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Yakeen Ka Safar episode 27 review


Another very emotional episode of Yakeen ka safar. Farhat Ishtiaq is a master at writing characters that get to our heart and soul. We become attached to them so easily, we root for them, we cry for them and most surprisingly of all we aspire to them. Its not easy writing inspirational characters, they can end up looking contrived and irritating, but Ishtiaq’s characters seem to capture our deepest hopes of ourselves, beyond all the shortcomings of our realities.

The first half had drowning in me own involuntary tears as I watched Asfi and Advocate Omar receive such well-deserved recognition from the Bar Association for Danyal’s shahadat and sacrifice. I personally agreed with every word out of Lubna’s mouth, as a mother I would not have touched any award given to my child after he had been treated the way Danyal had been but her husband made a very good point. if even one word of praise could help clear the mud that had been slung at Danyal’s reputation then it was worth the going to such a ceremony. Farhan Agha delivered a very moving and I must say beautiful speech about Danyal. The pictures of Danyal brought back his kind, generous presence in every shot, he  was portrayed so well by Shaz Khan and  is one of the great strengths of this  serial.shaz Khan

Gethi got quite a bit of closure in this episode and maybe even some release. She is suffering her own survivor’s guilt; forgetting all the times she was a good supportive wife and remembering her very natural wish to protect Danyal as a crime against their mutual bond of love and trust. Hira Salman was very effective and I was happy to see her emotional investment in Danyal was finally acknowledged. One of the weak points in this story has been the way the fallout from Danyal’s death and disgrace seem to have been shown through the prism of the Khan family’s loss leaving Gethi as a bit of a bystander in her husband’s death.

A lot of this episode needed editing and tightening up, the tension and urgency that the script suggests is sadly often missing because of the poor direction. I feel bad pounding on Shehzad Kashmiri this way because the first ten or so episodes were good. However he has not only missed the mark in a lot of these later episodes, but allowed the story to drag. He has gotten away with it because Sajal Ali and Ahad Mir have captured everyone’s imagination so well that people are willing to sit through anything to see Asfi and Zubia’s story.

Can someone tell me what happened to Maryam Nafis? She showed so much promise in Dayar e dil as Zarminay, but it seems as if she was forced at gunpoint to act in this serial.  The many tracks in this serial are all about showing the way Guman, or suspicion and lack of trust can ruin lives. I fully understand the Khajista? Bahadur track but could Hum Tv please cast people who want to be there next time? Even Hassan Noman as the ironically named Bahadur seems barely present.

Now turning to Zubia Khalil and her heart-breaking rejection of Asfi. I should be angry at her, God knows Faraa was the butt of much of my disgust when she gave Wali a hard time in Dayar e dil, and Khirad rejecting Ashar’s offer of peanuts resulted in a paragraph long rant. However, Zubia self-protection makes perfect sense, while Asfi needs to grow up a little.  Zubia is scared, very scared. There is no way any woman would want to put her character on trial again after what she has been through. When Asfi’s family will ask for her rishta in the traditional way, she will have to face both her malicious bhabi’s and her coward of a brother. She has no hope of anything from them and the guilt from her past “mistake “still haunts her. Women are always subjected to harsher scrutiny and like all Farhat Ishtiaq heroines she has a lot of pride and a sense of self preservation that wont allow her to be humiliated again and again.

Asfi should have spent some time winning Zubia over, and gaining her confidence as an adult rather than taking their  new emotional ease as a relationship in itself .  Asfi needed to think beyond his reaction and Zubia’s response and see what prompted it . Doctors study Human behavior and have to judge their patients thoughts and personalities every day but Asfi seems to be at sea trying to understand Zubia . Sajal and Ahad have done complete justice to their roles , making this serial one of the most watched this season . Ahad in particular has that dole eyed Puppy dog , “my heart is broken look” completely mastered .YKS 5

Next week, Asfi finds himself in Danyal’s shoes and I hope the direction doesn’t lag behind the script.

Sadaf Haider


  1. Well in Asfandyaar’s defense, it’s his parents who are rushing things and he must be thinking, ok so if everyone thinks it’s a good idea then why wait ? Plus, Zobia had been given him reason enough to believe she was reciprocating his feelings.


