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Sange MarMar episode 19 review

This had to be one of the best and perhaps most shocking of Sange Mar Mar episodes yet. This serial is going from strength to strength and despite the best efforts of the Hum Tv promotional department to ruin and destroy the suspense or annoy the viewers with misleading cut and it manages to maintain the thrill ride every week.

From last week, we knew beychara Saif ur Rehman was a dead man walking, the Machiavelli of Swat, Tora Khan had set an invisible Bull’s eye on him, but it still came as a shock when the moment of truth came . Syed Yorgic Tipu Sharif gave us a heart-rending ending to this troubled man’s life. He was brave , he was afraid and everything in between. All the emotions between acceptance and hope were on Saif Ur Rehman’s face in the space of few scenes and  he deserves a round of solid applause for his portrayal !

Being at heart a good man, Saif Ur Rehman knew he was wrong to kill Gohar with no proof and he knew his actions would catch up with him eventually but like any human being he had excuses and he had hope that maybe just maybe things would work out .I was so glad that he did the honorable thing and refused to cower though he was shaking and defended his sister to the end.  Meanwhile Omair Rana totally nailed it as easily led Safiullah, who quivers with fear and looks for affirmation from his mentor Tora after killing his own brother in law. There was a world of fear and confusion in his expressions as the false bravado wore off and the reality of his action sank in. what a scene full of tension and sheer dread in every moment. Then Tora Khan takes swift action, killing two birds with one stone! Masroor Paras’s portrayal, just like this story, never disappoints!

There was another shocking death this episode, Gulalay loses her life in a freak accident stepping out of the car. Both Husband and wife, who couldn’t bear to be parted, united in death. All the plans they had left unfulfilled. Tora has succeeded in ruining all of Gulistan’s well laid plans for everyone’s lives, all Gulistan Khan’s pretentions to absolute power and control laid out as futile and fruitless by the only hand that matters. Brilliant acting from Nauman Ejaz, Mikaal Zulfikar and Sania Saeed made the last half of this episode heartbreaking. The best parts were the small touches which explained everything without a word of dialogue. Gulistan considers his youngest son a tiresome nuisance but now he is all that is left of the future he had envisioned; one glance from Nauman Ejaz said it all. Similarly, Aurang’s life as the “extra” is over, he is the only son now and realises that whatever he thinks of his father he is the last “support” left to him. Then there was Sania Saeed as the grieving mother , who can rule the screen with just her expressions .

They say the first murder is always the hardest; after killers tend to feel even less remorse. Tora Khan has gained more confidence with so much success and I have a feeling he is setting his sights on Aurang. The way he was hinting at “the Third Man “reminded me Hitchcock’s movie of the same name, except we all know  Tora was the third man.

I hate to assign motives to the writer but for me this whole story is a much needed indictment of ghairat and honour culture. I noticed how Bul Bul , manages to blame Shireen for the whole blood strewn mess , claiming Shireen’s actions had caused all these deaths . How incredibly evil and shameless this character is and how easy it is blame a woman. The only person really paying for her actions is Shireen’s spiteful bhabi played to perfection by Kaif Ghazanavi. Perhaps this will move her to tell the truth? With neither brother nor husband, what will happen to Shireen?

This is such a brilliant I could write forever but now limit myself to thanking the wonderful cast, director Saife Hassan  and writer Mustafa Afridi for this enthralling piece of television. So many great dramas this year Dillagi , Udaari, Khuda Mera Bhi hai , Noor e Zindagi Bin Roye that I feel as if its 2012 ..When I was watching Humsafar, Durr e Shehwar, Daam and Kuch Pyar ka Pagalpan.

Sadaf Haider

Despite all the misery and shock I still noticed no one can touch Mikaal’s hair. It has a special place in the space time continuum and cannot be touched. Anyone who doesn’t believe me; go back to Sheher e Zaat and Dayar e Dil.


  1. Definitely! The drama is so enthralling it leaves me in a hangover. You’re right there are so many interconnected threads it’s hard to pick up one. So complex and yet so pleasing to the senses..fabulous script and a visionary director…great direction.
    Hypocrisy, yes! The great thing in SeMM is that such issues are highlighted in such an intelligent and subtle manner without any of the characters talking about it..You see everyone is more or less responsible for the mess that has been created in the minds as well as on the ground..
    Pari, Durkhaney, Torah & Bulbul and even Gul Begum..all have been hypocrites except that we can cut Durkhaney some slack…The outward ‘respectability’ and ghaiirat (beghaiirat/i being the most frequently used word in the drama) is all too important, ‘behayayi’ considered a cardinal sin whereas nobody looks lie and malign is considered nothing yet they take God’s name in everything..Kalima padh lo while disrespecting a vow made to the One who made the kalima…Saifurrahman too lied to the jirga but out of love for his sister..he was the most upright or the least hypocrite character..I’ll really miss him..on another note, Safiullah was too gullible to be hated…He never seemed ready to pull the trigger on if he did it to show Torah that he is not a coward than to avenge his brother..Torah pushed him to the extreme and he was never so intelligent…I told my sister when the initial episodes were airing that the drama is so multi layered with multiple themes that a whole book can be written about it and see we can’t stop thinking and talking about it.


  2. Sadaf, I just finished watching the episode and I’m still pretty shaken! Rarely ever some death in a drama has had this effect on me. When three people died in the first half of the drama, I though it must be a challenge for the writer and the director to depict the aftermath in its entirety. But what can i say? Team Sang-e-marmar has me stunned by its balanced approach, its attention to detail, its novelty of dialogues and scenarios…I barely blinked in the rest of the episode! Every single person’s emotions were screened perfectly. Nothing seemed missing.

