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Yakeen ka Safar episode 23 review

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This week saw the return of Faryal to the story .Her return looks like a turning point in the oh so slow simmering romance between Dr Asfandyar and Dr Zubia , and will hopefully bring things to a head. Yakeen ka safar has indeed been a long journey, for both Zubia and Asfi , both have grown and changed , adapting with resilience to the difficult situations life threw at them . Both of them have learnt to cope by hiding their feelings and drawing a protective veil over their vulnerabilities because neither wants to be hurt again.

Zubia has been betrayed by her entire family, the clouds of rumour and suspicion have long overshadowed her life but she has emerged resilient and strong through her lonely struggle. I love how Farhat Ishtiaq has written Zubia’s character arc, from a naïve, easily fooled little girl she has become a strong, independent woman who knows her own mind. The innocent Zubia who was thrown out of her brother’s house bowed down with guilt and shame doesn’t allow the same thing to happen to her at her Khala’s house. Instead of falling to pieces or falling into the usual cliché of “ let me find a man/shadi to fix things “ or allowing her cousin’s wife’s cheap accusations effect or control her , she rises above them and makes her own way in the world , head held high. Farhat Ishtiaq’s heroines are never the kind to allow fate to decide their position in life, their dignity and the way they behave is something they never cede to anyone or any circumstance. Sajal Ali is a brilliant performer and she has made Dr Zubia’s progress an absolute pleasure to watch. Her transition from schoolgirl to woman has been flawless and an object lesson on how just a little attention to detail can define changes in personality and time without resorting to overt theatrical tricks

The other half of this Safar is held up with surprising ease by Ahad Raza Mir. Ahad as Dr Asfandyar is very much at home except for his accent. As the elite class Dr Asfandyar who has always attended the best English medium schools, we can give that a pass, but hopefully he will work on that to avoid it detracting from his future performances. Asfi is so adorable that I think the audience may well forgive him anything, that rough exterior hiding all the pain and disappointment of his past is nicely done. There were so many scenes in which I understood Asfandyar mood and even guessed what he was thinking back to just from his expressions. I think my favourite had to be when Dr Zubia accidentally sent him a text saying “I love you” . The look on his face as she hurried past him, trying to pretend nothing had happened, deserved an Oscar on its own.

While I may be gushing about that scene, there are so many others that have been wasted by a lack of imagination or understanding by director Shehzad Kashmiri. So many of the pivotal scenes that show the changing connection between Asfi and Zubia  ,and their growing awareness of that change have been shot so prosaically that they have lost a lot of the dramatic impact they should have had.

Farhat Ishtiaq always manages to infuse the simplest of actions with so much depth and feeling that they become emotional markers. Case in point when Asfandyar finally tells Zubia she is a good doctor, or when both of them are caught in a thunderstorm while helping deliver a baby. Last week it was Asfi’s heartfelt declaration that “Kabhi kabhi dil chahta hai kay raasta khatam na ho “ and the way he handed back Zubia’s file without thinking this week. While the director seems to have captured the pathos and pain of these two characters with great accuracy, he has often missed the mark with those special moments of romance.

I do like Yakeen ka Safar as it is but I am beginning to wonder if a linear  progression is always the right way to present these stories. I keep thinking back to the way Durr e Shehwar was made. DeS was also a long journey about the growth and maturity of its characters and might have got bogged down in a more linear structure. The flashbacks kept the audience guessing and made for some dramatic tension in what might have been a fairly predictable scenario. It might have been fun to see the karoos Dr Asfandyar and then go back to see what had made him change.

Asfi and Zubia are the cutest pair, (sorry they aren’t quite Osmaya from DeD because no one is) but they are definitely the highlight of my week. Meanwhile Faryal is one of those characters that I can’t help but think deserves to be slapped on sight. There is just something so annoying about this spoiled princess that makes her almost as bad as Sheema, Zubia’s wicked Bhabi.  Instead of asking Asfi how he has been, she immediately launches into her own pity party with “aren’t you going to ask about me .. me me me .. “ then lands him with the news of her divorce , because of course everything is always about her . She just hasn’t matured or grown up in any way. Asfi really had a lucky escape there and, (thank God), he didn’t look too fazed or surprised by her news.  I cannot wait to see her little egotistical bubble burst in the next few episodes.

Sadaf Haider


  1. Great review Sadaf. Have been meaning to comment but too busy watching reruns of YKS, VMs of YKS etc etc!
    Love the way FI has written the budding romance but I agree the director cud have created gold with this script. Sadly Shahzad Kashmiri is no Sarmad Khoosat. Par Asfi and Zobia are such well written characters and played so well be Ahad and Sajal ke one forgives the direction and falls in love with the story..


    • Thanks for taking time to read ! I really think Ahad and Sajal have brought life to this story . I loved Sajal in the beginning 10 episodes too she was brilliant. Btw Shezadi Kashmiri got those parts right , for some reason he hasn’t gotten a handle on romance yet .. see Bin Roye etc .


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