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Yakeen Ka Safar episode 26 review

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This was one of the most crucial episodes of this entire serial and one of the most emotional. Farhat Ishtiaq is a master at making us care for her characters and with each step Asfandyar Ali Khan took towards doing his duty as a doctor and decent human being we were right there with him. Sadly the director wasn’t but more on that later.

Barrister Danyal, played by the wonderful Shaz Khan, was a true warrior, one who carried the burden of speaking truth to power till it broke him. That burden broke his family too; there was something ambivalent about the way his father Barrister Osman retired from life, as if all the accusations and lack of support from his family and friends had weakened his belief in his own son. I can’t speak for Gethi, because the writer or the makers have not allowed her much of a voice but that party of two, Asfi and his mother, never once lost faith. They say faith is stronger than mountains and definitely stronger than what the eye sometimes and it is that faith that sustained them through all the times of pain and doubt.

I think it is very important to point out that the writer did not make her hero an angry young man, toting a gun, looking for justice. Yes Asfi is angry and deeply hurt, but he is also patient and manages to control the anger which might have become a destructive force within him. Just like Khirad before him he doesn’t look for revenge, even when it is presented to him on a plate. So Asfi grapples with his feelings and saves Arooj’s son, forcing the hand of fate in his favour. This entire episode belonged to the fabulous Ahad Raza Mir who took on the doctor’s dilemma with great skill and charm, overcoming the somewhat mediocre camera work and unimaginative direction to make this such a powerful and moving (97)

While I loved the scene showing Asfi walking determinedly past Arooj in pursuit of his duty just like his brother Danyal; my favourite was Asfi looking at his father, with all the innocence and pain of a young boy whose heart had long ago been broken.  I can’t be the only one who thinks Ahad looked incredibly like his father the famous Asif Raza Mir in this episode? Normally Ahad has his own unique style but this week was the resemblance was remarkable. Fortunately the talent and skill to carry each scene was all Ahad.

Meanwhile the seed that Zubia planted in Dr Haroon’s mind is beginning to flower and he is taking an interest in Gethi in the sharifest way he can by going on a play date with her son. The whole Gethi and Dr Haroon track could have been a great addition to the story if it had been developed further. What a missed opportunity! How nice it would have been to see a little romance for these two widowers. Would it really have been dreadful to see Gethi fall in love again?

Even our main love story seems to be on a bit of a slow simmer this week. The short, brusque telephone conversation between Asfi and Zubia might have been an argument for any other couple but for these two it was equivalent of two page love letter written by KRQ. Their interactions are so cute and true to character , no flowery romance just a few ordinary words and yet it means so much. While Asfi and his parents are all set on Zubia, she is still very nervous and hesitant. Zubia is very afraid that when Asfi’s family does visit her family and ask for her hand they will only blacken her name with the spite and meanness they have always shown her. Hopefully there will come a time when Zubia will trust Asfi enough to tell him her fears. I cannot wait for Sheema and Zubia’s brother and her jahil cousin’s wife to get what they so richly deserve.YKS8

Farhat Ishtiaq often writes epic, inspirational stories and translating them to the screen requires a good director. While I think Shehzad Kashmiri , did a great job in the first 20 episodes which were mostly about zulm and ziyati , he hasn’t been able to translate  the complicated emotions of the last 5 or 6 episodes with the finesse  they deserved . The press conference called by Arooj was ridiculous and could have been presented in a more elegant and believable manner.  This was one of the most important scenes in the story but was shot so indifferently that it began to lose all impact for me at least. The worst part was the blank stares from all of Danyal’s detractors. I think Danyal’s Chacha and Faryal could have shown a lot more emotion and contrition. While Arooj’s speech was probably satisfying, it didn’t sound realistic at all , a shorter mea culpa might have had more impact. Serials are not always shot in the order that they are watched so not sure whether he lost his touch or gained some understanding as the story progressed.

Sadaf Haider


  1. Dear Sadaf, thank you for pointing out the technical flaws and oversight of the script. This crucial episode needed better treatment but sometimes it becomes a roller-coaster ride.

    Now coming to crux of the episode, the vagaries of life did not spare Urooj and within few minutes, we were able to see the humiliated life she is leading. Despite vulnerable situation, her conscious did not wake up for seeking redemption in her path. Divinity speaks a language that is beyond human comprehension. Her vagabond son survival theory made her to shift mountains.

    Is there any scale available to measure the inexplicable pain when the final curtains where drawn on Barrister Osman’s elder son Danyal. An upright, youthful, intellectually challenging individual was unable to swim the harsh realities of life. He believed in practicing judiciary where all culprits come under its purview. Within, the bookish laws and circumference of the criminals he had an adverse lifespan. He posthumously vindication due to Urooj press conference is minimal and came too late.

    The transformed Dr. Asfandyar, sheepherder the family in the silent valley, he derived the inner strength from his doting brother. The episode belonged to him as we saw him oscillating between revenge and forgiveness, grief and duty, personal and professional choices. He made the right choices to stand serving humanity with compassion opting out of retribution.

    Yaqeen Ka Safar stands colossal for the love and faith that younger brother had for his doting elder brother. Our eyes were moist as the Barrister Osman acknowledging the power of truth and proud to be the father of his younger son Dr. Asfanyar Osman and martyr son Dr. Danyal Osman. We as viewers are proud of them.

