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Yakeen Ka Safar episode 25

Good bye Faryal you won’t be missed and hello to a sweet measure of understanding between Dr Asfandyar and Dr Zubia. Faryal and her flair for dramatizing herself was a wonder to behold. Her hopes that Asfi would take her back were mercifully dashed in the beginning of the episode but she lingered on, and to give her some small credit, she actually managed to dimly remember why Asfi might not want her back. Her terrible behaviour after Danyal’s death and the way she broke of her engagement came back to her. However her apology was typical, putting herself center stage and falling on her knees in front of her aunt and uncle, instead of approaching them with humility and regret. I don’t know if that whole scene was part of the book or not, but on screen it looked strange and awkward.

Well Faryal kept being Faryal right till the end: by not attending Sime’s birthday party and just packing and slipping away like a ghost of times past. To be fair she was probably sharminda, but her last secret glance at the Osman Khan family celebration was a poignant reminder of all she had lost. When she and her father abandoned Asfi and his family in the name of “log Kya Kahenge”, they hadn’t considered that life would move on for the people they abandoned too. The Osman Khan clan looked happy and content, and most importantly complete with or without Faryal and her family. I am trying very hard not to mention Sabena Syed’s incredibly bad acting but it’s a losing battle. Khair she isn’t alone, Maryam Nafees looks bored out of her mind with her character Khajista.

Now to the real meat of the episode: the wonderful unspoken Izhar e Mohabbat between Asfi and Zubia. Sajal Ali is just flawless as Zubia, she so wants to believe in love but she is still a prisoner to her past. With every step forward, Zubia steps back, confusing beychara Asfi who cannot understand the sudden stranger she becomes just as he thinks he has gained her trust. Zubia’s wounds are deep and for a woman, society always sets, different standards and that may well be at the heart of misgivings. Learning to trust again is an understandably uphill battle for Zubia.

There were some really sweet moments between Asfi and Zubia this week. My favourite was Asfi, completely beykhabar, watching Zubia at Sime’s birthday party:

“Aap ka dehaan kaha hai Dr Asfandyar?” Asked Dr Shehroz.hqdefault (10)

Well, all his attention was on Zubia, who looks like some beautiful pink butterfly fluttering around the party. Sajal Ali is a beautiful woman but, I loved her styling in this serial, subdued, elegant and sweet just like her character Zubia. Then there was Asfi telling Zubia how jealous he was when she was with Dr Haroon, which made Zubia laugh out loud. Zubia seems to have been planning Gethi and Dr Haroon’s match for some time and of course those two look like a fabulous couple because Hira and Mani Salman who play them are already a fabulous couple. I am guessing the little boy who plays Sime is also Hira and Mani’s real son because the adorable little boy looks like them especially Hira.

There was a long sequence of Asfi and Zubia helping each other cross a river, an obvious metaphor for the support and understanding they have shown and will need to get to reach their true destination: each other. I have to say the direction hasn’t reached the level of the writing in any way and these wonderful scenes are always captured in a clumsy but “good enough “way. perhaps “Bin Roye “ was a bit of a hotchpotch because of the different directors used but the elements of drama and romance were so perfectly captured that I can only wish Yakeen ka safar got some of that attention . I used to complain about Dayar e Dil but I take my words back , suffice to say Haseeb Hassan and Haissem Hussain know how to capture those delicate fleeting moment of emotion that make the heart flutter.maxresdefault (2)

Great performances from Ahad Mir and Sajal Ali made this yet another fabulous episode to watch. Their chemistry is undeniable and is one of the reasons that this serial is so much fun to watch. Farhat Ishtiaq’s writes such wonderful heroes that they often become iconic. It all started it off with Asher Hussain, then there was Wali Suhaib Khan and now Dr Asfandyar has captured the public’s imagination. While they are good men, their best traits sometimes become their greatest weaknesses: Asher’s overwhelming trust in his mother becomes his burden; Wali desperate need to protect his family allows Roohi & Faraa to take advantage, while Asfi love for his brother drives his broken heart into cold isolation.

