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Sange Mar Mar episode 26 Review


Am I the only one who was expecting something better from Shireen than the whiney collapse into self-pity we witnessed this episode? Perhaps I have been so spoiled by Khirad, Kashaf,  and after Anmol it’s almost unbearable to see such a strong character laid low. Strength comes in many forms; it’s not always about shouting or demanding. There is great power in the quiet courage of forbearance and sabr that Shireen had shown till now.

Shireen’s desperation and misplaced anger came as a shock. What happened to the sensible woman who accepted that Aurang preferred Palwasha, and very gracefully moved on? It’s easy to understand the temptation to give in to the “bachpan ki mohabbat” fantasy she has been nurturing all her life but  seeing Shireen lose all semblance of self-respect and screaming bad duas at Aurang, gave me a chilling sense of déjà vu ? Has Mustafa Afridi, the otherwise genius writer of this otherwise brilliant drama been watching MannMayal or Sanam? My whole being shudders at the thought of this wonderful serial being ruined in the quest for TRP’s but this kind of reaction from one of the leads maybe the canary in the coal mine . Female characters  with zero self respect and demanding  illogical retribution are easy TRP bait .. All I can say is please let me be wrong .

Meanwhile Aurang and his scarf have been stalking in and out of the Gulistan household every five or ten minutes and I wonder what course he is doing in Peshawar that allows him this kind of flexibility?  There is something a little choppy about all these confrontations in the last two episodes, which is not in line with the original content rich, well plotted serial I had become a fan of. Even Gulistan Khan’s character seems a little shaky. Whereas , the last few episodes showed a sea change in him , this week he was to be back to his old dictatorial ways , demanding Aurang marry Shireen immediately.

The best part of the episode this week was Pari bhabi getting her well-deserved comeuppance. The woman was so sure of herself and so full of spite that she thought she was invincible. Kaif Ghazanavi is a wonderful, versatile actress who gave a great performance as this small minded, vindictive woman. The best thing about Afridi’s writing is the beautifully subtle way each protagonist chooses their own punishment. From next week’s promo it looks like it will be game over for Bano too, as Shireen gives her a taste of her own medicine. I used to feel sorry for Bano but her character has nothing to do with Tora or her situation, she is just a nasty bully who revels in making people miserable. Let’s see what karma has in store for the richly deserving Bano played by another fabulous actress, Uzma Hassan.

So this week the backbone of this story, Tora  Khan was back, subdued and silently fermenting more revenge. I love watching Tora, Paras Masroor is such a great actor he makes every twist in this character so believable. What helps is that Afridi has not written him as some strange invincible tactician , rather luck and the other character’s own prejudices and flaws help him succeed. Tora was hoping BulBul would help him spread the rumors about Shireen but instead ends up using his own sister. Just like Shireen, Palwasha stands at a fork in the road. Normally Palwasha doesn’t seem the sort to spread such innuendo about another woman’s reputation but her love for Aurang is her undoing. So let’s  see if Palwasha succumbs to her basest instincts next week.

The last two episodes of Sange Mar mar had been a bit of a wash, almost fillers but this week had a lot more going on and was a lot more interesting. I am just worried that this great serial isn’t ruined by stretching and ridiculous ad hoc twists.  This has happened to another serial I am watching called Pinjara where a serious drama about a similar Vanni situation has taken a silly turn with the entry of the “hero”. If we include Sammi, it is literally raining Vannis in Tv land ; but the desperation to write in love triangles etc is undermining the authenticity and grave nature of this practice.

Sadaf Haider





  1. Hi Sadaf, I watched this episode quite late this time and I felt exactly what you said in your review. It was embarrassing to watch Shireen in this episode and she looked a nuts in the last scene. Perhaps her dialogues would have made more sense if she HADN’T been the witness to Aurang and Palwasha’s romance, but seeing all that, how could she accuse Aurang of lying? It all looked so contradictory to her character and left me totally confused. I really hope the writer redeems her character completely before ending it.

    Aurang’s dialogues were spot on I think. He said exactly what he needed to say. Pretty gutsy of him, I must say. Usually in our dramas, our becharay heroes conveniently get trapped in such triangle love stories because of how much they empathize with the other woman.

    Gulistan Khan’s personality, although inconsistent, is still acceptable to me because one’s nature doesn’t change that quickly. Some lapses (like the one where he yelled at the man for dancing and later regretted it) make this transformation believable I think.

    You are so right with everything you have said. The drama already runs a serious risk of losing its charm. I hope the makers realize this. Episode 27 is already on air. Am gonna watch that now. Hope you review it soon 🙂


    • Yes it was sad . But happily Shireen has more than redeemed herself in episode 27 . As another reader has pointed out , she may have been desperate and like any human being had a lapse of judgment . There is ALSO the Stretch factor as in scenes being spliced in to make the serial longer because it is such a big success now . This could explain the choppiness and illogical attitudes . After episode 27 I dont think Aurang deserves her anyway .


  2. Enjoyed your analysis Sadaf. Totally agreed on all accounts. Hope it is not stretched fazool mein and comes back to it’s old awesomeness. Wondering what’s in store for Shireen?


    • Did you see this weeks Promo ? It looks as if Tora is in store for Shireen … I saw some pics on Masroor Paras Facebook page of Shireen in Tora’s mother’s sari so either it’s a dream or Mustafa Afridi really is going to pull the rug of expectations right out beneath our feat !


  3. Yes that was out of character for her but do you think she’s just pushed into a corner with Bano also threatening her and Aurung not willing to marry her. I’m hoping they’ll wrap up in a few episodes instead of stretching it.


    • Thanks for reading and welcome to the blog 🙂 Yes I am willing to take that ” straw that breaks the camel’s back ” theory but it’s a thin thread to wind this story up with . Ok such anger is usually temporary before sanity and reason come back . Yes I am with you on that hope, this is a classic , fingers crossed they don’t ruin it .


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