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Yakeen ka Safar episode 12 review

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The evil that men do lives after them;. The good is oft interred with their bones” Says Mark Anthony of Julius Caesar.

This was a sad episode, covering a lot of the fallout from Danyal’s murder. While I am going to miss Shaz Khan’s wonderful acting, I am glad Farhat Ishtiaq added this plot twist. A false accusation of rape can be just as painful and life destroying as an actual physical assault. Last week’s scenes of Danyal watching his reputation and life’s work methodically destroyed as he slowly bled to death were painful to watch, but seeing the Rabnawaz and his evil, rapist son get away with the murder was even more painful.

Hira Mani was good as the grieving young widow; however the actress playing her mother was so over the top that she ruined some of those intense scenes. I have to say the most moving scenes were between Asfi and his father. These men were very close to each other: brothers, sons, father, there was a special understanding between them. Ahad Raza Mir and Farhan Aly Agha were on point and brought home the pain of this huge loss. Similarly Noorie’s loss of hope and disappointment gave this tragedy even more depth.

I understand that Danyal’s death was a major plot point but somehow I think it was stretched to fill this episode and could have been handled a lot more efficiently. I am one of those people waiting for some were still in gossip mode.  While it’s understandable that strangers or distant relatives might believe Danyal capable of rape or Zubia capable of having an affair , it’s really shocking to see close relatives like a Chacha or a brother who have known both them all their lives and yet still believe them guilty. Zubia’s brother hasn’t bothered to talk to his sister or discuss her side of the story side of the story and Danyal’s Chacha is only bothered with his public image. Farhat Ishtiaq is a great observer of human nature and such reactions are unfortunately not uncommon. What I found especially frustrating was the way Rabnawaz lied so openly and made his son out to be a victim. It’s an object lesson for us all to remember to listen to both sides before jumping to conclusions. Trial by journalism is so common now that it hardly registers with us that the conclusions being drawn are not by the judge or jury but from the journalist’s imagination.

Next week’s promo shows a further break down of Asfi’s relationship with his brat of a fiancé who I am itching to shove into a pool full of crocodiles. She is a prime example of the kind of proud, in your face ignorance that is in fashion. She is related to Danyal, has known him all her life, yet chooses to believe some scurrilous news reports . I cannot wait for Asfi to drop her. I just wonder how this will affect his relationship with his bhabi.

Asfi is now playing detective which for a doctor is not so farfetched; evaluating evidence and research are basic skills for scientists of any ilk. However taking it to the next level as in an actual prosecution is another matter and I am guessing this is where Danyal’s partner will come in. Now I am just waiting for that hair cut 🙂

I am waiting for a lot of people to get a big dose of Karma, but the most deserving is Zubia’s brother. Zubia’s brother promised to care for his sister and be her champion but he failed the test at the first hurdle. This serial says a lot about trust and how important it is to have faith in the people you know and love. It’s a slightly different angle to the one normally taken and makes gives this entire story a fresh feel.

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