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Sange Mar Mar episode 12 review


I realise I am starting to review this drama late abut If I go into a recap, it will take forever. So if you are just catching up or just hearing of this drama now please, please do yourself a massive favour and watch all previous episodes………

Shireen is now officially married to Safiullah who can barely stand to look at her, firstly, because he says he sees his brother’s murderer in her and secondly, because he is just a normal human being who actually loves his wife. I had really hoped that Gulalay would have learned something from her mother in law Shamim’s admonishment last episode but jealousy is a slow poison which corrodes away at all the good in our souls. Since Gulalay cannot get back at Shamim or Gulistan Khan she is venting her anger at the helpless Shireen. I think the writer Mustafa Afridi set up some very clever parallels today. While Palwasha is advising Gulalay to be kinder, to understand that Shireen is a victim of the rule of uncaring Men around them: very soon she may be in a similar position to Gulalay and I wonder if her patience will hold up then?

In her own way Shireen is rather brave, she doesn’t want anyone’s false comfort and she is unafraid to show Aurang her name written on her hand. Aurang is so disturbed by this revelation that he immediately packs his bags and tries to leave. I want to call him a coward and ineffectual, but really what can he do? Shireen is his brother’s new wife and in such cultures these things are permanent. I notice not one person thinks to blame Gulistan Khan or Bano for this mess. Even Palwasha speaks generally of “men”. Aurang and Palwasha are happily flirting and it’s obvious they like each other, so either way poor Shireen is an interloper. If she marries Aurang he may treat her in just the same way.

As usual Sange Mar Mar gives us a lot  to digest with each episode , I dont think  there has  been a filler episode so far. This is where I start using the Humsafar and Sher e zaat comparisons , becuase that is how good this serial is . So along with Shireen’s story we got to see Bano’s private hell too. I know Bano is an arrogant, rather vindictive person but I felt sorry for her being married against her will to a man she hated. Having said that, the way she spoke to Tora Khan made me feel sorry for him too and I can understand his anger if not his thirst for revenge. So what are they odds for Safiullah being Tora Khan’s next victim before his manipulations are discovered? Safiullah it was nice knowing you, and I have a feeling that Gulalay’s bad dua rang lay gee but not in the way she thinks .That is the problem with Bad duas or curses they have a way of coming back at you. I think we are also going to see Bano begging to make it up with Tora Khan who will enjoy every minute.

All of these people are victims of their culture but more because of the way Gulistan Khan feels he can arbitrarily order people’s lives. Durkhaney and Palwasha are still better off than Shireen because they have some form of family protection. Being an orphan Shireen is easily taken advantage of by her Bhabi. This whole idea of paying off debts by marriage is abhorrent but in rural, tribal cultures it seems as if  a woman has less value than a Man.

I am obsessively waiting for each episode of this fabulous serial and so far it has not disappointed once. I love how the writer presents every angle, the way he allows each character their essential humanity as well as their foibles. I can see each person’s motivations clearly, and just like normal people their inability to practice the principles and restraints they claim to adhere to as moral beings lead them to misery and destruction. If Durkhaney had not gone to meet Gohar, If Shireen’s Bhabi had been kinder, if Gulalay had been allowed to see a doctor, if Bano had treated Tora Khan with a semblance of respect, how different this story might be. There is a lot of  “consequence of Amal” ( or Karmic payback) woven into this story in a very subtle , clever way making it much more effective than  the  clumsy morality stories we often see in serials .

Great job by the entire team though will have to say a special word for Kubra Khan and the actress playing Gulalay this week. Their scenes were the most difficult and required a lot of different layers. Next week Aurang will tell Palwasha Shireen’s secret and let’s see how Palwasha reacts. More importantly it looks as if Saif Ur Rehman will learn of Shireen’s innocence but it seems like it’s all too late.

Again brilliant job by the entire team of Sange Mar Mar . Well written , well directed and even though it touches on social issues , there are no lectures and like any good serial it connects us so strongly with its cast of characters that we feel their joys and pains .

P.S Kubra Khan and Sharmeen Ali and Uzma Hassan all look so incredibly beautiful.  I Loved the green wedding outfit Uzma Hassan wore but Kubra Khan managed to look like a goddess even in that awful pink Machi Kanda (Punjabi alert) Gota outfit. All that gota reminded me of the wonderfully cute little Eid outfits I was given as a child. I used to trace the lines of gota with my fingers to see how they were sewn on to the cloth. I hope it comes back into fashion perhaps with a little restraint?

Sadaf Haider


  1. Thoroughly enjoyed the review Sadaf. What an awesome serial this is and you do complete justice to it. BTW, I showed my elder one this show, highlights of all 11 previous eps, and she’s hooked as well 🙂
    And yes,I too loved Uzma Hassan’s green jora.
    So waiting for Thurs!


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