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Sange Mar Mar episode 23


The tension in Sange Mar Mar is building to quite a thrilling finale and unlike most stories the end is entirely unpredictable. Writer Mustafa Afridi has breathed not just life but soul into each of his characters and, though every one of them is consistent, just like any real human being they are swayed by the winds of conscience and desire.

There were two big dilemmas this episode and both involved the two best friends Shireen and Durkhaney. Let me first say thank you to the writer for actually understanding his female characters in a way that very few male writers can (Khalil ur Rehman Qammar is the other rare bird). Afridi has written some wonderful female characters with their share of faults and graces and the best part is that he seems to understand those little quirks of nature that other’s miss. I loved the way Shireen and Durkhaney are so protective of each other and the positivity in their relationship is so needed.  At one low point (in a past episode) they accused each other but then rose above it like sisters of the heart often do.

I have to admit I was angry at Durkhaney for “causing” all the trouble but was she really the “cause”? She was silly for sure but criminal?  The prime movers in all of this mess were Tora Khan and Saif Ur Rehman, who shot Gohar without proof at the instigation of a stranger. So, wracked by guilt Durkhaney admits to her “crime” and another big thank you to the writer for pointing out there is another way. Ghairat and Honour killings are a choice; there are better ways of resolving issues through forgiveness and patience.  While Durkhaney came through her ordeal, Shireen is standing at a crossroads between right and wrong. She may love Aurang, she may toy with the idea of marrying him but it would just be another mistake. Aurang and Palwasha love each other and anyone coming between them would always be an outsider.  Brilliant acting from Kubra Khan and Beenish Raja made this episode so perfect. I love it when writers show that it is possible to rise above a situation , to go beyond the default programming of me first , so fingers crossed for Shireen !

Meanwhile Gulistan Khan is a new man, I guess some people really are so hard it takes a lot of deaths to calm them down and recognize their own arrogance. Gulistan Khan is not pushing anything on anyone any more, and even his offer of marrying Shireen to Aurang is based on ignorance of Aurang’s wishes. He wants Aurang to leave and finish his studies and next week promo promises us a revelation from him. I wonder what it could be , My guess is it involves Tora Khan’s mother , because that is his  greatest sin , the crime he has unwittingly paid for many times over . Saying Noman Ejaz and Sania Saeed gave flawless performances is kind of redundant at this point, they are flawless.

Sania Saeed’s Shamim is still trying to save her son and give him the wife he wants.  I did not write a review for last week but let me say here what a fantastic performance from both Sania and Mikaal Zulfikar we got in the previous episode. There is such a beautiful dynamic between Mother and son, and it was heartening to see all those debt files and Khatey burn. Aurang may admire his father but he is Shamim’s son and it was a pleasure to watch such great characterizations and authentic portrayals.1471612849a8474-original-1

Meanwhile Tora Khan where are you? You are so much better when you are quietly manipulating people than when you slap your wife.  Bano is dreadful but I can find some sympathy for her despite her sharp tongue and cruel ways. She is drowning in her marriage to Tora and not everyone is good enough to compromise like a proper mashriki larki (see Mannu). I am sorry I can’t stand Meesni Palwasha at all. Sharmeen Ali and Mikaal have about zero chemistry. I actually prefer the Sharmeen Ali in her other scenes with Tora and Bano. In fact her passive aggressive attitude with Bano is now turning into triumph.

A big round of applause for the whole sange Mar Mar team!! This is the kind of drama I live for : a strong story , well-acted, well written and great direction.

Sadaf Haider


  1. Sadaf! I have missed your reviews!! 🙂 I am loving this drama just as much and although the pace is slow, its still pretty engrossing. The only thing that confused me was that Shireen did not give any thought to the fact that Aurang liked someone else. I thought, considering this fact, she would not go any further. But that didn’t seem to be the case.

    BTW, do you too feel that this drama has a cinematic feel to it?

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    • Hmm I maybe wrong but I like it because it doesn’t have the filminess Instead it focuses on the minutiae and everyday details . The story would definitely lend itself to cinema but not the style of depiction so much . There is such a raw authentic flavor that makes it overcome what should be. Dry filmi as in all deaths and sudden twists . Having said the words sudden twist I now feel duty bound to say Mustafa Afridi has woven this story so well , what may come as a shock to the viewer at first makes perfect sense in the end .


    • I am hoping this is the writers way of giving Shireen her final dilemma ? She has been tested so much now she has to apply what she learned . I have a feeling The scenes of her pushing angrily at Aurang in the OST seem to hint at something . It would be totally wrong if Shireen to force her wishes on Aurang as it would be vice versa


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