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Yakeen Ka Safar finale review

I am in two minds about this week’s finale: one part of me says it was fine, everything worked out well and it all fitted together , but the true  Jabra fan inside of me could  clearl ysee all the missed opportunities that would have taken Yakeen ka Safar from a great serial to an iconic one .

Since Humsafar I have always watched every serial written by Farhat Ishtiaq, but Yakeen ka safar attracted me in particular because of the theme of suspicion and the way the concept of sharafat , honour , ghairat , call it what you will is used to control and abuse women in particular . It also showed how a Man’s reputation can be ruined by an allegation of rape and how rumour and gossip can ruin lives. The story started off with a bang, showing us the abusive relationship between Zubia’s parents . Zubia is shielded from her father’s cruelties and abuse by her mother’s presence, she thinks that  she has been living a normal life till her mother’s sudden , violent if accidental death at Abi’s hands changes her world forever . The shock of loss, the realization of all her mother suffered combined with  guilt and loneliness leave Zubia  vulnerable to anyone willing to give her a few crumbs of affection or attention.  Zubia escapes an attempted rape but the memory of public shame and despair marks her forever.

However, instead of turning inwards Zubia moves on , her character grows in courage and strength : her focus on her studies and work allow her an outlet to  help and care for others. Ehtashamuddin and Sajal Ali were absolutely brilliant as father and daughter , the changing dynamic of their relationship under the shadow of Mah Talat’s death was one of the best parts of the serial. Something the director captured really well.

Perhaps this is why I am feeling a little cheated by the last episode , sure it was good but it could have been great . It was as if all Zubia’s spirit and energy had been sucked out of the finale while the men played out their emotions. Asfi deservedly got to say his piece and Ahad Mir had me melting into a puddle of sympathetic tears . Then Zubia’s brother Rehan turned up out of nowhere and started demanding things like apne Ghar sey rukhsat hona etc . Instead of saying, I want to make it up to you , or I want to return what I owe you or anything that spoke of true contrition .It was as usual all about Rehan and his feelings, while Zubia is reduced to silent spectator .

The suicide attempt in particular was deeply disturbing, especially after the dreadful suicide ending of Mohabbat tum sey Nafrat hai  . I can understand Zubia’s desperation, seeing her brother reappear must have felt like a punch in the gut . She had no idea of Rehman’s  change of heart and fully expected him to disgrace her once again, only this time in front of Asfandyar and his family ,whose approval was so precious to her. The need  to simply escape or break down can happen to anyone, sometimes the burden is too much and we all need a helping hand . Kudos again to Sajal Ali’s acting and Farhat Ishtiaq’s writing for giving me that connection.  What I didn’t expect was that Zubia would actually jump rather than talking to Asfi.  If only Zubia had been allowed to step back . 

I think Ahad Mir was a great choice for Dr Asfandyar , the transition from care free younger son to responsible Doctor and the healing glue in his family’s grief was flawlessly executed. Ahad Mir seems to have inherited his father’s incredibly expressive eyes and he puts them to great use, if he cries I cry . end of story! . Obviously I am not sure which part was shot first (these things are often out of sequence) , but to my eyes at least Ahad Mir was more comfortable in the more serious role of Doctor , and less so in the lighter touches as Asfi the student. I am sure that will change as he takes up more and more challenging roles. Ahad Mir has been one of the biggest charms of this serial and his amazing on screen chemistry with Sajal made them the “it” pair for the season.

While I loved Dr Asfi’s character throughout I was little disappointed in him at the beginning of the episode as  his understanding of Zubia’s situation showed me his confusion. Is it me or did Asfi not trust his own judgement of Zubia as a person, after he remembered Zubia’s escape from the assault in college? Did he put off the wedding proposal because he wasn’t sure who Zubia was anymore, without even speaking to her? Did he really need her  khala’s and brother’s assurance that Zubia was “a good girl wronged “to make him understand, had he learned nothing from Danyal’s death? Well he made up for it by not asking for a single explaination sitting on her hospital bed .The sudden threat of Zubia’s loss brought his feeling sharply into focus . This was the woman he had fallen in love with and there was nothing more he needed to know.

