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Sange Mar Mar episodes 15&16

This is one of those rare serials that has me so spellbound ,that I think  If I lived in Karachi I would be bribing  whoever stores the unseen episodes to find out what happens next.  Writer Mustafa Afridi has woven such a well-balanced tapestry out of his character’s lives that each one is as fascinating as the next.

Shireen’s character has always been the most empathetic to me because she has all the characteristics I admire: bravery, honesty and determination. She took a big gamble agreeing to the Nikkah with Gulistan Khan’s son, in the vain hope that somehow she could turn the will of fate to her desires and it seems like she lost that hand forever. She ends up married to Safiullah instead of Aurang and just like every other girl, she is fast learning that no matter how difficult her life was at her brother’s house, her sasural is a minefield that she has yet to find a path through.

After these two episodes I am convinced Gulalay is the unsung Machiavelli of the household. She knows who to snub, when to pretend to apologize and is smart enough to cover for her own mistakes as needed. For at least 14 episodes, the storyline gave us the usual domineering men ruling women spin on life in Swat (for at least this section of society); but with each episode it is becoming increasingly clear that the women are not just passive victims. I really felt bad for Gulalay in the beginning, she was being pushed aside like old furniture but she really didn’t need my sympathy. Gulalay and Safiullah have a well-established relationship built on love and years of understanding, and the lack of children was nothing that they couldn’t have overcome if Gulistan Khan hadn’t forced Shireen on them. After Safiullah hit Shireen on Gulalay’s instigation in episode 15 and the amount of hera pheri that Gulalay did this week, her character became a lot less likable.

Meanwhile party of three: Aurang, his mother Shamim and Palwasha are lost in their own little world. Aurang reassures Palwasha that Shireen is just his Bhabi and in her own way Shamim does too. Perhaps visiting Bano was just an excuse to smooth things down with Palwasha?  Aurang tending to Shireen looked very odd and strangely intimate. Why didn’t Aurang ask someone to come and take care of Shireen? On the flipside, each time I think Shireen has accepted her lot; she manages to give Aurang a side long glance of disappointment. I can understand it’s not easy to move on but surly it should become less difficult after she understands Aurang has decided on someone else. I think Shamim was very deliberate in spelling out Aurang’s preference for Palwasha to Shireen. Am I the only one who gets the feeling that neither of Aurang’s parents trusts him much? Gulistan Khan wants him to leave the house as soon as possible and even Shamim was pretty quick to assume something was off in the Shireen Aurang interaction.

Contrary to what I expected both Shamim and Gulistan do not blame Shireen for Gohar’s death, in fact they are at pains to reassure and welcome her. For such a domineering and harsh man Gulistan in particular is very kind to his daughter in laws so long as they are obedient .Even in this supposedly conservative culture , hitting a woman is frowned upon and Shamim warns Gulalay that if she opens that Pandora’s box , she maybe on the receiving end next time. This sensitivity and nuance is one of this serials great strengths , it avoids the usual stereotypes and gives a ring of authenticity to each character and their motivations . This is one of those great serials where writer and director are on the same page.

As of now this serial has the air of a thriller, as there is no telling which way the plot will turn.  Having said that each twist makes sense and is the motivations for each character are understandable, which saves the simple minded like me having to spend hours working everything out. I am sure there were some intellectual giants who understood Mann Mayal, Gul e Rana and Hum Tv ‘s latest Namuna Sanam but I find this kind of serial much more accessible.  A big thank you to director Saife Hassan and his cast for this brilliant serial. Mikaal Zulfikar, Kubra Khan, Omair Rana and Najib Faiz are simply brilliant . I loved the scenes of Gulalay and Safiullah together, it’s rare to see such a genuine portrayal of a happy married couple. Is it me or does Mikaal have more chemistry with Kubra than the actress playing Palwasha, Sharmeen Ali or is that just the way the story is set up? Sharmeen Ali seems to be the go to for annoying side roles at Hum Tv , but she looks good in Sange Mar Mar .  Kubra Khan has been brilliant throughout this serial and she has brought Shireen to life in a way no one else could .My favorites have to be Sania Saeed and Nauman Ejaz though, they are simply magical actors and a pleasure to watch every week.

This week’s episode ends with a confrontation between Safiullah and Saif ur Rehman, while next week’s promo looks like Gulistan Khan will be pushing for Shireen to begin her relationship with Safiullah. Everything seems to be gearing up to the Quran Khani for Gohar which maybe what we saw in the ost . As I said I wish I could just watch every single episode at once, it’s that good!

Sadaf Haider

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  1. Sang e Mar Mar is irresistible, yummy, really lifts you up. Each episode is enchanting. Great great writing, direction and acting. And dialogues, be those serious or humorous, are a definite treat. Tab tou aise baaten kar rahe thae jese naye cell dalwaaye hon hahah


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