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Bin RoyeEpisode 9 review

Bin Roye was never going to be perfect, with a revolving door of directors and a story that had already been told with much fanfare on the big screen, it was bound to invite criticism. The logic of making both a movie and a drama escapes me but it could have worked if Bin Roye had been an intricate story with many side tracks that the movie had ignored .However unlike Farhat Ishtiaq’s wonderful Dayar e Dil this was story has a static cast of characters with no development arcs to keep it interesting. There are some people who keep up a constant stream of Mahira Khan criticism and being a tolerant person I sit and listen to critics who long for “stars” and cannot see either her or any of our TV actors as such. Well for me only a star could keep the public’s interest in a drama that is a patchwork of mediocrity and excellence in equal parts.

I was late watching this week’s episode but it was worth it if only for the Mahira Khan scenes. Armeena Rana and Humayoon Saeed may both be good actors individually but their relationship looks very fake on screen. Saba and Saman gel well as sisters, while Saba and Irtiza’s scenes have all the energy. I felt really sorry for Amir, he is a good guy and he is stuck in Irtiza’s shadow.  Again I wanted to say move on Saba, Move on, let Irtiza and Saman get on with their lives.  The saddest scenes were Saba apologizing to Irtiza, despite the complete ridiculousness of the whole situation, they just made me cry. That was the one highlight for me. On a side note Adnan Malik was actually quite watchable in this episode and I am beginning to think about getting a psychological evaluation because I actually didn’t hate him in this week’s episode of Dil Banjara either.

Meanwhile we see the parallel Sonia and her prize Safeer are also getting along and playing with their baby. Why, we are being shown this comparison is not making much sense to me but I guess the makers had space and time to fill. The dialogues are getting repetitive, even within the same conversation the actors echo or repeat each other … “yeh acha Hai …. Han yeh acha Hai “etc. The worst parts are always Sonia and Safeer who seem to be made out of cardboard.

Farhat Ishtiaq’s strongest suit has always been her powerful stories; the touching scenes and situations that only she can give so much meaning too, but her dialogues sometimes fall short of carrying the story forward. The key word is sometimes. Haissem Hussain is one of our industries best directors and for an obsessive drama fan like me it’s easy to tell where his work begins and ends. Shehzad Kashmiri is also a good director and has given us some good serials to watch but it’s just like that old truism every darzi throws at me when I take a kameez for altering … “Baji naeey Kameez leyley, purani kameez teek karna mushkil hai.”  So having decided to accept the uneven quality and choppy editing, I will keep watching because I guess I cannot help myself . I will keep looking for the best amongst the ordinary.


  1. Cant wait for the next episode ! I think Mahira is miles ahead of anyone else in this game. The way she infuses energy into her character really speaks to her skill as an artist. Having seen the movie and I’m sure others probably complained about this too but the later episodes [SPOILER DO NOT READ] really need to deliver on how the chemistry develops from Irtaza’s side towards You-Know-Who 😛 This was one of the things severely lacking in the movie and I think this has nothing to do with Humayoun’s acting rather than the lines he has been provided to work with [END SPOILER].

    I am so in love with this story *hums tere bina jeena*

    and btw hi sadaf been following your blog for a while decided to stop lurking 🙂


    • Good to finally hear from you Mehwish !!! It’s very true Mahira is the main reason to watch . I have said this before , and it never gets old .. she is one of those actors that just jumps in to a role . She doesn’t allow self awareness or anything else to come between her and her performance . Humayoon has a very subdued style in general . I actually like the way he underplays …. I have an abhorrence of over actors . I cannot say I am in love with the story , personally I would wish Saba to move on .. but it’s Farhat Ishtiaq ‘a story not mine . The only thing that is making it palatable is Irtiza’s complete ignorance of Saba’s feelings .lets see what happpens . What do you think of the Safeer track ? What is the point of showing everything in parallel ?


      • The biggest question mark I have on the plot relates to Saba and Irtaza. I have watched the movie so it is tough to talk too much about it but one thing I really found lacking in the movie was [SPOILER] how Irtaza falls for saba, there has to be more than just “oh I guess this is happening now”. That makes it robotic and random, there should be some sort of fluidity and the relationship between these two should transform very organically. I mean the girl has gone through hell and he needs to realize he led her on and maybe think about why he did the things he did and find love from within him and show saba that he truly loves her for her sake and not because they are married now. I agree that without Mahira saba would not be able to exist as she has, I cant think of anyone who would be able to pull it off as naturally as she has.

        I think safeer sidetrack is there just as an excuse and the side story is purely a filler ruse. I am more curious about Amir because this is where the deviation from the movie is quite a bit and not having read the novel Im not sure what they plan to do with him other than using him to make timeline blunders.

        Cant wait for the ep10 tomorrow !


        • I saw the movie too , and you are right there was a missing link . I got the impression that Iriza knew something of Saba’s feelings but it was HIS feelings which were the real issue . You can tell in next week’s promo that Saman realises that saba is in love with Irtiza . I am guessing she tells Iritiuza and he kind of dismisses it as Puppy love or a silly crush but with time understands the depth of Saba’s feelings ? The real evolution is Irtiza understanding how he has already loved Saba
          That lovely passage Farhat ishtiaq’s page onec transalated said it all … Irtiza loves saman becuase she is good , kind and sweet but he loves Saba becuase she is Saba .. unqualified and as she is .

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          • That is honestly such a beautiful passage but they should try and translate that into this drama. I found these things were missing from the movie maybe because they had to crunch quite a bit of story into a short amount of time. Waiting for your thoughts on episode 10. I thought they picked up the slack a bit it didnt add anything on top of the movie. The next few episodes will be critical in this tale. As for Amir, I think the script entirely is revolving around saba and to an extent irtiza the side stories are seriously under-cooked.

            Once again eagerly waiting for you review !

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  2. True this ep was bit of a drag. I quite liked Adnan Malik’s scenes, atleast they were different from the usual HS AK MK scenes. Did you notice how they showed MK’s family discussing AM’s rishta two yrs later from when it was sent?
    HS and AK look strange together- fake lovey dovey types… MK should just get over HS, AM is so much better for her.


  3. The main problem with Bin Roye is Farhat Ishtiaq’s script. She wrote a very poor screen play, let’s all admit that. Besides Saba, she didn’t put any effort in any other character & didn’t even bother to make her novel a little interesting. The situations are boring & the dialogues are repetitive.

    After that it’s the multiple directors & choppy editing.

    Inspite of all of this I’m still hooked onto this play, maybe it’s the magic of Saba, aka Mahira Khan.


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