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Sange Mar Mar episode 20 Review

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The aftermath of three deaths has left Gulistan Khan’s family in crisis. They had hardly recovered from Gohar’s murder before this new pain shook them. Today’s episode belonged to the incredibly talented actors Sania Saeed and Noman Ejaz, two grieving parents suddenly helpless against the whims of fate.

Gulistan Khan’s tenderness towards Shamim was all a little late. His attitude of arrogance and domination started from the first day of their marriage and has never really stopped. Towards the end of the episode Gulistan Khan reveals a little of why he always showed so much dislike towards his youngest son and it seems that Aurang’s teenage defense of his mother was the pivotal moment. They say Domestic violence can be passed on in families. Children who see their mother’s beaten often accept this as normal behaviour and internalize the violence. This seems to be exactly what Gulistan Khan has done , while Aurang stood up for his mother , Gulistan Khan admits he did not stand up for his mother. Gulistan Khan is a hard man but the cracks are beginning to show. Both Aurang and he realise how their family dynamic has changed: that they cannot afford the luxury of old resentments and move towards reconciliation.

Kubra Khan has been a treat to watch in this serial and her character Shireen is close to my heart. Last week her performance seemed a little forced but this week she was back in control. It is amazing how tough Gulistan Khan is with everyone yet he seems to have a very soft spot for Shireen. The way Shireen hugged him for comfort was the biggest surprise because GK does not come across as the most empathetic father in law. This is where Mustafa Afridi’s fabulous writing skills bring so many nuances to this story. Each character has its core values but the way they behave, just like real people, is often determined by who they are dealing with. Shamim is also very protective of Shireen and quite harsh on her own daughter Bano, whom she recognizes as a trouble maker.

So The Machiavelli of Swat, Tora Khan feels he has done enough. Two sons, for two legs is his thinking. The term “lust” is often used to describe the wish for revenge, because just like that base feeling it can be overpowering and it blinds the sufferer. Tora Khan may feel he was justified using the “eye for an eye “thinking prevalent in cultures where “honor” is overtly valued but what had Shireen and Saif ur Rehman ever done to him? There is no mitigation, there is no excuse. Masroor Paras was a subdued Tora this week, careful and full of excuses but he is no longer dealing with the inadequate Safiullah. Like most evil men he underestimates those who are empathetic or kind, so he considers Aurang even more foolish than his brothers but good enough to take care of Palwasha. Considering Gk’s fondness for Shireen, I am just wondering if He might not push Aurang to marry her. If he does, will Aurang become fair game for Tora again? Or will everything fall into place just as Tora wants it?

A word about Aurang. Either the death of so many people has changed him or deep down he always wanted his harsh father’s approval. Aurang may say Daa jee’s decisions ruined everyone’s life , but he is Shamim and GK’s son and as such loyal no matter what . Mikaal Zulfikar ‘s Aurang is like a baby whose parents have ignored him and despite his supposed reservations , he seems to be basking in the glow of all the attention .

Thank You director Saife Hassan , writer Mustafa Afridi and the entire Sange Mar Mar team for another fabulous episode of this mesmerizing serial.

Sadaf Haider


  1. Thank you for the review, loved it..
    For SeMM, it is not easy to maintain such top quality for 20 weeks, quite a feat. Well done team SeMM. I am not sure if I have seen a better package, so complex and bewitching. I see Gulistan moving towards redemption, he has been proud, arrogant and cruel but I don’t think we can call him evil, what do you think? He has had some values which he always has abided by but he may now question them. Like you, I too feel amazed at his tenderness to Shirin, may be he is already conscious of the fact that she could be a soft target of mistreatment in their household so he feels for her..
    Still a lot more to unravel, I am completely hooked!


    • Can Gulistan Khan really move to redemption ? I just feel his cruelty to Tora’s innocent mother to deeply . Uss ka kiya qasoor tha ? At the same time Tora has gone too far , he is just as bad if not worse . This is the unfortuneate thing about people who seek revenge … often they turn into the monsters they hope to punish .


  2. Enjoyed reading ur review of another fab ep. I love watching Sange Mar Mar twice on Thursdays (or sometimes the 2nd time on Friday), to savor it all and to let each scene sink in fully.
    Thanku to the entire team for this gem!


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