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Sange Mar Mar episode 27


This week was one of the most shocking and painful episodes of a drama that I have ever seen. The dark clouds of suspicion and rumour that had been hanging around Shireen finally gathered into an almighty storm and burst forth in the shape of Bano. Bano is a strange unhinged creature that takes pleasure out of hurting people and putting them down, but her merciless beating of Shireen would not have happened if anyone in the Gulistan Khan family had the sense of decency to stop it. Tora of all people was the only one to be moved to pity, not because he acknowledges his own guilt but because the  cruel tableau playing out before him reminded him of his mother’s tragic death. Bano is so crazed and full of blood lust that she even strikes Tora on the head sending him to sit dazed and confused to one side. If Durkhaney had not had the courage to step forward then (despite her burden of shame) Shireen would be

A lot of viewers are asking why Shireen admitted to a crime she hadn’t committed. She is sad and broken by Aurang’s rejection, the loss of her brother has left her completely alone and with so many voices against her she may feel no one will believe her anyway. There is a certain death wish in the way she accepts the punishment.  The real motive though is her deep and lasting love for her friend Durkhaney. While superficially this may look like a typical Mazloom aurat scenario, for me it’s a beautiful testament to the strength and courage of women living in such highly conservative, so called honour cultures.  Durkhaney and Shireen prove themselves to be the stronger, better people  out of all the character’s we see in Sange Mar Mar and refuse to let each other down no matter what the cost. Shireen maybe cleared but Durkhaney will have to face her conservative husband for the rest of her life. Beenish Raja has given us a fabulous portrayal of a good woman who just like the rest of us makes a mistake or two. A special thanks to Mustafa Afridi , who is one of the very few male writers who recognize the importance of the female bonds of sisterhood and friendship that sustain women throughout their lives . on a perhaps silly side note I honestly feel like throwing a little tea party in honour of Durkhaney and Shireen’s friendship.

Despite the fact that each of murder was committed by a man, how easily the entire weight of their actions is now transferred on to Shireen’s shoulders, simply because she is a woman with no one to defend her. In thisclosed , highly  conservative society honour is a heavy burden that women end up carrying: one misstep, one rumour and a woman’s reputation is up for discussion. I am reminded of the serial Bashar Momin which was set in a more Urban environment, but in that too the heroine , Bechari Rudaba cannot get a sharafat ka certificate despite following all 
Of her family’s directions.

Team Sange Mar Mar deserves a standing ovation for this week’s episode, it literally shook the ground beneath me .  Kubra Khan is one fantastic actress, who can play an urban sophisticate with as much ease as this simple girl from a small village in Swat.  I have to say I prefer her subtle underplaying of Shireen than the sometimes hysterical victim she plays in Muqabil; she takes all her roles seriously and jumping into them with a kind of earnestness and enviable unself-consciousness. Her role as Shireen is a tour de force for such a young actress and I am sure she will bring us some great performances in the future.sange-mar-mar-episode-17

Sania Saeed and Noman Ejaz are always magic on screen and this well written serial is yet another showcase for their limitless talents. I am always a Mikaal Zulfikar fan and I think he is sometimes underestimated, however this week he shone too. Aurang is a good but weak person and it has taken a great deal out of him to defy his father and marry Palwasha. It was incredibly sad for me to watch this character sit back as Shireen is being literally murdered. Aurang and his mother were disgusted at Gulistan Khan’s treatment of Tora’s mother but just as his mother stood by all those years ago, Aurang stood by. I had always though Palwasha was a harmless if irritating sort but they do say a person’s true nature manifests itself in time of trial and Palwasha turned out to be just as bad as Bano , not helping Shireen and even holding Aurang back . I hope she gets hers. Sharmeen Ali has really grown on me and I think she has Palwasha’s meesnapan nailed, her self-satisfied smiles were almost unbearable .palwasha

Tora was back in full force this week as master manipulator and Machiavelli of Swat. His plans are coming to fruition much easier than he ever imagined. Aurang and Palwasha’s Nikkah was a triumph for him .I noticed he was wearing his wedding Kulla as a pug in celebration. The way GK threw it off his head was another crime to add the list of humiliations Tora has suffered and will only make things worse for the old man. Tora’s sudden empathy for Shireen is a little late, as he is the source of all the rumours and all of Shireen’s problems.  Although His proposal smacked more of revenge than “true Love” but there was some attraction in it too. The strangest thing was the way Tora didn’t see himself connected to Shireen’s predicament, and was happy to blame it entirely on his wife and her family . Tora is such a wonderfully nuanced character; Kabhi neem, Kabhi sakht, Kabhi aag , Kabhi pani and yet another brilliant performance from Masroor Paras.147698008660fe4-1

I am now wondering if this serial is heading towards a good wrap up or if they will stretch it out again? Next week looks action packed as Tora threatens GK with a gun. Shireen is obviously ignorant of Tora’s role in her misery but somehow she gets a flashback to Tora’s kindness to her as new bride. Quite rightly though, she turns down Tora’s proposal with decorum and distaste. It’s high time she went back to her own family and took care of her brother’s inheritance. All the people she thought she could rely on have let her down one by one except Durkhaney so maybe it’s time she moved away from the Gulistan Khan family hell trap and made a better life for herself . I was so worried she might become Jeena or Mannu and marry Tora for revenge against Bano or Palwasha but Shireen’s natural calm, decent character has come back into play.

Meanwhile I wonder what will happen to Durkhaney. I hope her husband is as understanding as her brother. I love how writer Mustafa Afridi has given us this beautifully integrated, well plotted story that has been translated to the screen by director Saife Hassan with skill and imagination.  This is really the kind of drama that has made Pakistan’s industry of storytellers stand out.

Sadaf Haider

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  1. Wow! wonderful review. Totally agree, I just wonder when will I get to see another such drama again since next week’s going to be the last episode! And I can’t believe how are we gonna get a satisfactory ending with just one episode left!


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