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Yakeen ka Safar Episode 24

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Hands up everyone who thinks Faryal has changed and /or matured after her divorce and the passage of time ? Right , I think I am counting a big fat zero there because it’s patently obvious it takes more that a a divorce to break through the wall of her own self entitlement . My recommendation is a three month stint as a cleaner in a leper colony or better still perhaps she could just get a job .. any job.

Getting back to the story , The oblivious Faryal thinks she and Asfi are just going to pick up exactly where she decided to drop him . No apology needed because ” mujhay sazaa mil chuki hai ” Translate : I have suffered enough. Her unhappy declaration that her ex-husband Azhar was a good man but he was not  like her Asfi “jo mere naaz Nakhrey uttay” , was so typical.Translation : I miss the way you worshipped me and put up with every stupid thing I did . The look on Asfi ‘s face was perfectly impassive , he is too much of a gentleman to hurt her but he knows he dodged an oncoming train there . Ahad Raza Mir was simply fabulous this episode , his emoting and expressions were all spot on . He showed us all the  nuances of surprise, irritation , and most importantly a sense of being so over the whole “my heart got broken” scenario. This week a  burden seemed lifted from his shoulders and next week he will spell out a polite rejection because despite hints the size of cinder blocks Faryal just wont back off.

While Faryal hasn’t changed , Asfi has matured . When he was younger , all he could see was Faryal’s bubbly personality and superficial good looks but now he can see just how shallow she is . I really like Sabeena Syed’s portrayal of Faryal , she is perfect in this role but I am sure she will do well in a positive one too. Asfi may have grown but so far his communication skills have not , with his ” aap naraz hain ” speech .Yet again Farhat Ishtiaq proves what a master she is at romance by making the most ordinary phrases hum with meaning :

“mainy suna Nahi “

“toh Kiya Oonch Sunai deyta hai kiyaa?”

Asfi’s gruff comeback is more adorable than any flowery speech . For a while I was taken back to one of my favourite moments from Dayar e Dil when Faraa is trying to goad Wali in the garden and he takes it all with  such resigned curtesy that he disarms her .

Asfi and Zubia are such an equally matched pair in intellect ,values , experience and the ability to put up defensive walls . Asfi can see the wall Zubia has just put up to protect herself , but he cant see his own part in helping to build it .  Sajal is no doubt an excellent actress and her restrained performance in the last few episodes only proves it again. That hesitancy is not self-pity ,or the usual martyrdom of a victim we have become accustomed to seeing from our  on screen heroines , rather this is the caution of a wiser , more practical person who believes in self-preservation.  Sajal Ali and Ahad Mir have a lot of screen chemistry and that’s what makes each interaction so fun to watch.

There were a lot of pivotal scenes this week and one of the best was between the Faryal and Asfi’s mother Lubna .It seems as if breakfast  really is the most important meal of the day in Farhat ishtiaq’s books at least and we got a rather powerful scene between Lubna staring daggers at her son’s ex fiancé . Not a word was spoken ( thank God ) but the feelings were crystal clear . Lubna was a barely leashed lioness warning Faryal off her son and family . Meanwhile, can anyone explain what is wrong with Geti ? Geti is so amazingly pleasant and shallow around Faryal that it hurts .  Geti loved Danyal so much yet she hasn’t taken offense at Faryal or her family’s attitude towards Danyal’s untimely death at all . Is Geti really this easy ? To me it makes no sense , she should be just as upset as Asfi on Danyal’s account and the lack of support from her cousin .

All in all , I really enjoyed this week’s episode and its building up to a good finale . I even got a glimpse of the other villain , Sheema . Sheema has become quite the Begum , only to have her wings clipped by Zubia’s equally awful brother . I don’t know why he thinks he is so blameless , he facilitated a lot of Sheem’s actions and was the one who really let Zubia down. There is nothing as enjoyable as when villains get their comeuppance or when two people finally realise their dreams for each other.  I am not sure how the corrupt politician an d local goondas ft into this but I am guessing this may bring Asfi full circle , facing the same dilemma as Danyal .

Cant wait for next week !

Sadaf Haider

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  1. A very beautifully crafted review Sadaf, looking forward for your take on the upcoming episodes.

    The male protagonist of Farhat Ji, had always been mild mannered and emotionally charged. Their take on family and loved ones make us impossible to ignore them and eventually fall in love with them.

    One such character is Dr. Asfand where he transformed from ebullience to automated mode individual. During the years he learned the confluence of pain, deceive, dissent and dejection of life. He comes from a family where serving society been the bedrock of life. Though he camouflaged the yearning towards life, he charged his emotions in work front for the betterment of human resources.

    From the beginning Zubi is an emotionally charged individually where love, care and respect places a pivotal role in her life. That was the reason she conveniently manipulated by a stranger and family members. Gradually, with time she never allowed her emotion to empower her.

    Asfand likeness for Zubi has evolved over time with her traits of compassion; humanity and simplicity made him ignite a new chapter in his life. Whereas, Zubi though had moved from her past but the impact is still resonating as Asfand is involved her past. Whether he was able to place her as that victim he rescued is yet to reveal therefore, she had kept her steps measured.

    I loved those scenes where she started pondering over both scenarios as she symbolically removing the bandage. The bonding she developed with Dr. Asfand and his unrequited love and finally, divorced Faryal returning claiming her place. She transcended that state of mind only due to Faryal presence.

    What is so amazing is they understood each other like the lines of their palm. They asserted their right over each other but Zubiya never portrayed that right to him. Today, she showed her anger and frustration in her own way. The aloofness and one-liners she replied to Dr. Asfand were testimonial. The reservoir in her that remained closed for years had slowly opened for nourishing the land. What more proof that Asfi needs.

    Thank you for the space



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