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Sange Mar Mar Episode 13 review


This week’s episode belonged to Masroor Paras, who as Tora Khan managed to manipulate and control almost every single person in his circle with Machiavellian ease. The scene in Shamim’s bedroom was a veritable tableau: Tora and Palwasha at her feet and Aurang looking on approvingly from his mother’s side.  Aurang is not stupid, he had suspected something was wrong with the story of Gohar’s death and had gone all the way to Shireen and Saif Ur Rehman’s house to clear the matter up. The shock of Shireen’s expectations and of course his own interest in Palwasha has taken Aurang’s mind off his suspicions. Tora sends Palwasha away with Aurang (an opportunity both seem to relish), meanwhile he works on planting the seeds of doubt and division amongst each member of Gulistan Khan’s household.  Masroor Paras was nothing short of brilliant this week and made this episode fascinating viewing.

Writer Mustafa Afridi and Director Saif Hassan have turned what I thought was going to be a romance touching on social issues into something of a thriller. Each week I am desperate to know what will happen next. Afridi’s characters are all so well etched, and with each twist they reveal a new side to their personalities. Gulalay and Safiullah relationship is also coming center stage and the strength of their marriage is surprising considering the example set by Gulistan Khan. While Gulalay is bitter and cold towards Shireen, she refuses to let Bano lord it over the unfortunate girl. Shireen is a victim but she is used to having no say in her own life, having lost her parents, she has learned some good survival skills in a household run by her even more vindictive Bhabi.  So she gets along the best way she can ,quietly doing what she can and never retaliating , a tactic which can be surprisingly disarming.

Tora Khan has a grand plan and it seems to be working; he wants Safiullah dead and if Saif Ur Rehman takes the blame or dies too, so be it. What amazes me is the way the entire family still believes Tora loves them and is thinking in their best interest despite the humiliations and cruelties they have inflicted on him. He isn’t the only schemer; Shireen’s evil Bhabi is just as clever. I wonder what she hopes to gain by destroying her husband’s docile sister. Just like Aurang, Saif Ur Rehman knows something is wrong, and he is working his way towards a resolution. So many things don’t make sense but he knows his sister was a “good girl” and his heart cannot accept she would betray him. Saif Ur Rehman is different from Gulistan’s family; he understands his wife’s mean streak very well and isn’t fooled by her at all.

So next week seems like a resolution may be coming as Saif Ur Rehman edges closer to the truth but will it be enough before Safiullah strikes? The one thing I cannot understand is what exactly is Tora’s end game for Bano? Bano is a bitter, arrogant and quite stupid woman whose prejudices can be easily played and next week we see her accusing Gulalay of an affair with Tora. Does Tora just want to humiliate her or does he want to kill her or just divorce her? I really cannot feel sorry for her at all and if there is one person who deserves Tora’s attentions its her.

The biggest strength of Sange Mar Mar is the fantastic script which gives this story so many layers but it is so detailed that I think it might easily have got lost in less capable hands than Saife Hassan . There are so many questions after watcing this week’s episode …… Is Bano just a nasty person or is she bitter because of her forced marriage? How will Palwasha treat Shireen now she knows about her attachment to Aurang? Even more interesting is whether Gulistan Khan’s family really be such easy prey for Tora’s revenge? This isn’t the usual romance focusing on two people at this point it feels more like russian roulette. Shireen hardly knows Aurang well enough to actually love him and he may not be quite the glittering prize she thought he was.

This was yet another great episode , with  excellent performances from the entire cast  that  makes Sange Mar Mar such a great serial to watch every week and  Its only getting better .

Sadaf Haider


  1. Love this show and your reviews. You’ve said it all, love it for all the li’l things u mentioned.
    The characters are all so interesting and so mazaydar se intertwined ke this is a treat to watch. Sad if Safiullah does…


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