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Sange Mar Mar episode 14 review

If I have an addiction, it’s a craving for good writing. A good story is more intoxicating than any alcohol and writer Mustafa Afridi has me hooked .Sange Mar Mar was a slow start , with a deep many layered story that required the marshalling of a lot of plot lines and motivations , but here we are at episode 14 and everything is coming  together like a feast for the senses . There is the sweetness of romance, a touch of tart humour, and the meat of the story all flavoured with the bitter spices of darkness in the characters hearts. Director Saif Hassan deserves a lot of credit for knitting all of these tracks and characters into such a coherent piece of work and maintaining a thread of tension that has us viewers watching every week.

We can count Bano and Tora as the bitters. They are probably the world’s most dysfunctional couple but worse than them is Kaif Ghazanavi’s character.. Bano is forced to marry a man she hates, Tora puts up with constant humiliation and contempt but Shireen’s Bhabi is just ill-natured. Good writing always holds up a mirror to society and the story of Sange Mar is nuanced enough to show that even in a supposedly male dominated , restrictive society like the one shown , women have the power to make things worse or better. In contrast to Bano and Saif Ur Rehman’s wife, despite being “rivals” Gulalay and Shireen don’t compete. Just as Gulalay tried to protect Shireen from Bano, Shireen refuses to betray Gulalay when Bano accuses her brother’s first wife.

So Safiullah isn’t quite the alpha male his father would like to see him as, but he is a very good man. He loves his wife and wants to stay faithful to her.  Najib Faiz as Gulalay and Omair Rana as Safiullah have also done more than justice to their roles and provide a strong contrast to the usual Dusri bivi story line offered in more urban based story lines. Safiullah actually wants Aurang to take Shireen and leave … wow, my head is spinning … I thought there had to be a paratha / chai competition first, then Safiullah would slowly melt, and then Gulalay would poison Shireen or some other such demeaning nonsense.

Ok so as a late addition , some readers are saying Safiullah may have been asking Aurang to take Gulalay to the city for medical treatment . However the conversation was so ambiguous its anyone’s guess . Lets see what happens 

Gulistan Khan may be a hard man but he knows how to head of trouble, instead of shaking and reading the Quran like his wife he meets his daughter’s accusations head on. The most surprising part is for a hard man he is quite gentle with his daughter in laws so long as they fulfill their duties as he sees them. I still don’t see any redemption for him, but his character is layered enough for the audience to understand how his thought processes work.  It goes without saying that this is another powerful performance by Nauman Ejaz and Sania Saeed, two actors that rarely disappoint.

Beychara Aurang, every time he gets cozy with Palwasha someone forces Shireen into his line of vision. It’s quite obvious he isn’t interested in Shireen but the ease with which he eventually agrees to  take her away (?),says a lot for the depth of his interest in Palwasha too. Aurang always wants to do right, and understands the difficulty of Shireen’s situation but if he likes Palwasha he wont really be doing anyone any favours by marrying someone else. I try really hard to get annoyed with Aurang for being such a pushover but the people at HUM TV are clever, they have me figured out…  “Let’s Put Mikaal Zulfikaar in a white salwar kameez and see how long anyone can stay angry ….” is their plan and it is working. On a more serious note, this role just fits Mikaal Zulfikaar like a glove and he and Kubra Khan look really good together. I hope we get to see them in other serials too. Kubra Khan has been the biggest surprise of this serial proving she can act and is not just a pretty face.

Meanwhile Saif Ur Rehman has worked out daal main kuch kala hai and has captured Bulbul for interrogation. Bulbul is such a shaitan, I wonder if Saif Ur Rehman can actually break him?  There are good performances from the entire cast as usual  from Hassan  Noman , Tipu Sharif, Uzma Hassan ,Sara Ali  and last but not least Paras Masroor; who continues to be a study in excellence. For some reason Gulistan’s entire family feels Tora Khan is somehow not worthy of the most basic respect, even Aurang and his mother treat him as less worthy. Their casual racism, the undisguised putdowns and let downs make me want to side with Tora.  Not every Patan is fair skinned so this isn’t that representative or at least I hope it’s not. This  arrogance in the Gulistan clan is like all sins, it will lead to their downfall.