Next week looks as if we will Asfi will get some closure about his brother’s death as the wheel of fate turns full circle and Arooj, Danyal’s villainous secretary makes her reentry into the story. From the promos Asfi recognizes her but doesn’t attack her or use her son’s injury as a weapon against her. I am not sure how realistic such an attitude is but it’s interesting to see this very different perspective. Revenge is rarely on the mind of normal people , normal people just want to get on with their lives the best they can and that is reflected a little in Asfi’s attitude . Having said that, Asfi is displaying some extraordinary sange froid, if he isn’t bothered by Arooj’s appearance.

This was such a wonderful, fun episode , It had me smiling and laughing in turns.

Sadaf Haider



  1. The refinement in the prose of Farhat Ji and a measured screenplay has propelled not just viewership but joy of adding a few words to exemplary review by writers – Sadaf you are one such person.

    As the story ascends we accept the lead characters had a bitter past where being victimized, traumatized and betrayal had made them resilient to make valuable contribution to the environs they function. But, they have one common thread that is incomplete as they have not settled in their personal life.

    For Dr. Asfandyar, the blessing in disguise came in the form of Dr. Zubiya, gave him confidence in seeking new relationship. The goodness she exudes is accepted and acknowledged by his family members, colleagues and inflow of patients. Therefore, those qualities made way for seeking her lifelong commitment.

    He knew for sure, Zubiya is never going to shed her inhibitions and assert her rights over him. The icebreaking he does time again for winning the trust of Dr. Zubiya is worth the watch. I really loved the scene where he shows frustration when she refused to accept his lift to return to her lodging. Requesting her to look at him and asking if the reason for her distancing is Faryal. His mild smile affirms new found skills of human psychology. Gently asking her how to address her ‘ Patha Nahi ki Aapko kiya keh kar Bulana Hain Aap ya Tum’. Well, Gentleman Tum Main Jo Hain Aap Me Nahin Hain.

    Coming to Zubiya (the reluctant lover), the mistake she did in adolescent she set aside, but she refuses in building new relationships. The usual highlights of longing, possessiveness, mild ignoring of Asfand is having impact in her life but she refused to cross the threshold.

    The confidence building measures that Asfand has to implement for gaining the hand of Zubi in the serene, scenic Neelam Valley makes the tale of two forlorn individuals surreal.

    Yasmin Banu


    • Thanks for reading Yasmin . Zubia hesitance is so real and that’s the strength of this characterization. She isn’t swept away by her feelings , having been betrayed by so many people she has not become bitter but she has become very careful . This kabhi Haan kabhi Naa attitude is confusing Asfi because like everyone else he hasn’t bothered to look beyond what he can see . When we meet people we rarely consider their pasts or who they are really . Mostly we react to their behavior with us . Khair this relationship is beautifully mapped out by Farhat Ishtiaq who always manages to capture those nuances .


      • That is so true Sadaf; we always value people from ‘Face Value’. Now, the most vital part did Dr. Asfand recognize the woman he rescued years before. Will he able to place her in the same pedestal he sees her presently. Zubi had morphed over years from a subservient individual to a self-respecting individual by taking crucial and timely decisions in her life. Really, I am looking forward how this part is treated by Farhat Ji as the original story line deviates from the present cinematography.


          • I have read the book and accordingly, Dr. Asfand does not rescues her in Karachi. They both meet for the first time only in the hospital that is the reason I am inquisitive to see how the situation is treated.


            • Aah I see . I feel this whole story is about trust and reputation. Will Asfi fall into the trap of reevaluating Zubia after he learns of her past ? It’s so strange how we put aside a persons behavior or 99 % of the time and are immediately willing to listen to gossip and hearsay . This is why I love this serial, it has a deep lesson for us all .


              • . I think our cultures made us more judgemental and churn the gossip mill to have our part of the nectar. For Zubi, her character assassination is done by her sister-in-law who never missing an opportunity to belittle her individually and family circles. Many times people make decision depending on situations and it requires giving them benefit of doubt. As you said that, this is what make the serial so refreshing.


  2. Great review . My favorite scene is where he leaves his car and asks her what is wrong , since they left on good terms the night before . She basically answers his question by not answering when he asks if it’s Faryal . I really think he already knows who she is ( meaning the same girl he saved from Ramiz ) – so it will be interesting to see when that topic eventually comes up . I’m also looking for a smackdown for Sheema . The one character worse than Faryal .


