Zindagi Tamasha Hai

Zindagi Tamasha Review

It is hot in Dallas, December is unseasonably warm, again, and the shawls and sweaters we had layered on our clothes after a slight cooling in the evening breeze, feel […]


Dulhan started off with a bang: the shocking story of two completely immoral and ruthless young men willing to do anything, no matter how abhorrent to win a bet. Amal […]

Goodbye Ghissi Pitti Mohabbat

Ghissi Pitti Mohabbat ends on a high note, true to its title, with a happy ending that reminds us that marriage or finding the right partner is wonderful but find […]

Yeh Dil Mera finale

As Yeh Dil Mera ended it was interesting to note the episode was trending both in Pakistan and India  . This is in some part due to  Farhat Ishtiaq’s profile […]

Baaji the film Review

This is a no holds barred, authentic view of the movie industry . Full credit to Saqib Malik and his team for not whitewashing any character to make them more empathetic.

Load wedding review

After having watched various “attempts “at making a movie from Pakistan, it’s almost a surprise when you come across the real thing: Load Wedding is the film you have been […]

JPNA2 Review

They say hope is a cruel master and that may explain why I found JPNA 2 a little disappointing. All the films releasing this Eid have had a strong positive […]