giving away lawn suites. Perhaps he has forgotten that there is a difference between starring in a three minute trailer as a soldier and actually being one. But then we get the patriots we deserve.

The Kashmiri’s blinded by pellet guns, the Kashmiri victims of brutality, the victims of terrorism inside India, and the victims of terrorism in Pakistan deserve a lot more than the revenge we are exacting by banning each other’s dramas, movies and actors. This whole ridiculous debate is taking the focus away from the real issues and those that are really suffering. A study of history will show us that rulers like the Roman Emperors often set up irrelevant but grand spectacles to divert the attention of the masses from the real problems at hand. If I didn’t know better I would say “yeh tho Mummy ka plan tha “


  1. Taliyaan! Taliyaan! Well said Sadaf!

    Powers that be will do anything to stay in power and drag the people along for the ride. It takes very little to get nationalistic sentiment stoked on either side of the border. It’s a shame that when we were at a time for reaching out and actually normalizing both Indians and Pakistanis, this power play has erupted.

    Here’s hoping we see a time when art – and artists – are motivated by what art stands for and not just misguided nationalistic fervour.

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    • Thanks for reading MM! What annoys me the most is these same politicians will be encouraging the same cultural exchange jab mood banney ga . Meanwhile people are losing lives and livelihoods


  2. @Afia Lol I SO want to like Shaan and Hamza and honestly I do like actually love their work but I wish they learnt some sense of Balance and Moderation . What is the value of all that education if we are just to become mirror images of screaming idealogues across and with in our borders ?


    • Thanks for reading Feriha . I wrote this about a week ago (sans the Amir Liaqat Part obviously ) and decoded not to publish becuase I thought , why fan the flames ? But after a complete Fraud like Amir Liaqat weighed in I couldn’t help my self .


  3. Totally agree with you Sadaf…You say it so well. Ashar and Khirad can’t make everyone happy so better to stay happy and content in themselves.
    Shaan, who I want to like, seems not to have outgrown his 18 yr old self.
    This world would be so much better if we stop judging people all the time, par bohat mushkil…


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