    • Oh that Sheema smack down is something I’m waiting for too . However what I like the best is that Sheema is no longer important to Zubia . Zubia is now an independent woman who doesn’t need to waste her time on the likes of Sheema and that’s the best victory


  3. Very sweet episode, all the euphoria takes me back to that other famous pairing several years ago🤗. We are Always ready for some nicely done romance❤️ I am really impressed by ahad, we all know Sajal is an amazing actress but for someone knew he has really held his own! The transformation especially has been superbly done!
    Really enjoying the 2nd phase of this drama , the first part was dragged quite a bit but now it’s on track ! But you are so right it could have been even more intense and perfectly done with a Haissam or a Sarmad! Anyways I couldn’t care for Faryal either , so selfish the way Asfi deals with her was perfect! Like how he he is so restrained and but shows just enough emotion to tell her how it is now. Loved the line ki menu bhi poora badal chocolate hun, was brilliant!
    But yeah her acting was so bad thank god seen the back of her!
    Looking forward to the Arooj angle now, should be interesting!!


    • Great to hear from You SK 🙂 I guess we are suckers for that special romance . Yes the story did drag towards the middle but I confess I liked the back stories and the way they showed us the different perspectives on how gossip and badnami can ruin lives . Ahad is definitely a treat to watch and has handed a mature role really well but while the chemistry between the leads is great it’s still not at the off the Richter scale Osmaya or Khisher . Still there’s time 😉 . I guess it’s a drama so will let the coincidences go under literary license but Arooj turning up like that does push the limits of credibility


  4. Sadaf Jitna maza ep dekhnay mein aaya, utna hi review parhnay mein aaya! Great to relive the ep this way (have already seen it 3 times thought ;). Loved the party scenes and uff that look of Asfi. Love Dr Shahroz and the way Shamyl Khan has played him. But for some reason poor guy’s name doesn’t even get a mention in the cast. Sad…

    I was expecting an “Izhaar-e-mohabbat dialogue” this week but didn’t get that which had me a li’l confused as to how things stand between our hero heroine. Coz Asfi just starts saying how happy he is to have her at the party and then mentions being jealous of Dr. H’roon…. And the girl who wasn’t ready to sit with him in the car then proceeded to naturewalk with him for an hr (bad editing I thought of that bridge-over-river scene, infact Zubiya’s laughter needed to be cut short/toned down too). So anyway I did miss that izhaar, maybe next week? Or maybe bus izhaar unsaid hee hogaya hai… which is ok too I guess..

    Needless to say both Sajal and Ahad are fantastic in their roles. And yes, just as well Faryal left coz she’d used up all her energy in trying to act for this long and had nothing left now…painful to see. Khajista, I can’t stand either.

    Farhan Ali Agha, I love 🙂 What a super cool dad to have! Mom I like too! It’s not getting mentioned much but Hira has done a great job with her role I thought…her acting is quite effortless. And yes, Saim is her own kid..just check her instagram 😉

    And uff that precap, the way Ahad says “Tumehin toh mein sau saal ke baad pehchan leta Urooj NIsar” sent shivers down my spine…

    Ab 6 din aur…


      • bwahahahahaha! I saw your post and waved to you in the review of #27 and started catching up on the older reviews of YKS! And I realised even more how much I have missed out on all the fun in our conversations! Auto-correct and SK – you’ve given us some of the best laughs ever!


        • yep Sk is a master at that lol . I notice it takes a farhat ishtiaq story to bring us to our keyboards 🙂 Just old fashioned die hard romantics I guess


    • Thanks for reading Afia you are too kind ! Hira hasn’t been given much to play with after Danyal’s sea h , which is a shame because she is a good actress and I would love to see a grown up romance between widowers .
      I hope that the actresses playing Khajista and Faryal learn something. I hate being negative but perhaps this will give them something to reflect on and improve. Maryam nafise really needs to step up her act but she was def more barable than Sabena .


    • I was hoping for a confession too….I couldn;t agree more – word to word – to all that you said. Including that edit of walking across the bridge. Reminded me of Dr. Zoya and Dr. Ahmer in Dhoop Kinare again. I just felt it tried to rehash the emotions there, but made a poor copy!
      Hi Afiaaaaaaaaaaaa! And thanks for recommending this to me! 🙂


      • Thank you my friend ! I have a feeling the director or producer just loved Dhoop Kinaray ( like the rest of us ) and couldnt resist . BUT I wish people would use their own imaginations …


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