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Bin Roye episode 6 review



“ Feeha Jamshed’s costume design, with its unfailingly pretty candy colours, similarly enhances whatever drama the film can muster. Saba’s pre-intermission breakdown – casting off the hundred bangles her beloved has given her – makes for a big scene, even if its human focal point by then appears faintly deranged.”

This is about the best the Guardian Review  could manage to say about Bin Roye the movie.  I thought it was a bit unfair and to be honest condescending and ignorant of the reviewer because he had no idea of the cultural significance of moon sightings. I understand the absolute need to keep those fabulous scenes, where Mahira proved what a fabulous actress she can be ( in one take no less)  but as with any shiny thing it needed to be set up right . This week’s episode of Bin Roye was a badly, stitched together mess.   What were the two functions we see Saba and Saman at , mehendi , dholki , Mayoon ? it all seemed a bit confusing .  There was some seriously bad editing, which made the overall thread of the story look choppy and disordered . The change in Safeer from smitten lover boy to obedient zombie happened at an unbelievable pace, the overall feeling was that the makers had an appointment somewhere and just decided to throw everything together so they could leave quickly.

Armeena Rana is looking better with each episode, even if she and Humayoon have zero chemistry; her scenes with Mahira are always good to watch. I think I had dismissed her as a bad actress way back but I am happy to be proved wrong here. Mahira was brilliant in not just that fabulous pre interval climax but through out, however what failed her was the whole ridiculous dance sequence at the Mehendi (?). Saman and Irtiza’s wedding is a moment of loss and there are ways of conveying that but that dance sequence of Balley Balley singularly failed.  Adeel and Mahira looked great and I kept thinking, why couldn’t Adeel have been Irtiza and Humayoon come in for the guest appearance?

If the makers had just stuck to a drama instead of pasting in the filmi bits it might have been a lot better. Maybe I am the only one but the wedding night scene and Irtiza getting up in the morning ( or was it evening ? –Allah janney with such confusing time lines) and asking Saba why she was avoiding him with his sherwani half open were all so awkward. There was nothing poignant or endearing to them. Compared to last week’s wonderful episode this  episode was a washout .

Well it looks like next week that idiot Safeer will be surprised that his wife ( girlfriend?) is pregnant , and I am waiting for the choona Kaka to ask ..”kaisey”  . I think I am going to thoroughly enjoy hating on him for the next few weeks.

I just hope we get something better next week. Sorry if this sounds like a rant , but I just expect more from this .

Sadaf Haider

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