    • Absolutely! She has given him reason and more……because she actually has fallen in love with him. She’s trying to do damage control now that she has expressed enough to allow him to know this, and her past haunts her, because her SIL is most likely to ruin anything for her, if she is given a chance. ****sigh****


        • no no no…..I’m with you. I want to hear more. and see more of those “eyes looking at each other too” But I think the next episode is going to end with attempted khoon kharaba and we’re not going to get much of what we want to see…… ****sigh**** again!


          • Hmm I can see they want a climactic finally when a more smooth Exploration of feelings like the DUrr e Shahwar would work too . Just someone slap the bhabi and I’m will die happy


            • I am all for the slap but not just for the bhabi, the brother also deserves one 🙂.

              Yes, Zobia is trying to protect herself but instead of simply breaking Asfi’s heart, she should have delayed the matter, asked for some time, anything except for ending things like that.

              I do hope in the last two episodes, these two get maximum screen time but the writer will be winding things up so that may not be possible…sigh


              • Instead of action I would rather have had Asfi and Zubia connecting . I can still understand Zubia’s reticence, Asfi looks perfect , his family is perfect and Zubia has lost a lot of her trust in other people’s judgement. The poor girl is exhausted she probably sees the whole family sitting down together while one of her bhabies says something nauseating about Zubia’s character. All her hard work and good name gone in a few minutes of gossip and innuendo . She doesn’t want to let se control again .
                I so agree Kiran the brother needs a bigger slap


              • I too fear that the last 2 episodes will be rushed, after spending too much time on the plot to kill and hopefully failed attempt.
                Well, tonight’s the night, right?
                Can’t wait to see how much and what will happen.

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  2. Sadaf Sadaf Sadaf! It’s years but I’m here. Thanks to Afia, who suggested Yakeen ka Safar. I started watching this 3 days ago, and I’m up-to date! Superb timing of actually getting some time on hand (Thanks to Diwali) and getting the urge to watch something – happening at the same time!
    As you can imagine, it was binge watching with binge-eating all the goodies of the festival.
    I watched all 27 – like an addiction. There were parts I loved, some I didn’t like, some were beautifully done, some annoying, but it brought back very fond memories of HS and how I finished the entire drama in 1 1/2 days.
    There was no comparison in my heart between the 2 and the emotions in anyway, but I must say I started thinking about the whole drama till date after I read your review.
    And then! there is was again! You are bang on with your analysis – objective and to-the-point.
    I couldn’t agree more when you said that Zubiya and Asfi’s romance has taken all the eyeballs and the heart, so everything else is ok….
    In this episode, Gaiti (an unusual name?) got my heart when she repeated that what really bothered her was that she didn’t reciprocate Daniyal’s gesture of affection when he left home that fateful day.
    The HS dialogue on no paaband was repeated again. And somehow it didn’t work as well here as it had in HS.
    I couldn’t believe the Long haired lover (from LIverpool 😉 ) transformed into the young and serious Dr! So handsome! ❤ I haven't read the previous reviews. I will go back and read, so forgive me if I'm rehashing stuff that has been discussed. Dr. Haroon reminded me of the doc in Dhoop Kinare who was cracking jokes and doing shayari all the time. Can't remember his name, but he was paired with Zoya's friend Angi.

    However, I'm glad I've watched this and I'm really looking forward to the next episode. And I'm so glad to be here!
    Hi SK! How are you doing? ***wave***


    • Khushamdeed , aap ka hardik swagat etc .. lovely to hear from you ! I have to agree maybe I am just picky picky too … YKS is not a patch on Humsafar and the reason is there is some repetition of motifs and I am not sure what happened with Shehzad Kashmiri . Look at the episodes in the beginning and you can see that they work really well especially the cinematography and Shehzad Kashmiri but for some reason especially the last three or four episodes are a bit uneven .
      Yes I can see the Dhoop Kinarey feel but I guess any medical drama will be compared to that . However the Humsafar feels could have been avoided . Totally agree about your statement about the impact of t=Main aap ko jawab deyne ki Paband nahi hoon .. In Humsafar it was a lioness drawing a line but then that was a different story and that line was needed.
      Still do love this story . Sometimes we think the writers are in charge but producers and directors can also make changes to scripts . Sajal and Ahad are a pleasure to watch . Ahad has such lovely eyes like his father .