    Yurgish should get an award for his last scene. His expressions were on spot right from the moment Torah Khan stopped his jeep. Further down the scene, even amidst the impending horror, the writer made sure to let us know that Saif-ur-Rahman had at last believed the innocence of his sister. Perhaps it was the doubt he was already growing in his heart, perhaps the repeated conversations with Durkhanay, but also – perhaps it was the looming death; they say all things become clearer when you are facing death.

    I kept thinking of the last scene of Gullalai and Safiullah together. I felt it would be the last time they were meeting. What a life Gullalai had! Her last few weeks were spent in such anguish and this was the first time she was handed a good news. Their death on the same day was shocking and heart-breaking.

    When Gulistan Khan was telling the news to the women, I could not understand how he was so composed. The moment he finished telling them and broke down, I could see all his strength draining him – and probably for good. I absolutely loved how the writer has used little bits to demonstrate major points. Like Gulistan Khan’s grief and weakness was evident first by the way he burst out crying, then by the way he was asking for ladies’ permission – as if he could not muster up the strength to bury his second son – and lastly by the look of shock and stillness on his tilted head.

    I used to feel for Torah when he reminisced about his mother, or whenever someone degraded his complexion. He clearly has been wronged by Gulistan Khan. But since the beginning, I have also found it disturbing how much disregard he exhibits towards others’ lives. His thirst for revenge is so overpowering that he easily overlooks how many other lives get ruined in the way. Shireen, Aurang’s mother, Saif-ur-Rahman, his wife and unborn child – all suffered because of his plans too. Maybe its meant to show that sometimes the wronged becomes just as cold and hardened as the perpetrator. Maybe the title was about Torah Khan after all. I am really curious to see what the writer has in store for him.

    Lastly Sadaf, I lsimply love how you bring out the nuances in a show. I personally find it a little annoying when a review equals a summary and I am glad you don’t do that. That is why you are my favourite! 🙂 Keep writing please!


    • Thank you so much Fariha , it means a lot to get your feedback . I have to say I love reading people’s comments too . Sange Mar Mar is one of those rare gems that allows us to think and analyse so many things we sometimes take for granted . Tora lost his victim status the day he decided to kill someone in revenge for his mother . I can understand his pain , and the way he is treated is abominable but he is much worse than Gulistan Khan at this point . Perhaps you are right I thought Gulistan Khan was the Sange Mar Mar but now I see your point Gulistan Khan and his family created Torah with their arrogance .
      In all of this can we spare a little blame for people like Shameem and Aurang . They both knew better but they fell in with the situation , never stood up . Isn’t that all of us ? we actually know better but we let things go to get along and don’t want to rock the boat ?


      • Sadaf you are so right. ‘The world suffers a lot. Not because of the violence of bad people. But because of the silence of the good people.’ Shameem once said,”Us (Torah) ki taraf tu koi andhi bhi na dekhay.” This particular scene made me realize how passively the “good ones” among us accept the social evils like superiority complex, racial discrimination. It must have been moments like these that cemented Torah’s hatred and schemes against the family without regard to anyone’s feelings. And yes, we all are guilty of that passivity.

        Sadaf, you have studied literature, right? Please tell me: How would you rate this character Torah among the most well-written villainous characters of all time? I am asking this because I find it extremely well thought out.

        I can talk about this drama for hours. Its a model of excellence! I hope the writer and director know that every tiny little detail that they have taken care of, has not gone unnoticed!

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        • Fariha you have come to the right place – I can talk about this drama for hours too . In my earlier review I called Tora the good Iago .. who I am sure you know is from Shakespeare’s Othello. For some reason people trust Iago and tell him things


        • The best villains are never monsters , we can see ourselves in them and we know , but for the grace of God there go I . I look at Tora and I see where he could have stopped himself , where he could have checked his ego but instead he crosses every limit in his lust for revenge . Mustafa Afridi has said his characters are based on people he has met even Tora


  3. Thank God you gave one full review to this one episode. Wow! Terrific episode of a top-notch drama! Cant get enough of this, youre so right about Safiullah’s expressions, that look for affirmation, and Saifurrahman ki tou kya baat hai…I miss him..poor soul….Bano deserves to be deserted..and if what youre saying about Torah hinting at Aurang comes true, then he is pure evil and selfish who doesn’t care about the happiness of his own sister..But I hope Torah didnt mean Aurang when he said that…and his revenge plan is going to backfire when the only thing he loves in the world shall get hurt by it…as Aurang will marry Shirin,.hopefully..Torah must get this punishment..this is what will make him miserable…the writer has written with so much insight and perfection, no words. Thanks for the review, I love your reviews.


    • Thanks for reading Gul . Actually I wanted to write so much more ! Each episode is so rich I sometimes find it difficult to pick out one thread . I hate to give a summary as a review , my aim is always to catch the underlying themes .
      I think Tora is getting overconfident and I am a little worried about Aurang . Tora may like Aurang as a prize for his sister but arrogance is leading him further and further into the pit of hell . I don’t know if Shireen and Aurang will be united . I actually saw a picture of Shireen in Aurang’s mother’s old sari … who knows what the writer has in store for us ? This is the best part of this serial it just keeps you guessing but everything makes sense . Life isn’t as simple as our dramas portray , we all know big villains in real life that don’t get the punishment they deserve in this world .
      I think the whole jaal will unravel when someone realizes who the girl was . Btw what do you think of all the munafqat scenes the writer added ?
      Like Bulbul doing Wuzu and maligning Shireen , then Pari planning Durkhaneys downfall but ending up a widow , Gulalay cursed Shireen and ended up The dhancha , Bano slaps Shireen but cannot control her own grief ? So subtle and so well written


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