Rounding out the rest of the cast, I think Shaz Khan cannot not be praised enough for his fabulous portrayal of  barrister Danyal and the beautiful relationship between brothers was once again captured by Farhat Ishtiaq’a perceptive writing. Shaz and Ahad look nothing like each other, yet it’s a tribute to their acting skills that their love and connection as brothers was alive on the screen. I am not sure if I liked Hira Salman as Gethi that much until Danyal died. However, I did Like the open-ended acknowledgement of Dr Haroon and Gethi’s track much more than the voice over about them. I think both Hira and Mani were a great pair and I hope to see them together again.

Overall this was a wonderful serial to watch, despite the rushed ending .Yes, I am  disappointed that Asfi and Zubia didn’t get the time to hash things out but I think it still brought the essences of this serial to closure. There was so much that could have been said butt we are forced to bid our favorite Doctors adieu with a quick reconciliation. The scene of Zubia teaching was really unnecessary as was a lot of the concentration on the Khajista track . Maybe next time Hum Tv could organize their actors time and story tracks better by highlighting the main couple. This is not a new thing, I seem to remember this happened towards the end of DeD as well.

Director, Shehzad Kashmiri brought this story together really well in the beginning, but  he seemed unable to bring all the threads together in a satisfying way towards the tale end of the serial.  It’s a tough job being a director, actors aren’t always available and managing a long story can be confusing, but that skill is exactly what raises a serial and its maker to the next level rather than someone just doing a job. Hum Tv has its ratings but if they had just managed and focused better on a few elements this serial would have given them even more in terms of a more complete product.

Now to my biggest disappointment, that I didn’t get to see either of Zubia’s wicked bhabi’s get the punishment they so richly deserved . Yes ,I know they hardly mattered anymore etc. but there is a medieval part of my yearning to bring back witch burnings every time I think of them. So a big round of applause for Beenish Raja , who made us hate Sheema so much!

Yakeen ka safar has been a pleasure to watch and made Wednesday evenings a highlight of my week . I just loved how  the relationship between Dr Zubia and Dr Asfi  developed , the way they slowly grew to understand and then admire each other . It was a journey of love , but also one of mental and spiritual growth as they both overcame the difficulties life had thrown at them . Most of all I am grateful that Farhat ishtiaq did not show them turning to negativity or self pity. Both emerged greater than the sum or their parts .

P.s despite spending the better part of a day writing this review I forgot  to mention Noorie , and the fabulous job Suhaee Ali did portraying her . Although Zubia and Asfandyar avoided becoming negative , beychari Noorie’s situation was so bad that her violent revenge seemed justified . I look forward to seeing Suhaee in My Pure Land which is Britain’s entry to the foreign language film category of the oscars 

Sadaf Haider




  1. I m really disappointed by your review. I personally thought this drama is written and direction abousletly beautiful. I really appreciate both character Dr. Asfydender and zubiya . Their characters well written and beautiful direction. I am disagree some point you mention above it. It’s beautiful journey of yakeen ka safar. I personally conguralate the entire team of yakeen ka safar. This drama is my personal favorite and also above humsafar. I feel ahad raza Mir and sajal Ali deserve hum tv award. But I have seen hum tv award. I really disappointed. Because yakeen ka safar drama was not listed nomination. I m from India. I really appreciate Pakistani dramas. Your dramas are realistic and stories wonderful and screenplay, direction abousletly fabulous.
    I m big fan of drama’s.


  2. MashaAllah.. Thank you for your review.. I love it. Anyway.. I can’t find yks with english subtitle on anysite.. Maybe you can add english subtitle for this drama.. Because not everyone who watch this drama understand urdu..😅