Thanks to team Sange Mar Mar for yet another fantastic episode! Next week it looks as if Shireen zid main puts another spanner in the works of her non relationship with Aurang and gets a beating for her trouble .

Sadaf Haider



  1. Very enthralling and interesting drama. Finally caught up. Although some of the stereotypical nonsense that maybe used to happen 50 years ago is a tad annoying. I can definitely vouch for that as my family is from a similar back ground and I used to go every summer. Yes there is a patriarchal system, but the blind obedience is something that was maybe inmy grandfathers time, definitely not now .Wife’s are loved ,their opinions are heard , they are taken multiple times to doctors for treatment lol !! they dont have to get educated to do that. It kind of scares me that people will come away thinking pathans are generally like this when the villages are totally different then what they are showing
    Anyways back to the drama, awesome performances. Nouman ijaz nails it again as does Sania saeed. Love the new girl as shiree😃
    What a horrible predicament for her. My guess is that the older brother will also die as will shores brother, this whole mess is gonna be kept for Aurangzeb stuck between the two women. Just what I almost suddenly thought when watching.
    Great review, are you not doing weekly??


    • thanks for reading SK , I was doing weekly but have been travelling so got behind . I hope people are sensible enough to rrealise this is serial represents a certain section of Swat sosiety not all , and even then this is the writer’s perspective of that section .
      Yes I Think Aurang maybe the last man standing but Sadly its the kind of the only answer to Gulistan Khan’s arrogant way of ruling people . I have afeeling Shireen will not get Aurang and I dont see why she would since he likes Palwasha . its a testament to how good this serial is that we are obsessing about it sooo much 🙂 I am trying to like Palwasha as the poor women has done nothing and seems to be a nice girl but she annoys the heck out of me .
      I notice that all the brothers , even Saif ur Rehman are very protective of their sisters and Safiullah loves his wife a lot so they have not stereotyped the men as abusers . In fact from episode it looks as if Gulalay maybe the dominant partner in the relationship


  2. Sadaf, you write so well 🙂
    Bilkul sahee! I can’t get angry with MK, even in Sangat- yeh zaalim jaan leke jaiga. But seriously, here in SMM, he’s the good guy, who listens to what family wants him to do for the sake of the greater good.
    Love how Shireen stood up for Gulalai. You’re so right about this drama breaking away from the usual predictable storylines, where people are gullible and evil. Par yahan filhal only Saifullah’s wife is truly evil. What a web she weaves!
    Loved Sania Saeed’s li’l fake bimaari. She was so cute there. So subtly it’s shown how her ralationship with Shireeen is growing.
    Kudo to the whole team! and huge thankyou.


    • You mean Saif ur Rehman’s wife Played by Kaif .. I think ?
      Yes her motivation is small minded spite . I think characters like Aurangzeb and his mother allow things to happen . Both Aurang and his mother are just cold and indifferent to Tora .. I can understand Tora’s anger no one was kind to him .


  3. Loved the review Sadaf. And loved the fact that now I get to read your thoughts after every episode. You say it all.

    I loved how they have thrown quite a few comical moments in such a serious play. I laughed when Bulbul tried to run away and was brought back by Saif ur Rahman by his neck 😀 Gulistan Khan’s character is so finely etched out that you have no difficulty in discerning a typical patriarch in him. In fact, every character has been laid out so skillfully, that it is hard to pick your favourite. I have probably said it before and will say it again is very rare in a drama that supporting cast gets the audience just as hooked as the leads. Channel owners or producers who think only a romantic triangle can attract the audience are in for a few lessons.

    So love this drama! I want this entire team to work more often! Already waiting for their next project.


    • Totally agree and thanks for reading ! This is a style of serial that has been missing from our screens for sometime and I am glad it’s back . However this style requires a firm hand so it doesn’t wander . While all the characters get their due , there is a strong story line running through it that keeps the viewers interested . Essentially it is Shireen’s story that hooked the viewers .. she is the innocent one who is caught up in this whirlwind of events . If Kubra Khan did not carry her role off none of this would work .
      I am so happy to see such deeper roles given to all the actors . They are all so good and it’s heartening to see how much talent there is in Pakistan


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