  3. We viewed an episode choosing the solace of words after years of dormant mourning in silence. The incessant ringing of telephone in the residence of Barrister Osman Khan is a reminder there are no permanent friends or foes only permanent interests.
    The Bar Council finally reminiscent isolated Osman Khan to bury the hatched and honour their martyr son; Lubna thought from an emotional perspective and detest anything from hypocrites’. Whereas, Osman khan was rational in accepting the invitation as he want his son’s innocence to reach to a wider audience. The submerged years of remorse for not being a pillar of strength to Danyal when he needed most had a volcanic eruption from Kethi or Osman Khan. All they wanted was to protect him but Danyal was fighting for a noble cause. The characterization of Danyal makes us grieve with the family.
    Now coming to the main leads romance that caught the public imagination there was a lacuna in their relationship. Why Asfand not observe the repeated withdrawals from Zubiya? Though he gave the benefit of doubt reasoning to Faryal, yet the relationship did not take to the next level. Their communication had been one sided and whenever he tried involving in her mainstream life he was dashing a hard rock. Asfand thought only from his and his family standpoint in the proposal but Zubiya side he did not validate it. Therefore, the initial reaction of rejection of his proposal by Zubiya was met with fun, surprise and finally shock to decipher the outcome. I give full credit to the artist for his histrionics at a very youthful age.
    Now coming to Zubiya, she did not have the audacity to forgive herself. What is happening in her life is not a happenstance it is a lifetime opportunity in a platter. Yet, the goodness in her did not seek redress as she wanted a better life partner for Asfand. Her body language displayed arrogance in outright rejection to Asfand proposal and despondency to lose the person she started loving. In this episode Zubiya endorsed the power of Farhat ji’s female lead.
    Sadaf you nailed it by precisely pointing out the sea of rift between them. Thank you for a lovely review and pointers that needed better treatment from the technical crew.


  4. Thank you, another absorbing episode. So heart wrenching and emotional. Finally some closure on Danyal , true regarding Gaiti, that convo was superbly done btw bw Asfi and her so so natural
    I was actually a little bothered by the Asfi Zubia convo, she had a point he hadn’t said anything to her directly or asked her feelings he just assumed everything lol She’s obviously in love with him and her breakdown showed that but he jumped the gun a bit LOL felt bad for both of them though , too many issues to resolve still and now Khajustas shooting will cause another huge problem. They just not getting a break lol
    What’s bothering me is why
    Zubia said a word for word dialogue from Humsafar by Khirad so funny because when Asfi kept saying why why I had a feeling she would say something similar to what Khirad had said and as a farhat heroine they would say something like that but I was in shock that it was the exact same sentence
    Mein jawab dene ki paband Nahin hoon ?!?
    no originality , I’m disappointed!


    • Thats true. Jawab dene ki paband nahi hoon…My instinctive response was “really”….wouldn’t one feel obligated to respond to someone who has been at least a good friend…


    • Lol Deja vu! I honestly said those words just before Sajal said them too . It’s a common phrase I guess but it’s now almost iconically linked to Khirad esp for us old Humsafar fans . I personally noticed a few other similarities… through out this story . Khirad and Asher ‘s icecream and coffee date seemed mirrored by Zubia and Asfand sitting at a table in one episode and I think the director should have avoided it or Maybe he added it ?


  5. Completelydifficult to understand your words about the director. SHehzad Kashmiri has done a phenomenal job, and if one is sensitive one can see, every single thing done is a “choice”, consciously chosen. I would say ishtiaq’s script is good, and shehzad kashmiri has made a marvel out of it. maybe the music was a little off in some places in today’s episode, not as poignant as inb earlier episodes, but it is probably not right to say it was dragged or the direction has been shoddy. The superb secenes tne way they have been shot, the way they have been alowed to linger reflect a depth of personality in Kashmiri. Perhaps the modern audience has become too persuaded by quick cuts that they cannot appreciate lingering-ness quality; I don’t know. These episodes are engaging even while being detailed…that’s their beauty.


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