  3. Sadaf, very apt review. We had already discussed our misgivings and kept meaning to comment but life got in the way.
    You pretty much summed it up, It was a very good drama but had the potential to be so much more.
    I loved so many scenes from the whole drama, and it kept our interest. There was some issues along the way and of course the finale didn’t do it for me but we can’t fault the actors. Ahad and Sajal were fab and so were the whole cast. Ahad had the role of a lifetime, both phases were beautifully done , and actually his story and his family were wrapped up very well
    Really enjoyed Shaz as Daniyal too and all the other actors also very believable
    For Zubia, she was not wrapped up well at all, I felt there was no character growth, a huge amount of time was put into her back story for what?!? She did not gain any backbone or strength , she should of had the attitude of who was her brother now, he was nothing , she had survived and become a dr that’s what they should have shown
    She didn’t even say anything to him in the hospital, so disappointing!
    Also No Bhabhi at end, why theepisides and episodes of her tormenting her and then nothing about her in the end.
    They really gave Zubia a raw deal, just became one more weak heroine:(
    Anyways rant over. I still loved the Asfiya scenes, except for like you said some scebes copied and repeat lines from Humsafar , what was Dhoop library one?
    On the whole a very watchable drama but had quite a few issues 😦


      • Helping her step down was totally Dhoop Kinare. That walk on the bridge was kind of forced. He was walking with his hands behind for her to hold on to. I was thinking at that time, that if he goes on much longer that way, he’ll lose his balance and both with fall in the water. Within seconds of the thought, he turned around and started walking backwards! Now that was even more dangerous! 😀


  4. I finally watched the final episode today and watched it twice over, because I was left with mixed feelings too. Unfortunately, I was left with a little more disappointment after watching it the 2nd time.
    You voiced most of my thoughts in your very well written review, Sadaf. However, I also wondered why Asfi called Zubiya’s khala, but then thought he must have been desperate to just know more. And he knew that he was going to get nothing out of the very tight-lipped Zubiya.
    So why did he say it was better to cancel the shaadi instead of postpone it? What was that about?
    The suicide attempt also disappointed me. I can imagine the horror of re-living everything that Zubiya had put behind her seemed to be happening again for her, but I really wished she had walked off into the wilderness while everyone went crazy looking for her. I understand her fear and vulnerability, but this was the same girl who gave so much courage to another woman who wanted to die after losing her child. She was the same person who stood up for herself and took her life ahead when she was thrown on the streets by her brother. The same brave girl, who didn’t tell her aunt the real reason why she needed to move out of that house and stand on her own feet.
    OK, so it was a very very weak moment. But then after the incident, her injuries as she lay in the hospital didn’t match with the jump from a rocky cliff into deep flowing waters. That was very jarring and made the suicide attempt look very forced. It stuck out like a sore thumb in the scheme of things.
    I guess everyone was really excited about the jhappi and that must have culminated into the best possible end for a couple everyone was waiting to see together, but it was gloss to cover up for many things that were left and could have been tied up well.
    Rehaan’s remorse was much needed. But given that this was the last episode, he got too much time. Asfi’s dialogue to Zubiya that she should have had faith in him, was like “really? how and why?”
    Zubiya’s expression when she was standing at the edge of the cliff before she jumped was the identical same one when she saw Asfi in the hospital, when he came to see how she was doing.
    I also thought it was all about Zubiya’s past that was understood/forgiven/forgotten by Asfand. He should have mentioned his broken engagement too. Can’t compare, I know, but I’m talking about a past here. If a girl has a broken engagement, she carries the baggage and becomes an issue as to what why how who. It should apply to the guy as well. Whatever the reasons are.
    Overall, it was a nice story and decently done, but maybe the last episode should have been in 2 parts and there should have been a proper closure to every loose end. The Bhabhi should have most definitely been a part of the end. I guess I’m feeling like that because there were many small things, that I had noticed during the course of the story, and thought…. “I hope this is addressed at the end too.” (can’t remember a single one now! Blame the viral fever which is the reason is took me so many days to watch it)


    • I think I agree with every point you raised . Actors aren’t always available so directors make shortcuts to finish a story off . Of course while a short cut gets the job done it isn’t always a pleasant ride . It’s such a shame that such a good serial was cut off like that . There was so much to be said and Zubia was quiet . Yes I can imagine walking away but the jump was so non sequitor . Also khanista’s role was left dangling midway . I guess the producers and directors don’t care because they made big money . So they will do worse next time to see how far they can push the audience. And another thing I forgot to mention was Shehzad Kashmiri ripping off the Dhoop kinarey scene in an earlier episode …. really unnecessary , there were plenty of other ways to show Asfi and Zubia’s understanding


