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Bin Roye Episode 8 Review


The beautiful visuals and the beautiful people in Bin Roye continue to fascinate but some of the power of the previous episodes seems to have been diluted. Saman is pregnant, which for some reason is considered a severe illness in Pakistani dramas. I can understand Saman and Irtiza asking for help with their first child due, but logically it really should have been Bibi Jan, Saman’s mother who came to take care of her daughter. There is no doubt Saba is very kind and caring  but, she is just a single girl and may not understand all the exhaustion a new baby entails.

So Saba reluctantly travels to America where she is confronted by Saba and Irtiza’s love and intimacy at every five minute interval.  This is where the story begins to look a little weak. Saba’s one sided love affair looks silly at this point when contrasted with the wonderful relationship Irtiza and Saman seem to have. I almost want to shake Saba out of it and say “move on”. Irtiza is not the last man in the world; in fact there are plenty of other fish in the sea.

This episode we were introduced to Amir played by Adnan Malik. I am not  his biggest fan , because he is of the crown prince of over reacting on screen but he looks really good here and fits his role perfectly. He actually looks rather sweet and I wish Saba would wake up and pick him. Saba’s so called love for Irtiza seems like a silly girlish zidd at this point. Mahirah Khan and Adnan Malik actually looked really good together in Sadqay Tumharey and, that chemistry isn’t lost here either.

Mahirah Khan has Saba’s character down flawlessly , her jealousy at Saman’s white dress , the way she keeps her distance with Irtiza are all the signaling her deeply suppressed emotions . Saba Is a essentially a good person so she takes care of her sister and won’t let her jealousy rule her but from next week’s promo its clear  that her patience stretches only so far as she gets into an argument with Irtiza over Amir.

Armeena Rana is also good as the oblivious Saman, who is one of those rare, sweet souls who cannot think beyond their love for their dear ones. Irtiza is a typical Farhat Ishtiaq hero, always  taking  good care of his wife and it’s obvious he cares deeply for Saba too but in a different way. Irtiza actually wants her to marry Amir and just like his wife, has no idea his baby cousin is so desperately in love with him. This is what sometimes strikes me as strange; does Irtiza really not see how disturbed Saba is? Infact no one seems to care about Saba’s feelings at all , not even her Dadi , who knows all about her granddaughter’s frama of mind  but couldn’t help Saba in any way  Humayoon Saeed looks way too old for both leading ladies, which is strange because when I saw him in real life at the Dallas premiere for Bin Roye the movie he looked really good with them. I have to say I preferred Humayoon as Mohid rather than Irtiza.

Meanwhile Sonia got married in a beautiful red sari to the awful Safeer. For exactly two minutes I thought Safeer’s character had improved but no, he didn’t have the guts to tell his mother that he had gotten married. So that is a train wreck waiting to happen. I kept thinking:” please Saba save yourself Amir so much nicer, stop chasing Irtiza because you might end up with the awful Safeer.”

Despite the new character, this week’s episode was a little more laid back and focused on bringing Saba’s feelings to a head. It’s obvious that the bitterness in side Saba is going to well up as Amir is pushed on her by her family. Last week’s episode was seemed a lot more intense compared to this week but none the less interesting to watch .

Sadaf Haider


  1. Enjoyed that. The scenes where Adnan n mahira bump into each other were the ones na which were shot recently. had seen pics on the net.


  2. Such a letdown to have a bunch of gorgeous ppl and good actors going to waste. I think Adnan Malik and Mahira looked awesome together. Sorta like a modern day ST. I think Safeer is really boring and I really don’t care for him. I still like Humayoun Saeed paired with these two ladies- yes, he looks older but I still think him and Mahira make a good onscreen couple. P.S. I notice you’re warming up to Khelu 😉


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