    Thank you Sadaf for the read.


    • Great to hear from you Yasmin and yes you are right in every sense .
      Beychari Noori could get no justice and in desperation she took the violent way . Martin Luther King said a riot is the voice of the unheard . When societal structure suppress, when justice is denied then people take revenge in their own hands . I don’t blame Noori for a minute but i always remember that other old saying g the best revenge is to live well . So the Osman Khan family are patient despite their deep wounds and wait for Allah ka Insaaf . I am not sure this is always the right way but the success the Osman’s achieve is moving on .
      I love the way Farhat Ishtiaq brings out these beautiful principles they are timeless because they are proven over eons . I think it’s about time we consider these options in a society where blood feuds , jirgas and revenge are ruining people’s lives .


      • Yes, Sadaf as you mentioned revenge is never an option or solution. Noori, was entirely relying on Danyal and his death made her take the impossible route and whether it is justified or not but she found that a reliable solution. We can very well notice that Barrister Osman family is pained and silently grieving. We can infer that from their reluctance to celebrate even their grandson birthday in a grand manner. As you said, their patience bore the fruit.

        Muslims Ummah believes in destiny and I think that is the only strength we have too. Throughout history, we dealt our countries being massacred, looted, impoverished, but that resolute faith in destiny is what making us move.

        It is really a joy communicating with you Sadaf. Take care.


  2. A delightful review as always 🙂

    I completely agree with the weak direction point Sadaf, it almost spoiled that otherwise wonderful scene. Ahad’s performance was superb and only if the director had worked a little on that scene, it could have been epic.

    I have never seen Hira and Mani together on screen and this was indeed a great opportunity for the director and writer. The fans would have loved to see a detailed onscreen romance between this real life couple and add their adorable son to this equation and it could have been a treat to watch as a side track.

    I think Zubia is reluctant to accept her true feelings for Asfandyaar cause she is afraid of rejection. She thinks he doesn’t remember her and when he finds out who she is, he will reject her and she will have her heart broken again. Also she has worked hard to make a new life for herself and she is probably afraid of having everyone find out about her past. She has a lot to loose.

    I feel for Zubia, while she is always there to share her friends’ problems, she has no one to share her own issues with. If only she had a wise confidant, who could tell her to follow her heart.


    • Hey Kiran great to hear from you ! I have seen Hira and Mani and they are cute but I wasn’t looking for necessarily a huge romance but maybe a few more scenes or an episode or two . I really think it’s great that Farhat Ishtiaq wrote about a marriage or a romance which isn’t the usual boy meets girl .
      I agree with you on Zubia , she really has become her own woman . No bestie and no relative to confide in does that . I really like that this is being brought up because we culturally do tend to rely on references and its common for people to take advantage of this .


  3. A delightful review as always 🙂

    Glad to know I am not the only one who thought Asfand’s delimma could have been captured in a better way, the direction just didn’t do justice to Ahad’s performance.

    I have never seen Mani and Hira as an onscreen couple and would love to see their onscreen chemistry. I think they would make a great onscreen pair and add their adorable son to this equation and it could have been something great but now that we are at the 26th week, there is hardly enough time for that detailed romance ( like you said ). Wish the writer and director had worked on this point.

    I think the main reason Zobia is hesitant to allow herself to fall in love and face her true feelings for Asfandyaar is because she is afraid of rejection. She thinks Asfandyaar didn’t recognize her and once he realizes who she is, he will reject her. She doesn’t want to have her heart broken again and this time she has a lot to loose, she has worked hard to make a life and reputation for herself. I feel for her, specially since she is always there to listen to and share everybody’s problems but doesn’t have anyone to talk about her own issues.


  4. Yes Sadaf, this ep was Ahad all along- how fabulous he was! Truly his father’s son.
    Bus this serial manages to grip me totally thanks to the writing- Shahzad Kashmiri need to thank FI warna toh his direction and some bad writing would’ve done it in.
    I wish they’d shown us where Asfi and mom sort of agree on his marrying Zubiya 😦 That scene needed to be shown badly! Would have looked so cute.
    I didn’t get the phonecall between Asfi and Zubiya…didn’t make sense.. tum samjha do..

    Loved the whole hosp scenario and Asfi with his family later. For four people who had the whole nation (well.. a large part of it!) crying last night, they were pretty well composed 😉


    • Not clever enough to Samjha but it was typical Asfi gruff to the point , trying to be romantic but failing and then retreating with Chal for Changa fer Khudafiz . . Ahad Mir and Farhat Ishtiaq had the nation crying, the less said the better about the frozen faces of the other actors . Honestly this was a big pivotal episode and it was barely held together . What about that powerful scene of Asfi grappling with his emotions and camera is angled to show his hairstyle at different angles instead of his emotions .


      • Yeah, it was Ahad holding all of it together (with the help of a good script ofcourse). Huge responsibility to be put on Ahad’s shoulders in his first major serial (Sammi not so major na.).
        Btw, the scene where Asfi is crying, a friend whatsapps me and says “Zubiya kahan hai? Who is going to wipe his tears?” 🙂

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