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Sange Mar Mar episode 24 review

So  has Shireen has chosen the path of darkness? This episode Shireen gave into her deepest desire: a dream she had cherished since childhood. It cannot have been an easy childhood and as an orphan she probably found a lot of solace in the imaginary friend and lover she had created out of Aurang’s memories. However the truth is she really doesn’t know Aurang ,and Palwasha does.shireen

Again I want to give a round of applause to Mustafa Afridi for putting this moral dilemma fair and square on Shireen’s shoulders. Shireen cannot blame anyone, not Daji, not her kismet not her wicked bhabi, right or wrong is entirely her choice. I think this is a big turning point many people face: after being a victim for so long and accepting the whims of others and whatever the tides of fate brought her ,Shireen feels she is owed something. Her friend Durkhaney maybe loyal but she is often the root of a lot of problems for Shireen and her advice that Shireen owed Palwasha nothing,was spectacularly bad .When fate deals us a bad hand it’s easy for people to   put their principles aside and start negotiating between  themselves and God  to justify their own nafs ki Khawhish. They say it’s darkest before the dawn and there is always one more test.  . Despite the fact that Sharmeen Ali and Mikaal Zulfikaar have zero chemistry, the story says they are in love, and Shireen has no right to come between them.

I found Palwasha’s letter chilling and Shireen’s choice may well have put Gulistan Khan’s last son in mortal danger. Tora is unlikely to take this slight sitting down; he has murdered three people already and has little to lose by a fourth. Tora will never let this slight to his beloved sister go.

The best scenes today were between Mikaal and Noman Ejaz , that was such a wonderful goodbye scene and brought tears to my eyes . The hesitance, the leave taking, the running back and the fear in a father’s eyes were all brilliantly done. I even felt bad for beychari Palwasha, who has done absolutely no harm to anyone, and is perhaps the least blameless of the entire cast of characters after Shamim.

A word about Bano . I wonder what kind of idiot she is . so many deaths , so many disappointments have not changed her . She is like a rock on whom nothing makes a mark . According to GK she was always like this tez and  jumping to conclusions . She is miserable married to Tora but I am now thinking she would never be happy anywhere , her nature is very self absorbed . She doesn’t care about any of her brothers and always made trouble for them rather than caring for their feelings.  Once Tora finds his plans thwarted again I wonder whether it will be Bano or Aurang he kills ?

There is some deep psychology behind Gulistan Khan’s hate of music and especially dance which is beyond religion. I hope we get to find out, but nothing justifies his cruel treatment of Tora’s mother.  Last week’s promo promised some secrets would be shared, which were not, so I am not so sure about this week’s promo can be trusted either. This is such a great serial that I don’t want to criticize it but I can see a little serial stretching coming on. There was a lot of soaring background music and some of the scenes were a bit long but the story is working so I am hoping that HUM TV doesn’t ruin it.

Meanwhile Durkhaney’s husband to be seems so excited to marry her that he isn’t too worried his own mother slipped and almost broke her back on their new marble bathroom. I love the little ironies in those scenes :the jealous mother in law who couldn’t wait to use her daughter in law’s new bathroom, and slipped, or Durkhaney’s foolish mother who thinks that praying for someone’s death is fine .She  doesn’t realise how much work her daughter will have to do to care for a disabled mother in law ?

We didn’t see much of the wicked witch of the east aka Pari Bhabi (played with mean brilliance by Kaif Ghazanavi) nor did we see much of Tora  , but the storm clouds are gathering , let’s see what happens next week .  This week was a little stretched and slower but nothing that detracted from the overall excellence of this fascinating serial.  There was some great acting from all especially Kubra Khan, Sharmeen Ali and Mikaal Zulfikar. Sania Saeed and Noman Ejaz are just flawless each week and the backbone of this story. Thank You Saife Hassan and Mustafa Afridi ,for this wonderful serial !



  1. I feel you Zaid . As I have written at the bottom of my Dawn images review I often say if life cannot be fair , fiction can at least try to be . I cant say I wasnt a bit dissappointed but If I were to play devil’s advocate ;to be honest can we truly understand the justice of our creator . Often as not we see al kinds of cruel and unjust people get away with things till the ultimate judgement . Shireen’s character was a little headstrong and foolish from day one but at least she can recover from this bad move . Aurang wasn’t the big prize we all though he was . I think the writer was right to challenge some of our notions of love and romance . The ending was not what I could have wished for but it was justifiable and if nothing else a great lesson .


  2. I jumped to your site after watching the serial and wohoo! I found your review steaming hot 🙂

    You have pointed out something that no other reviewer has. That it is indeed a moral dilemma for Shireen and her choice to ignore two people’s feelings to fulfill her wish is wrong! I am also one of those who initially wanted Aurang and Shireen together but at this stage, it’s pretty obvious who Aurang wants to be with.

    Your review also made me draw a parallel between Torah and Shireen. Both had somewhat deprived lives without their parents’ protection. Both were wronged by people close to them. One chose to take matters in his own hands and considered it completely justified. Other was handed over the choice and so far she seems tempted to reimburse herself for all she has lost. The writer has shown brilliantly that even the good among us are tempted at times. I really hope Shireen makes the right choice. The writer has been so wise all through the story that I don’t expect him to show Aurang as some sort of trophy for Shireen. Aurang is NOT her last chance to be happy and he shouldn’t be made out to be so.


    • Thank you for understanding ,I too wanted the Shireen Aurang wedding but it would be at the cost of much pain and resentment. Shireen can move on , who knows with 9 shops to her name she can study to be something . She spent have to be anyone’s slave waiting to catch a few crumbs of affection. Knowing Shireen she will come to her senses I Tora won’t .shireen can have her pick of good men I have seen that we sometimes suffer and then Allah gives use one last test .. now that is the hardest because it comes disguised in pragmatism and realism . A promise is a promise I hope Shireen learns before it’s too late


  3. What awonderful review Sadaf. You see all the subtleties so clearly. Mazah aaya! This is such a breathtaking serial that I just had to read the review asap 🙂
    Yes, this ep was a li’l slower but that wonderful goodbye scene made it all worth while. Beautifully shot too, the way Aurang first walked away from his father and then rushes back.
    The letter Palwasha writes was so sharp- almost like a dagger through the heart.
    Waiting for more!! Need Thursday to return soon 🤗

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