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Sange Mar Mar Episode 25 review


To be honest episodes 23 and 24 of Sange Mar Mar were beginning to drag a just a bit, but episode 25 has brought the edge and thrill back to this fabulous drama serial. There is so much potential in this rich story that the stretching has not harmed it….. yet  , but any more and it might lose the edge that made it so good . First of all Tora Khan seems to make  a limited appearances and much as I hate his wicked ways , Masroor Paras is on screen gold. Mustafa Afridi has written a rare and memorable antagonist in Tora but instead of the complex sinner of the previous episodes he has become a cartoonish shadow lurking on the edges when he should be front and center because this is very much his story. Having said that who could possibly object to seeing more of the brilliant Sania Saeed and Noman Ejaz, whose subtlety and screen presence has kept this serial well above melodrama level.  I am still waiting for Some revelation about Gulistan Khan’s pathological hatred of dancing . As his character continues to break down we see all the regrets of his pass weigh him down . Weak and broken he finally draws closer to his wife but it all seems a little late .smm-10

Tora‘s villainy maybe epic but Pari bhabi is just as evil. Pari’s vendetta against Shireen is partly spite but mostly avarice, just like Tora’s. Tora may convince himself he is angry for his mother but in his blood lust there is a strong element of greed: inheriting Gulistan Khan’s wealth and power is also his dream. I find the way he pushes his sister on Aurang nauseating, in the end he is using her too. I understand Aurang and Palwasha are in love but there is something disturbing about this relationship that doesn’t sit well. Having said that Shireen is making a huge mistake, Aurang is no docile son to be bound to whoever his father pleases.  Shireen would do better to appeal to Gulistan Khan’s guilt and free herself from this family. Aurang is nicely played by Mikaal throughout this serial but there is zero chemistry between him and Sharmeen Ali so their romance looks forced despite the story line.sange-mar-mar-72

The funniest part this week was Durkhaney’s Nikkah. Kaleemullah is endearingly happy to get the girl and Durkhaney’s mother’s dearest wish to kill off his mother is sad but funny. This is what sets Afridi’s writing up there with Farhat Ishtiaq, Faiza Iftikhar and Khalil Ur Rehman Qammar, he isn’t constantly sitting in judgement, as a writer he recognizes the difference between evil and weakness and there is a vein of affection in his writing for his subjects that allows the audience to connect with the story beyond what might be a sermon in another’s hands.

While Durkhaney has escaped all the consequences of her actions, it seems as if Shireen will continue paying for something she didn’t do in her attempts to get Aurang. This is an object lesson for so many of us; sometimes what we want just isn’t good for us. It seems as if Pari, Bano and Tora have formed an unholy trinity to destroy Shireen and I would like to say this is unusual or extraordinary, but sadly a woman is always being judged in our culture.  Women like Bano and Pari seem to live charmed lives protected by husbands and brother while those without protection (like Shireen) are open to any slur. What really makes an honorable woman?  Both Pari and Bano have had no affairs and they married according to tradition and their parents’ wishes, are they good women? The whole concept of ghairat is often used to control and humiliate women in particular. Kaif Ghazanavi and Uzma Hassan are such fabulous actresses and have given us some standout performances as the villainous women throughout this serial.

I am really excited for next week, and am keeping my finger’s crossed that this serial is not stretched beyond breaking point. So again a round of applause for the cast and crew of Sange Mar Mar ! Will Tora get away with it ? Will Aurang or Gulistan Khan or anyone find out who the real murderer is ? … sigh I hope I dont have to keep waiting long .

Sadaf Haider


  1. Maybe Gulistan Khan found his bhabhi dancing in the rain enticing? Came on to her, later felt ashamed n angry- then broke her legs?


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