      • which ripped scene are you talking about in the previous episode? I have watched Dhoop Kinarey so many 100 times. (It’s next on my most watched list after Humsafar. And I think my list has only 7 or 8 things! 😀 )
        I also wished they had shown Asfi’s mum later. She was so keen on Zubiya becoming her daughter-in-law, it would have been nice to see them bonding along with Gaiti.(I found her question to Asfi on the phone asking about Zubiya was and “what are the docs saying?” funny!) Actually come to think of it there were many small things like this that stuck out in the last episode, sadly. I guess it had to be this given they wrapped it all up in this last episode.
        The last bit – the voice over telling the audience what happened going forward was a nice quick way, but that was patchy too.
        Asfi’s father got a mention, but the 3 women who seemed to really like each other, were no where in the scene about being together in once family. Maybe that would have been more meaningful instead of Zubiya’s class and kids!
        Also Zubiya’s khala. She truly believed in her and wanted her to be happy.
        I thought the father was dismissive of his wife many times, especially when he told her a few episodes ago that “his son” (Asfi) was like him and would handle the new of Fariyal’s arrival calmly, because “it is women who make a noise and react” or something to that effect! I was beyond shocked at the dialogue, per se – coming from a supposedly educated enlightened person like him!?!


        • I also thought I must add that having put out all my thoughts and observations, which might only come across as nitpicking. It was most definitely not meant to be.
          I had watched episode 1 to 26 in 3 or 4 days, because of Afia’s recommendation to me a few weeks ago. I found a rare combination of time on hand and the urge to watch something together, and I went for it.
          Obviously, I did so because I was hooked. Undoubtedly, YKS will be one of those TV dramas, I will watch here and there over and over again just because of those really special and meaningful scenes. Some of them will include Rehan and Sheema. Honestly, I thought Sheema played her role really well. She would have probably been loved for that and forgiven, had she been given a chance to redeem herself. 🙂
          And when it comes to Zubiya and Asfand – hearts melted and fluttered. They filled the eyes with tears in the huggy buggy scene. So all in all, it was a good watch. A very very good one.

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          • No not nit picking at all those were valid points . I agree about Sheema the character was acted so well with a lot of self control and very believable


    • Hey! Remember our Humsafar convos, used to be so much fun:)
      You said everything so perfectly!! I am so disappointed with the finale too, I just can’t get past the Suicide attempt. This drama had so many memorable moments, showed such beautiful relationships and dialogues, . The hug is supposed to make everybody forget I guess. You are so spot on, a girl who showed so much courage and it had been so so long and was now a Dr couldn’t get the strength to face her brother! They could have shown such a strong female role model if they had shown a confrontation with her telling him some Home truths and then maybe having some kind of breakdown or leaving , it just really ruined it for me, to show her so weak:(


      • Oh yes, SK, I remember them so well! It’s one of the reasons that Humsafar became even closer to my heart.
        I did reply to some of your responses to the previous reviews – with auto correct. I recently saw an auto-correct photo from Mahirah Khan and I was in splits! That reminded me of all the laughter we have had with your classic auto correct posts!

        I couldn’t agree more with you about your thoughts on YKS. Zubiya’s silence when her brother was begging her to allow her to live and die peacefully was even more nauseating because she didn’t say a word. Not a word. Her expression was less horrified than when she was standing at the edge of the cliff or when she saw Asfi at her hospital bed!
        If I may overstep my limit, maybe she should have given him a peace of her mind and Asfi should have walked in, and joined her in telling him off. Full dhulai. and then they should have broken down together after the brother left the room feeling so ashamed that he didn’t have the guts to say one more word!
        Ok, I love my story for them! lol

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  5. Very apt review they could have extended drama to another two three more episodes just to bring it to a proper ending instead of rushing towards it.Zubiyas suicide was not at all justified and that too by jumping in that fast river again they skip how she was saved yes you are absolutely right that YKS could have been to another level if there were not those filmy scenes in few last episodes including that villian n Asfi confrontation along with zubiya s suicide .In the end atleast they should show some time in khi as well as how she managed to come out of the psychological effect of the suicide .cz it’s not something normal that everybody can understand n take like a routine as in this case Asfi s family was doing .that was quite strange .


  6. Thanks Sadaf. I agree Suicide should have been avoided. What I wanted to show in my story was that Zubia was emotionally, physically and spiritually exhausted. Didn’t want her dignity & character to be questioned once again. She wasn’t normal. In that moment she wanted to die. Yes she went to the hilly area. yes she was standing on the edge of cliff but she didn’t actually jump. She didn’t attempt suicide. Yes she went to the hilly area. yes she was standing on the edge of cliff but she didn’t actually jump. May be jumping aspect was added by the director to make it more dramatic. Suicide is no joke and shouldn’t be shown. As a writer I have a responsibility & can never show my leading lady committing suicide.

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    • Thank you so much for cleaning that up . I know you are a responsible writer and so it sounded a little off key to . Yes I understand anyone can feel hopeless and life can become so difficult that it’s suddenly easier to just end the whole thing but it’s something that should be discouraged in every way . I wish that Directors would also take their responsibility seriously too instead of using Trps as their only marker of achievement. Having said that I enjoyed this serial tremendously and I hope you will keep addressing serious issues in your stories . Dramas may seem to have a light touch but their reach is enormous and so their capacity to improve , inspire and educate is incredible too .


    • farhat you are a great writter indeed. the best part about your characters is that no matter what happens to them the lead characters dont become negative.
      Ironically the drama story narrative was stronger than its’ novel version but the end part was surely beaten by miles…the end should have been as in the novel it would have been fantastic.
      the thing is we all expect a lot more from u and love u that is the very reason that some parts of last episode are not digestible for us. but still it was a treat watching yks and waiting whole week for it. ab wo haal he k ……ab kise chahain kise dhoonda karain

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  7. Hi. I love your reviews and your perception of the story, because it usually matches mine. But today, I do feel that Asfi wasn’t confused about what kind of a girl zubia is, character wise, I think he was confused about her rejection, he understood that shes had a difficult life and maybe she has trust issues, but what he didn’t understand was what she said about ‘konsi mohabbat’, she basically denied feeling anything genuine for him. I think thats the confusion and conflict which makes him tell gaiti to forget about marriage for the time being, because he probably wants a little more time to talk to Zubia, to try and learn more about her past and then reassure her. And I also think the suicide thing was kind of justified because she’s not in her right state of mind, she’s not thinking, and like she said she has no himmat.


    • Thanks for reading and good to know we agree now and then at least ! I don’t know why but I am very sensitive to men asking women to prove themselves. One of the reasons I loved Humsafar was that Khirad simply refused to do that . It was so refreshing! I think the director deliberately left that slight cloud over Asfi to keep up the tension in the final .


  8. Thank you so much for the detailed review Sadaf. Enjoyed reading it.
    Yakeen Ka Safar was a joy to watch but as u say it could have been fantastic had all the issues been ironed out fully.
    I loved parts of the last ep. The way Ahad and Sajal interacted at the hospital was perfect, all 3 mins of it 😦 A friend of mine had texted me as the ep was starting. “I need 15 mins of Asfi-Zubiya romance atleast to be satisfied”. Sadly that never came.

    Sadly, the parents weren’t shown with the main leads… Even Gaiti and Haroon didn’t get the time they deserved. Hey I even missed seeing Dr. Shahroz and Asma. A last episode needs to show all the main characters, it beings closure. (Remember Mikaal was never shown in the last ep of SangeMarMar, didn’t like that either!). Bechari Sheema never got a scen either.

    I hope HumTV learns from your review…

    Needless to say Ahad was the driving force of this show for the last 15 eps or so. Last night too, his scenes were outstanding- what a joy (and cryfest too) to watch him! Sajal was fantastic too, but then I expected her to do a great job. WIsh she was more present in the last ep. Hated that she opts for suicide. Totally agree with you on that…
    A huge thank you to Farhat Ishtiaq for penning this. The lady writes amazing characters and dialogues. Bus unko koi amazing director mil jata.

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